Know the essential qualities of a team leader

Every organisation needs people with leadership qualities at every level. An effective leader can bring success. An effective leader can guide the progress in inclement weather. Effective leadership is a must at evey level in every field. In this article, the author discusses the essential qualities which an effective team leader possesses.

Leadership quality is a much sought-after quality. At every level, in every field leadership quality is required. Generally it is believed that leadership quality is an in-born quality. But researchers have found that this quality can be honed by practice and various other means.

In corporate sector also, leadership quality is sought after. Big corporates seek fresh employees with leadership quality. They want effective team leaders who can develop the company in every respect. A team leader should build trust among team members and motivate the team to achieve the goals. Not only that, an effective team leader can influence changes, they aree open to new ideas, can support collective decision-making and understand the strength of each and every team member. An effective team leader is a valuable asset of every organization. So, at the time of recruitment, every company seeks candidates who possess leadership quality. In this article, we are going to discuss the qualities which an effective team leader must possess.

Decision-making abilities

This is the most important quality which a team leader must have. There may be various situations in which a team-leader has to take on the spot decision. A team leader must be able to take quick decision thinking about the pros and cons of the decision. He/She must also think whether the decision is enforceable/can be implemented with the available resources or in the prevailing circumstances. Decision-making is necessary at every level and without this ability, nobody can become an effective leader.

Lead from the front

In the present age of cutt-throat competition, it is not possible for any leader to become successful by only giving orders. An effective team leader must have to work along with other members of the team. He/She must share the workload of the team. Only then the leader will get respect from other members of the team. Only then the leader will be revered and respected by all.

Balance between personal life and professional life

With the fast paced time, professional and personal lives are overlapping each other. A team leader must have to understand and respect the needs of personal life of every team-member. If the need of personal life is fulfilled, only then the members can fully commit themselves in their work. An effective team-leader understands this and take action accordingly.

Must have co-ordinating ability

This is another important quality which a team-leader must possess. A team-leader must be able to co-ordinate the acttivities of the team-members. If there is no co-ordination among the team-members, the individual effort may become useless. So, this important responsibilitty must be shouldered by the team-leader.

Must serve as an example

This is also an important aspect of being the leader of a team. A leader is respected and revered only if he/she serves as an example. The followers only follow the leader. So in a team, the members would follow the example of team-leader. To groom a successful team, the team leader must serve as an example.

Forgive, but remember

The members of a team may make some mistakes. It is quite natural. A team leader must forgive those unintended mistakes because punishment does not always serve the purpose. But at the same time, he/she must remember these mistakes and take necessary remedial measures. This would make the functioning of the team more effective.

Concluding comments

Every person who wants to be successful in life must have leadership qualities. The aforestated qualities must be honed for progress in career and ulttimate success in life.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao06 Jun 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

In this article the author described all the required qualities for a person to be a leader. A leader who leads the team from the front is the best leader. A leader must be able to do all the works required. If somebody is missing the leader should be able to complete that work and see that the project will go forward. A leader should not say that I am the leader. People has to recognize him as leader. For this he should be a role model to the team. Then that team progresses well. It is always better to go with the people, convince them and motivate them to complete the work but should not use authority as much as possible.

Author: K Mohan07 Jun 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

My appreciation to the author for coming out in detail about the prerequisites for a person to lead as team leader. First of all a team leader can be successful if all the members of the team inclusively like him and obey his commands. Sometimes the organization would give the responsibility of team leading to a person who was generally not liked by others as he was known for partisan attitude. A team leader should not differentiate persons on his close behavior or acquaintances. Here the quality of the work should matter and not anything else. Moreover what I have experienced in my life that a team leader should lead with having cordial relations with all and he should know their working ways. That means even if one team member fails or faults, the team leader should able to make up the loss and project a good result.

Author: Ramakrishna Kambhampati20 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The author has gone through some qualities what are needed by a team leader. In addition to this, I also will mention some more good qualities a team leader needs which makes them more efficient. A team leader must be an effective listener which makes them to know the problems of the team member and this will enable him to rectify or correct the mistakes of them effectively.

A team leader should treat every member of the team equally and fairly otherwise team leader will loose the respect and trust in the minds of members which bring a negative attitude in team.

Team leader has to recognize the importance of every team member have to encourage them and have to appreciate them in their positives to draw maximum work out of them.
A team leader must appear like a role model to every member in showing their commitment, discipline, positive attitude, honesty, admitting mistakes, in behavior etc. which prepares and makes the members of the team to show the same attitude and sincerity in carrying out their work.

A team leader must take responsibility and have the ability to manage failures which will instill the team members to be together to overcome the stressful situations and pave way to success for the team.

Author: Natarajan20 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Very nice presentation on leadership skills that are now vital to any industry, big or small, to succeed. Being a team leader is an enviable job. One has to understand the core principle, that is 'the team's brilliance is the collective sum of strength. The team leader has to know the strength and weakness of each member and must allocate responsibilities accordingly so that the team is productive.

The Team Leader plays a pivotal role in the early phases of team formation. Each team goes through a phase of forming(members coming together for the first time), stroming (each person has his or own ideas and clashes are common), norming ( agreeing to establish an order, agreeing what's good for the team as a whole) and performing (setting aside difference, the team starts to function as one).

The Team leader has to be calm, collective, cordial yet assertive, polite yet proactive and nurture the team like how parents raise a child. Being a team leader also needs the unique set of skills to handle good people, people with enormous egos and people with even enormous ambitions at the same time. Being a role model, the team leader should have clear transparent views on mandatory issues (bias, harassment, promotions, moral issues) so that at difficult times people do not question his or her authority and the brand image does not suffer a setback.

Lastly, the team leader should learn ways to work in adverse and hostile situations (difficult employees, high attrition, lack of resources)

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