Gadget free entertainment - Why it is a must and how to avoid gadget games

All parents are looking for an alternative to their kids' gadget games. Even adults are getting addicted to technology based entertainments in recent days. It is understandable that outdoor games are not possible in many situations, but gadget games are not the only solution to it. Let us see why gadget free entertainment are necessary and how gadgets can be avoided through this article.

We are getting busy with our lives and moving on to technology based entertainments. To play offline or to play without gadgets, we need not to think of outdoor games only. Some more alternatives are available to get entertained constructively at our pass time.

Why gadget free entertainments?

Gadget games like video games, mobile phone games, computer games are an addiction. Irrespective of age, it brings various health issues too. Effects of electronic gadgets on children are high. The brain development of children will not complete, till they attain their teen age. It is warned by paediatricians that kids' eye nerves get affected, by seeing electronic devices like TV, mobile phones and computer for more than 2 hours in a day.

Kids are energetic and can explore various new things, but streamlining their energy could make bright future to them. Using electronic devices will drain their energy and will dehydrate them very soon. This will affect their physical and mental ability and development. The consequence of using electronic device for a longer time by adults also the same.

These gadget games make the users detached from their environment. Most of the mobile phone games make them more expedite in level after level. This will bring agitation to kids in their near future. Even for adults, the results are same. They will feel restless and could lose patience easily. Adults who keep playing this kind of fast games will find everything around them are passive, may feel anxious, even if it takes a minute extra time to load a web page. Less time to think, but speeding up of action will result being impatient in everything.

How to avoid gadgets?

It is understandable that, we got used to these devices and impossible to live without gadgets; but, we should try to be the master of our mind and limit our desire to gadgets.

TV time

Adults: Fix your TV time. Be choosy in your TV shows. Watch only what interests you. Anything that brings negativity or abusive, then change the channel. Plan in such a way that, part of your TV time be your family time too. Watch some shows with family. Don't spend a minute extra in front of TV after your TV time.

Kids: Pediatrician suggests, no children should spend more than 2 hours of time in any electronic device. If your kid watches only TV and no other gadgets like mobile phones, Tab or computer, then make their TV time for 2 hours. This TV time can be divided into 2 one hours or 4 half hours. Let part of their TV time be used for learning like Rhymes, do it yourself shows and moral stories. If you kid uses other gadgets, then reduce his/her TV time accordingly.

Game Apps

Adults: Stop syncing game scores with your social profiles like facebook, google+ etc. Competition makes you more addicted to those games. It is human nature to get bored of anything soon, if we get more excited on it. So, if there is at any point, you find your game boring, then delete the game with no second thought. If you find difficulty in winning any level of your app game for more than a week, then delete the game. Many more challenges are waiting in this physical world, to show case your strength; this virtual game is just sucking your energy.

Do not choose games that are destructive like killing, hitting, bombing etc. Do not choose games that are rushing. Choose games that are constructive like building pipelines, blocks etc. Choose games that cultivate humanity like adopting a pet, saving a pet, growing crops, feeding animals etc.
Remember, your every action reflects your attitude.

Kids: Delete all your games, Kids are not advised to use mobile phones and tabs until the age of 10. Don't worry, if your kids feel out-dated from technology, whereas all his/her friends talk about various x box, mobile games and computer games and characters. There are many more in this world to stay updated.

Kids can stay out of these games, by getting introduced to other interesting passions. Parents' time and passion is more important in bringing up your children out of gadgets. It is not necessary that you need to accompany your kids all the time. Introduce them to other games- initially play with them, once they got used to it, then they will not depend on you anymore.

Get introduced to new things to avoid gadgets

Adults and kids in general can do the following:
  • Read books

  • Drawing

  • Painting/coloring

  • Do it yourself works/crafts

  • Indoor games

  • Cooking without fire/adults can try new recipes with proper cooking style

  • Cleaning house

  • Other Household chores

  • Meet friends often/ have friend/ family get together.

Health is wealth. Wish you all be masters of your mind!

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao09 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The author scored much in highlighting the negatives in using electronic devices. Parents should take care of their children. But the trend now is even parents are getting addicted to these electronic gadgets.
Reading,writing, painting, chess playing, carams playing, playing cards with family members without any stakes, discussions among family members etc will be very good for everyone than these virtual games.
Try to avoid as much as possible. A nice article from the writer.

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