Simple ways to reduce calorie intake for weight loss

This article explains various ways which allow us to consume less amount of calories. These methods are more efficient than any diet plan which promises quick weight loss. This kind of calorie deficit so created will ultimately result in successful weight loss and good health.


A simple rule to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than we burn. Quick weight loss is not recommended. This is because weight loss that is happening at a quick rate is nothing but loss of water weight which will eventually come back once we start eating normally. Once we end our diet there are high chances that we may bulk up. Diet plans which propose to eat very little amount of food and cut down everything can only be successfully done for couple of days to a week. This kind of dieting is very difficult in long run. Instead of dieting which always keeps us deprived, we must follow effective ways which will keep us full as well as help us to cut down our calories and lose wight effectively. Learn more and more about how to reduce calorie intake for weight loss to achieve target weight.

Here are a few effective ways to lose weight-

Consume Eggs in breakfast to lose weight

Change menu of breakfast and lose weight. Instead of eating grain-based foods in breakfast, if eggs are consumed then weight loss occurs at a rapid rate. This is because eggs are high in protein content which keeps us full for a long time. As a result we end up eating fewer calories during lunch. It also keeps our metabolism high. This is why protein intake is encouraged to be a part of all our meals throughout the day.

Sniff an Apple or Banana

Smell is 90% of taste. If we smell something, we feel that we have already eaten it. This is the reason that when we are involved in preparation and cooking of food, we do not feel hungry. This is because we are smelling it and thus we feel that we have already eaten it. Certain foods are appetite suppressants. When we smell them or take a bite, we suppress our hunger. Some of the appetite suppressants are green apple, banana, peppermint, vanilla etc. Just scent of these appetite suppressants will kill our hunger and thus we should make use of this trick to control our calorie intake and lose weight. Certain foods make our mouth water and lure us. To avoid them we can take a sniff of these appetite suppressants.

Add Spices to the recipes instead of Sauces

Spices carry negligible amount of calories whereas sauces carry lots of calories. Sauces are also rich in sugar and salt. Both of them not preferred in our diet, particularly if we are trying to lose weight. Sugar carries calories and increases our weight. Salt on other hand holds up water in our body creating bloating and difficulty in losing weight. If we want to add certain extra flavor to our meals then we should appreciate the usage of spices cause they not only cut down calories, but also impart lots of health benefits which of course sauces lack.

Eat at home

When we prepare meals at home, we exactly know all the ingredients which we have put in our recipe and thus can control calories. We can make our meals as healthy as possible and can cut down as many calories as possible by altering the recipes. However, meals served in restaurants have hidden calories and we cannot control them. They make use of heavy density foods. They use cooking oils, sauces and dressings very liberally. Their liberal use adds up to calories. Not only weight loss, but if we are trying to seek good health then home cooking is best for us rather than preferring to eat outside. If eating at restaurant becomes unavoidable then split meals with others. Portion sizes served at the restaurants are very large and splitting meals with others including appetizer and dessert will lead to low calorie intake as well as cut the bill in half. If dining alone then we can ask the waiter to pack rest half inside to-go boxes and only eat remaining half which is served. Rest can be used for next meal.

Do not eat fried foods to decrease calorie intake

When foods are fried, they absorb too much oil and become high in calories. These types of foods tend to increase weight and therefore should be avoided. Even 1 tbsp of oil contain 100 calories and consuming too many calories from oil itself will drastically result in increased weight if consumed daily. Learn more about calorie counting to lose weight. Frying is not the only method to cook food. If weight loss and healthy living are the goals then use other methods of cooking like baking, boiling, steaming and grilling. These types of cooking methods cut down calories and the recipes too become healthy.

Choose serving containers properly

This first seems silly when heard. However, containers in which we serve our foods and eat, play a very important role in deciding how many calories we will be consuming and this ultimately will have an effect on our weight loss. It is advised not to eat directly from bags. This is because we do not understand how much to eat and we only stop when bag is emptied, ending up eating high amount of calories. Instead of eating directly from it, empty that bag in a container or plate and then eat the required portion. This method takes care of portion sizes and avoid excess amount of calories from entering inside. Do not eat straight away from serving containers cause they are large and are meant to serve everyone on the table. Put the required amount of food on the plate and then eat it to prevent over indulging. Always eat in small plates to trick mind that it has eaten enough amount of food.

Drink Water and lose weight

Drinking water not only ensures adequate hydration, but also keeps our metabolism high. When metabolic rate is high, body tends to burn up more amount of fat resulting in weight loss. Water not only quenches thirst, but also reduces false hunger cravings which will result in decreased calorie intake. It is calorie free drink and thus a great way to suppress appetite. Drinking a glass of water before every meal will make sure that we will consume less amount of calories. If we do not like plain taste of water then we can make it a little stimulating to our taste buds by adding slices of lemon, cucumber and orange to it.

Include salads and soups to decrease calorie intake

Salads which are mainly fruits and vegetables carry small amount of calories, but keep us full for a long time. Eat large salads, soups and preferably before consuming meal. This will fill us up and consequently we will consume less amount of main course. This will create calorie deficit. Beware of condiments, toppings, dips and dressings used on salads cause they add up too many calories. Try to avoid them as much as possible. Prepare sandwich on a salad. Instead of using two bread slices, just use a lettuce or cabbage to wrap up all the veggies inside. This is a great way to reduce calories.

Don't drink calories

If aim is to lose weight then calories should never come from a drink. Reason is that they become forgotten source and we become careless while consuming them. They not only add lots of calories but also increases hunger. Thus, do not consume cold-drinks, sweetened fruit juices and smoothies, alcohol, coffee etc. Instead drink 100% home-made fruits and vegetable juices and smoothies. Coconut water, freshly extracted sugar cane juice, butter milk, plain or flavored water are all good to quench thirst. Skip milk and sugar and prefer black coffee and black tea to save some calories.

Swap junk foods with healthy foods

Get rid of all the processed and junk foods in the house which are unhealthy and high in calories. Store in lots of fresh produce, whole grains, unsalted nuts etc. As soon as hunger strikes, we will run for healthy snacks instead of satisfying our hunger with some quick fix which is high in calories. This kind of swapping will lead to healthy shopping, healthy cooking and in turn healthy eating. Within few days we need not make conscious efforts to skip unhealthy foods cause healthy living will become a life style of ours.

Sweets and desserts increases weight

Cravings for sweets or desserts will make us consume them in excess and this will pack in lots of calories. Try to skip them and eat them only occasionally instead of making them a routine after dinner. Also, if cannot be avoided then eat smaller versions of these sweets and desserts. This will save calories. Another best option available is to replace them with a piece of fruit, preferably apple. This will not only reduce craving but also is very healthy when compared with high calorie sweets and desserts.


If we plan on losing weight then we need to cut down our daily calorie intake. Swapping unhealthy foods with healthy ones will not only incredibly decrease calorie intake, but will bring a healthy weight loss too. Simple swaps done on daily basis will create calorie deficit in our diet. This kind of control which we show on our eating habits will speed up our weight loss process. Simple ways will act as tips which will help us reach our target weight. We do not experience deprived feeling which is often an outcome of most of the diets. Cutting of unhealthy foods will soon become a way of living healthy life style.

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Reduce junk food and then the food that comprises of carbohydrates. For breakfast, you can consume milk or food comprising of cereals. For meals, apart from cereals and pulses, consume food rich in fibers so that you feel calm and also do not consume too much food with high calorie. Proper exercises and workouts should be performed to reduce calories.

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