How to achieve a healthy prostate

This article explains methods by which a healthy prostate can be achieved. Healthy prostate diet, supplements, regular prostate massage, healthy life style boost prostate health. This decreases incidence rate of prostate related conditions like prostatitis and prostate cancer.


Prostate is the most fragile gland and thus prostate related problems are very common. Prostate is a part of male reproductive system. It is located around bladder and urethra. It is almost size of a chestnut. Its main function is to produce a fluid. This fluid combines with sperm cells and make semen. It is also essential for hormone metabolism. Testosterone gets transformed into dihydro-testosterone (DHT) in prostate itself. DHT is responsible to develop adult male characteristics when boys hit puberty. Prostate also makes sure that semen gets ejaculated outward during ejaculation and before that it is firmly pressed in urethra. Sphincter muscles of prostate close urethra up to the bladder. This prevents entry of any semen inside bladder during ejaculation. Prostate gland grows throughout a man's life. When gland becomes enlarged, risk of prostate cancer and other prostate related conditions increases.

Prostate health

Prostate health has become an important subject today because it is the most fragile gland which is prone to various infections and diseases. Prostate cancer has become one of the common cancers in men. High-sugar and high-fat diet is associated with increasing rate of prostate cancer. Regular check up's will result in early detection of it. However, care should be taken to boost prostate health. Excessive consumption of alcohol, fast foods, getting involved with too many sexual partners all affect prostate health. Good prostate health cannot be achieved by a quick fix. If healthy prostate is desired then one needs to change unhealthy life style and try to live a healthy one. Just few changes in daily life will bless an individual with healthy prostate which not only would function efficiently well, but will also firmly stand the test of the time. Healthy living will make prostate resistant to various infections and diseases.

Here are a few methods and techniques to achieve healthy prostate-

Prostate supplements

Our body requires all the essential nutrients and minerals in right amount and on daily basis to keep functioning properly. However, poor dietary habits does not allow this. Supplements here come as a rescue. Prostate supplements contain certain essential extracts which are otherwise difficult to find outside. They help to maintain prostate health. Saw palmetto and beta sitosterol are two such extracts present in prostate supplements and are very important for healthy prostate. Other essential supplements for healthy prostate are zinc, lycopene, vitamin E, omega 3 etc. Read more about supplements to acheive healthy prostate which will ensure its well-functioning.

Keep body warm

Cold weather aggravates prostate conditions and thus one has to dress appropriately, especially in cold weather to avoid worsening of the situation. Warm clothes particularly warm underwear or underpants will keep prostate gland warm and in sound condition. This is the reason that prostate related problems are more commonly seen in cold weather. Warm baths are a great way to warm the whole body and keep prostate healthy. Take regular warm baths in cold weather, especially after spending a day out in the cold temperature. They also relive pain and relax the entire body. While outside, do not sit on benches or on other surfaces which are cold as prostate is sensitive to cold. As soon as gland is exposed to cold, it will immediately absorb chill resulting in uncomfortable prostate related conditions.

Exercise daily for healthy prostate

Exercising regularly is in so many ways important and is closely related with healthy prostate. Increased oxygen and blood circulation occur during exercise which make sure that prostate functions at its efficient level. Exercise prevents cancer because it keeps blood glucose level in optimal range. It is not at all essential that high intensity exercises can only bring prostate to a better health. Regular walks, indulging in some sort of physical activity, jogging all will help to keep prostate functioning at its best. Staying active is very essential. More physical activity will lower the risk of prostate related problems. Aerobic exercises also greatly help in relieving prostatitis pain and improve the condition.

Prostate massage

Massaging prostate increases blood flow to prostate gland. It helps to get rid of pain and discomfort. It also reduces signs of inflammation and speeds up healing of infections. It is an altogether natural solution which if done correctly will help to keep prostate healthy. It is also known as prostate milking. It is the best method to promote prostate healing as it increases blood flow to the gland and thus is more effective than any other prostate treatment available today. It is a very simple technique and can be used as a healing method to get rid of prostate related problems or else can also be used as a preventive method to maintain prostate health. Prostate massage not only stimulates prostate, but also reduces swelling which occurs in case of prostatitis. Bacteria gets removed from the gland and there is no need to take high doses of antibiotics. It reduces risk of prostate cancer. As it increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrient supply to prostate gland, risk of bacterial infections decreases. This is because build up of bacteria gets decreases. This in turn will prevent build up of cancer cells. It decreases effects of erectile dysfunction and improves incidence rate of impotence. It also increases orgasm. Prostate massage can be performed manually or even by massage devices. 3 Mode sonic massager relaxes prostate and helps to get rid of all the pain and discomfort. Prostate massage should not be done in case of those men who are already suffering from prostate gland cancer and acute bacterial prostatitis.

Healthy prostate diet

To achieve optimal prostate health, it is very essential to follow a healthy diet. Prostate requires certain nutrients to remain healthy. One needs to make sure that adequate amount of all those nutrients are included in diet on daily basis. Hydrate well. Include foods which are rich sources of protein, zinc and omega 3. Cut back on fruits intake and increase amount of vegetables in diet. Avoid drinking soda, coffee and tea. Include healthy fats like unsalted nuts, seeds, avocados, olives etc. Avoid alcohol and energy drinks. Fulfill protein requirements from plant sources rather than animal proteins. Avoid dairy products. Read more about diet tips for healthy prostate to make best possible healthy choices while eating. This is because diet and prostate health are very closely associated with each other.

Reduce stress levels

Stress not only deteriorates overall health, but also has an impact on prostate health. When stress levels are high, hormones like adrenaline and cortisol levels too rise. Elevated levels of cortisol increases inflammation. In case of benign prostatic hyperplasia, stress worsens urinary tract symptoms. Some of these symptoms are increasing the urgency and frequency to urinate, pain while urinating, dribbling etc. Stress reduction practices should be followed. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, adequate sleep all promote remarkable improvement in stress levels. Even consulting a therapist or working in groups will improve the condition if stress is too high to handle alone.

Balance hormones

Hormone production does not remain the same. It changes with age. Testosterone production decreases with age. This occurs when testosterone is transformed into DHT. This is done by enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. There will be a drop in T levels. Ratio of T to estrogen too get imbalanced and prostate gets enlarged. All these can be reversed if testosterone levels are restored back to normal. A healthy diet, healthy weight, regular exercise, supplements will all help to maintain testosterone level and this automatically brings good prostate health.

Maintain healthy weight

Increased weight and obesity increase risk of prostate becoming enlarged. There is always risk of clinical benign prostatic hyperplasia and urinary tract symptoms in individuals suffering from excess weight. Also, medicines do not work efficiently in such cases to restore back prostate health. Thus, to treat prostate associated symptoms and to maintain prostate health, a healthy weight should be maintained. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and following a healthy life style will make losing weight easy.

Regularly consult doctor

Regular prostate exams will rule out any possibilities of prostate cancer or prostate related other conditions. It may cause discomfort of short duration, but will make sure that prostate enjoys its optimal health. Combating issue as quickly as it arises instead of letting it take a serious form will undo suffering. Get a PSA blood test and digital rectal exam every year. Family history of prostate related diseases or cancer further increases risk of occurrence and thus regular prostate examination in such individuals will help to detect prostate related conditions at the earliest.


Prostate related health problems are becoming a topic of more and more concern for almost all the men. Health of prostate is seen to deteriorate with age. Prostate cancer, prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia are major three prostate related conditions which deteriorates prostate health. Certain tips if followed regularly and made as a part of life style will ensure healthy prostate. Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol, reducing stress levels, maintaining hormonal levels, maintaining healthy weight and regular prostate examination will make sure that prostate enjoys its optimal health and work at its best efficient levels.

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This article focuses on an important aspect of the men’s body which they might ignore but is important. Prostrate plays an important role in producing of fluid which combines with semen and is also helpful for reproduction. In the jobs that we are doing today it is very important that we take care of the diet and exercise so that we can keep the prostrate healthy. This in turn will help us to get a good hormonal balance.
So all men should keep it healthy so that there are no complications that we need to deal later in life.

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