My garden - how we created a place for relaxation

In this article, I have explained briefly about my garden and the beauty of my garden on both sides. Since we have built this beautiful garden, we feel so chilled and relaxed. My garden looks beautiful with flowers, plants and trees on both sides.

A house looks beautiful with a garden that is filled with trees, plants and flowers. I love to watch the beauty of nature and hence I thought of building a beautiful garden in front of my house. Today, my garden is divided into two partitions with a cement pathway in between. I just love this place heartily and planning to make it still more beautiful.

Structure of my garden

My garden is a wonderful place that is built on both the sides of my house. On one side of the garden, we have grown flowers at the boundary area of the garden and the remaining portion is filled with a lawn area. The lawn is beautifully laid on the ground and it appears yellowish green in rainy season. We have laid bricks on two sides at the brim to plant flowers. So, we have planted four types of flowers in the garden namely daisy, aster, marigold, and tulips. Thus, daily we can view different types of colors on four different sides. At the center of my garden is a large rose plant that yields dark red roses. My father is keenly interested in gardening and hence one day, he brought different types of seeds from the market and sowed them in the garden. He also invited an expert gardener and a beautiful lawn was built in our garden. My mother brought a branch of a rose plant one day from my grandmother's garden and planted it at the center of our garden. So, this place is become ideal for playing. We sprinkle water in this area daily with drip water system. Sometimes, we play football here along with our friends.

On the other side of the garden, we have planted four large trees. On one side is the coconut tree and on the opposite side is the mango tree. While, on one side is a sapphota tree and on its opposite side is the tamarind tree. The remaining portion is just left for relaxation. Whenever we feel tried, we sit on the bench that is constructed under each tree. So, we enjoy the cool shade of the tree specially during summer season. Whenever we are celebrating any function, we build a pandal in this area and enjoy every function. Otherwise, we play different types of sports and games such as run and catch, hide and seek, pass-the-ball etc. So, even during summer season, the fresh air released by these trees enter our house and each one feels chilled and relaxed.

Future plans about my garden

Today, many people love to visit our house because we have made a beautiful garden in front of our house. In the future, we still want to build a wonderful garden. We want to construct a fountain at the center of the tree garden. Around the rose plant, we still want to plant some beautiful plants in a circular manner. On the other side of the garden, we want to construct a clubhouse on the tamarind tree and mango tree so that we can comfortably sit down there. Visitors also can sit down in this place and feel amused. We also plan to keep our music system in the clubhouse and listen to the melodious music.

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Author: K Mohan21 Jun 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Wow! What a nice way of planning and having greenery and flowers amid us. I can understand your happiness and feeling while writing article that when every day you wake up, you will be treated with nature, such as good flowers and greenish lawn with dew present on the grass. One would love to walk barefoot on such grass and it is good have contact with the soil on barefoot. But what I feel about having flowers on the boundary area means, those are accessible to even outsiders. Though we may not pick the flowers and prefer to enjoy the nature, the neighbors or the morning walkers have the bad habit of plucking the flowers which is a very bad attitude.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao08 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

It is very interesting to know about the garden at the house of the author. In this connection I like to appreciate the author for growing some trees and protecting the environment. It is the requirement of the day to have trees in all available place.
In my house also we have a flower garden in front of my house. About 60 square yards land is kept on the front side. My wife grows some flower plants here. Everyday we use those flowers for worshiping the God. Some Rose plants are also there.
We have left about 30 Square yards behind the house. Here we have a mango tree, some banana trees and one lime tree.
It gives lot of satisfaction to work in the garden. My wife always wanted to improve her garden. But because of limitation of space we are not able to expand further. Now we started growing bonsai type plants in containers. Containers with plants are kept on the top of the house.

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