Positive Response to Your Child: Why Does it Matter?

This article revolves around the basic concept of Trust, about how your response to your child changes his/her view about looking at the world. In a wider perspective, it helps in creating our ideal world at some level.

Introduction to the Topic Chosen

Though I am not mature enough to give you a parental guide, a suggestion that can be implemented easily: a small change in your response to your child which may later help in creating the ideal world you desire, namely the world full of trust.

State of Trust in Present

Today most of the people are either superstitious or suspicious. There is lack of perfect belief. The response I am talking about will help in achieving that perfection.

How to Respond

So let's come to the main point I wanted to talk about. Suppose your child came to you and said, the behaviour of our teachers is quite friendly with us or the neighbourhood shopkeeper is quite loving or about anyone's righteousness and well nature. In these cases, there are 2 types of responses-

1. They will have to do so because otherwise nobody will come to them and use their services.
2. That's very nice of them.

The 2nd response is smaller, but bigger, in the sense what can be achieved from this. Notice that I have insisted on the word 'otherwise' because it gives a negative meaning. The first response is negative whereas the 2nd one gives a positive sense. A nice thing to observe the fact that in the end, money is the reason for most of the negative issues.

How will it Help

It's the main reason why I started writing the article.

Now see the positive response you gave - due to this, the child will see the world differently than due to your negative response. Your positive response plants a seed of positivism and trust in the child. A bondage of trust will soon be founded on the basis of your positive response between the child and the outer world. The child will grow up and automatically realise what is the exact situation. Maybe he will not trust easily others now but trust on you always.

I am not saying to let them believe blindly but perfectly. You can teach them - the world is very beautiful, everything is very nice but awareness is the key to life and that's it. The word 'awareness' keeps a broad sense. Now teach them about awareness. If each and every parent does so, he/she will achieve that idealism at some level in the world which he/she has been desiring for years.

When the seed of trust becomes a tree, the world will be different than we today see.


Perfect belief is the need of today. One of the ways to achieve this is just a positive response to the new generation. Inspiring and encouraging their feelings of love, trust, hope, honesty etc. and to teach them to live their lives in a positive manner. Worldliness is the thing that itself comes to the child when it grows up and sees the world but when you teach your child to trust, it can't betray you intentionally and that's guaranteed.

Hope you got my words. Try this small change and be patient for the big results. The power of trust really works, it's observed by them who have felt and implemented it.

So let's just begin.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao16 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Always giving a positive response to kid's enthusiasm will make them to grow better in their life. Sometimes as elderly person we may have advise them in a different way than their thinking. Instead of putting it bluntly if we tell them our view in a reasonable and simple way, they will definitely appreciate our views. So mentoring, positive responses and soft approach will bring in a good nature for the young.
A good article by the author.

Author: Lovish Raheja17 Jul 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Thanks for appreciation Sir. That's what my intention was. We need to talk with them in the honest manner.

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