Prof. N L Shraman: The Mnemonist Trainer or Memory Guru of India

Prof N L Shraman, known as the Memory Guru, trains the young and the old in brain mapping strategies to help them improve memory and colour blindness. Through this article find out more about how you too can successfully improve your memory or learn techniques to face the challenges of colour blindness.

If you want to think sharp and enjoy quick recall in everything you do, no matter how old you are, you may want to consult the advice of N L Shraman, the Memory Guru of India. Guruji, as he is known to the thousands of people who attend his workshops held around the country, is a mnemonist. Prof. Shraman is one the top twenty mnemonist in the world.

A mnemonist is someone who has what seems like extraordinary powers of memory. They may be able to remember unusually long lists of things, like a long list of numbers or unknown names.

Not only does N L Shraman have a razor sharp memory himself, he teaches others to develop their own. Whether it is a student who wants to improve her memory to tackle schoolwork or an aged person who wants to keep his memory elastic and keen all his life, the professor offers training to meet goals effectively.

How does memory training work?

Prof. N L Shraman holds workshops across India on various aspects of memory and how to train it. A typical workshop may begin with an introduction to types of memory, and then move on to training methods, memory games, targeting the reasons for forgetting etc.

The professor identifies the different types of memory failure. When short-term memory fails repeatedly to register information, students in the class may be unable to complete comprehension and reading passages because, by the time they reach the end of the passage, they have forgotten what was in the beginning.

Students who have long-term memory failures cannot remember coursework that they prepared during an exam.

Professor Shraman offers strategies to develop more effective and efficient memory. Here are a few tips from the professor to students and their teachers.

  • Combining instruction in several different formats, like audio and visual, helps with remembering
  • Repetition of new information is useful
  • Use memory strategies to remember better. For example, students can substitute a difficult word or phrase they are trying to remember with a unique visualisation in their memory. The image will forever be tied to the word and the student will soon learn it
  • Active reading – that is, making notes, highlighting, underlining- improves the power of the working memory or the short-term memory to register new information
  • Writing down the steps in math problems
  • Preparing the memory before reading, through a preliminary introduction or discussion of vocabulary, for example, will help with memory priming
  • Reviewing new information learned right before sleep is useful, and there has been ample research to support this

The professor offers plenty of resources to students young, old and in-between, on his website.

Work with colour blindness

Prof. Shraman has also worked with people who are colour blind. He has developed techniques to help such people overcome the inconveniences that they face in a world which is built for the majority who can distinguish colours.

Colour blindness becomes an impassable wall for those who want to join the merchant navy, aviation, chemical industries, and a few other professions. As a result, there are many people who are interested in the professor's work in developing strategies to help the colour blind read the Ishihara chart, which is a test to catch colour blindness. The professor teaches brain mapping as a way to overcome colour blindness. So, is there a cure for colour blindness? Well, there definitely is a way to work around it and the professor shows you how to.

If you want to map your memory and improve it, check out Prof N L Shraman's website (which also offers some free lessons).

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