Tips to saving energy in small ways

We are using various forms of energy like Electricity, Petrol, Cooking gas and Solar energy in our daily life for different purposes. This article is about using these energy sources properly and economically so that there should not be any wastage of energy.


Energy in various forms is the most essential thing in our life as most of our activities and needs are derived from it. Electricity which is generated in dams or thermal power stations or nuclear power stations is coming to our house through national grid and we are using it for various purposes right from lighting our houses to using different type of electrical and electronic gadgets. Many people are having personal solar power system giving them electric power for certain usage. We are using petrol or diesel in our cars or bikes. Cooking gas cylinder is used in kitchen for various cooking jobs. Whether in our house or in offices or in industries or in colleges or institutions everywhere these energy sources are used for one or other purposes. The energy does not come free. For every use there is a cost involved. It is our duty to use this important thing in a proper and economical way to avoid unnecessary costs as well as wastage of this essential item.

There are many small ways in which we can act to arrest the misuse and wastage of energy and some of these are given below.

How to save Electricity ?

Whether it is our house or working place there are many situations where we can save this important source of energy. The rooms and cubicles where no work is going on we should switch off the lights and fan. During lunch hours it is a good practice to switch off the lights before leaving the rooms. Computers and other gadgets should not be kept on unnecessarily. Now a days people are using CFL or LED bulbs in place of tube lights and a good saving of electricity is obtained. This not only saves in electricity bills but if everyone takes care in usage the cumulatively saved electricity will also be available to other needy persons or industry.

Saving of fuel in car or bikes

This is one area where lot of scope is their for saving of fuel. Pooling with colleagues for going to work place is one popular way to economize and we should adopt this practice whenever opportunity is there. In big cities people are waiting on crossings for green light for few minutes and it is advisable to turn off the engine during that time to arrest the wastage of costly fuel. Driving in medium speeds and reduction in unnecessary accelerating or braking itself helps in fuel conservation. Keeping the vehicle regularly serviced is required for its efficient working which also results in fuel economization.

Saving of cooking gas

Most of us use cooking gas in our kitchen. There are many small ways in which we can save this precious source of energy. While cooking the food do not use the cooking gas stove in full flame. It may save you a few minutes but lot of gas flame is going waste outside the bottom of the utensil used. Until unless the utensil is very big bottomed there is no point in using high flame. Cooking food in separators in one go is a good way to save on this energy. Keep your gas stove regularly serviced so that it works efficiently.

Using gadgets efficiently

There are many gadgets in the house which work on electricity. These are to be used in a proper way to optimize their performance. The fridge is having a setting of temperature for different seasons. This adjustment in form of a multiple switch or knob is placed at easily approachable and visible place for ease of operation.Using this for temperature control in different seasons is also a good practice. Washing machine is one gadget which many people use very roughly. This is a gadget where lot of electric power can be saved. When cloths are very dirty a tough washing cycle of 40-50 minutes is required but when cloths are not so dirty a quick cycle of 15-20 minutes is sufficient. It saves lot of time and energy both.

There are various small ways in our day to day life by which we can save a lot of energy which is not only cost effective but also the saved energy can be used by a needy person or industry somewhere among us.


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