Career in Aviation as a Pilot after 12th

Do you want to make your future in the field of aviation? In this article, I have outlined career in aviation as a pilot after 12th. Here you can find the necessary career requirements to become a pilot.


Choosing a career is the most important decisions one has to take in one's life. Aviation courses are the best choice to have a successful career. There are many career and job opportunities in the aviation industry in India. You can find numerous job opportunities in the aviation sector for the graduates, such as aircraft electrical installer or technician, aircraft manufacturing engineer, airline pilot, airport operations manager, air traffic controller, aviation maintenance technician, quality control personnel, etc.

In this article, I will be presenting the career in aviation as an airline pilot after completion of 12th standard. A person who is licensed to operate an aircraft is called a pilot. The pilot is one who operates planes and also helicopters. He is very well trained, as he is responsible for flying and landing the aircraft safely. He is responsible for transporting people, cargo from one place to another. It is just an adventurous like a bird flying in the sky and travel the world. This article covers the details of education and training requirements for a pilot.

Career Options for a Pilot

If you choose to pursue a career as an airline pilot then you will find different job option available, here I have specified a brief list of most popular career options that are available for certified pilots. This will give you clear cut in choosing your right path in life.

1) Commercial airline pilot for major and regional airlines.
The Commercial pilot can fly all over the world for major or regional domestic airline. He must have at least a Commercial pilot license (CPL) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.

2) Cargo Pilot.
Carga pilots are found to deliver the packages, freight, mail and work for cargo companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. They too require commercial pilot's license.

3) Charter pilots and Air Taxi.
A pilot who flies small commercial aircraft to the destination on demand for the short distance is called as charter pilots.

4) Ferry Pilots and Aircraft Salesmen Pilots.
Pilots deliver the new or old aircraft the place of manufacturers to the customers or moving it for some repairs. He has to fly across the oceans for delivering the planes.

5) Flight Instructor (CFI).
He teaches the new students how to fly the aircraft. He gives detail instruction on flying the aircraft. He has to gain a private license, then he has to apply for commercial and lastly pursue flight instructor certificate.

6) Medical and Air Ambulance Pilots (EMR pilots).
These pilots fly during medical and emergency situation. He has to transport the sick and injured patients to and from health care centers or hospitals.

7) Government Service Pilots.
They fly for the federal government. They have to undergo intensive training to perform wide GSP operations.

8) Military Pilot.
As the name specified these pilots fly military aircraft for the military forces of a nation. They work for the military aircraft operations and their duty is to transport people, cargo or even weapons.

9) Fire Fighting Pilot.
They are also known as air tanker pilot. He uses the aircraft in putting off the fire. This job is very dangerous, only experienced person can get this done perfectly.

10) Agricultural Pilots.
Pilots operate airplanes or helicopters to transfer cargo to market, spray the chemicals for pest control, planting seeds, crop dusting, etc.

11) Banner Towing Pilots.
Banner towing is just a challenging career option for a pilot. They operate the aircraft for towing the advertising banners. He has to be very careful while towing the banners, as it should not affect people or property on the land.

12) Contract Pilots.
The pilot works on a contract basis.

13) Test Pilot.
A pilot who flies new aircraft to test its performance. He tests aircraft for aircraft manufacturers.

14) Astronauts and Space Pilots.
A pilot trained to travel in spacecraft and work in space.

Career Steps to Become an Aircraft Pilot

Once you choose any one of the career option stated above, now you have to undertake the following career steps in order to become an aircraft pilot.

A) Education requirements for a pilot:

First and foremost educational qualification is the must for a pilot. An applicant must be complete his/her 12th in Science field with Physics and Mathematics. After 12th standard, a student has to obtain a college education i.e; B.E. or B.Tech. Or B.Sc. (Engg.) in Aeronautical Engineering or Space Engineering and complete the graduation in engineering stream from a recognized institute / University. You have to gain the bachelor's degree in aircraft operations, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or a related field. They must also pass a physical test i.e: vision test and capable of demonstrating the aeronautical knowledge. The candidate must physically and mentally be fit.

B) Attain flying hours:

After completing the graduation and before getting the piot's license, applicants has to gain experience and flying hours. The pilots in training need at least 1500 hours of flight experience. They have to gain the flying hours in various situations. Both day and night time and as well as a number of takeoffs and landing count the experience. They will be first trained in the basics of flying and then into more complicated planes and situation. They are also trained in the operations and maintenance of airplanes. Many pilots start their career as a flight instructor and at last gain more flying time and experience.

C) Obtain a pilot's license:

Once a candidate had gained the flying hours, he has to get the pilot's license. The pilot license is a license to fly the aircraft just the same as driving license. In order to get the pilots license the candidate has to pass a practical exam from the FAA. Pilots are tested on mental and physical strengths and abilities
Applicants to get licensed as an airline transport pilot for commercial airlines should be at least 23 years old, have a minimum of 1,500 hours of flight experience, and pass FAA examinations. A candidate must complete 12th standard Science with Physics and Mathematics and must be minimum 16 years old to obtain the pilot license.

Main classifications for FAA pilot license certificates: -
• Student pilot license:
• Private pilot license (PPL)
• Commercial pilot license (CPL):
• Airline transport pilot license (ATP), and
• Flight instructor certificate.

D) Pursue additional test and training:

The FAA offers different types of certifications, depending upon the pilot's position he will be asked to take additional test and training again. Obtaining the pilot's license is not an end, as he has to undertake further pilot training courses. and this helps him to gain more flying experience before getting hired by bigger airlines. Major airline companies will not hire inexperienced pilots. Once the applicant finishes the training and has a license in his hand can then apply for a job at commercial airlines.

Overall the cost to become a pilot in India could be at least 30 lakhs. SBI Career Loans for a Pilot are been offered by State Bank of India for Pilot Training Courses in India & Abroad. Based on the airline you join you will be given training on that aircraft. After gaining the experience the candidate can become a commercial pilot or also become a flight instructor. To become a successful pilot, you need to have the proper degree, good training, and experience flying. A pilot having many years of experience and worked for several years in a company will enjoy additional compensation all over his career. Salary of a pilot varies widely by company and experience level of the pilot.


I tried my best to contribute major requirements to become a pilot. Above mentioned steps will help and completely guide you in choosing your career after 12th standard. Being a pilot is not a simple job, as it has a high responsibility of taking off and land the passengers or cargo to its destination safely. Even though this career is complicated and dangerous, you will get a chance to explore and enjoy the overseas and experience the different tradition and also earn a good income from it. Being an airline pilot is just a great job. I hope this article will help you in choosing your career.

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