My study room- a perfect place for study

In this essay, I am describing my study room that I have designed with my own ideas. I have maintained many items and things that are required for studying and in school. As I have a separate study room, I really feel comfortable to study.

I have a separate room in the house and I have used the room for studying. During the night time, I sleep in the room, but throughout the day, I use it as a study room. I told my parents that I will design a study room using my own creative ideas. They were happy to know that I am able to think in my own way. So, I began drawing a sketch of a study room with a pencil and flashed upon several ideas. Today, I really feel so chilled and blissful to remain in this room. I do not get bored even if I study for several hours.

Structure of my study room

My study room is located besides my parent's bedroom and it is really a special place to study. At the entrance of the room, I have stuck a large card sheet that is inscribed with a time-table. The time-table chart that I have prepared is big enough for my eyes. I can pack my books in my bag easily according to the school time-table. At the edge of the time-table chart, I have drawn a picture of a lovely flower plant and painted it with different colors.

Then at the corner of the room besides the study-table is a small cupboard. This cupboard comprises of five compartments. I have used three compartments for maintaining daily clothes. The remaining two compartments are meant for keeping uniform, track suit, PE uniform, ball, shuttle cock, rackets and other accessories such as powder, clothes spray, etc. On the cupboard, I have stuck different stickers on the upper section of Indian freedom fighters namely Gandhiji, Lokmanya Tialk, Damodar Savarkar, and Bhagat Singh. Below the stickers, I have stuck a poster of India map that is inscribed by Jai Hind.

My study table

On the wall opposite to the cupboard is my study table. It is facing the window of the room. So, when I am studying, I can also breathe the fresh air from the garden. I can only view the face of the garden and hence I do not feel distracted when I study. Sometimes, I hear the birds chirping melodiously and I feel it is really pleasant to study. The desk of the table is decorated with beautiful pink flowers and green leaves. Both the chair and desk are made of superior wood.

On the other walls

On one side of the wall, I have stuck my childhood picture and besides my picture is a case for keeping stationery materials. So, no items are found lying on the floor. Also, I have maintained a rack for maintaining text books, worksheets, question papers, and other study material. I also keep my school bag after returning home. On the opposite wall, my father gave me a personal computer, but I use it only in my spare time. But, my father did not provide me with internet connection, so that I study well and not get distracted by videos and music.

I feel really vibrant and peaceful when I enter my study room and I really feel like studying hard. I thank my parents for providing me with such beautiful room in the house.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao09 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

A good description of the study room buy the author. A study room for the children is very important as they will get a separate place and no disturbance from the household activities which will help children to concentrate more on their study matters. Making the room decorative will add to our concentration. Neatness and cleanness is also important for study room.
Good narration

Author: Gaurav Singh20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A very good essay featuring an ideal study room. The author has been well connected with study and her room during her school days and that's why she has described the atmosphere of her study room in such a fantastic way.
This study room has all the essential things needed for a student to help him concentrate on his study more efficiently. The author has described each and every detail in a very comprehensive way. This article is very helpful for all the students to design their study room.

Author: K Mohan13 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Nice article and that reminds me as to how we must keep our room clean and in such an ambiance so that the studies would get along without disturbance and our mind won't be diverted to anywhere else. Once you enter the study room, you should not feel like going out even for urgent reasons. If such arrangements are made, I am sure the output from each student would be double and lasting. One more thing, if any friend or co-student happen to visit your room, he should feel jealous and also be wanting to share the room for combined studies. Such should be the arrangements to which even the elders would cooperate and parents would be happy to provide all the requirements to undertake break free studies all through the year.

Author: Reena Upadhya28 Apr 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

The author has narrated about her study room very nicely. I am mentioning some details regarding the ideal study space. If the aim is to succeed in academics then a thorough preparation is essential and for that dedication and complete efforts need to be put in. We can only give our 100% if we are completely left undistracted. This is where our study room or study space comes to our rescue. It is a place where we can concentrate completely and distraction is next to negligible. It requires a little co-operation from all the family members or friends if we are living with them.

The better the concentration, better will be the productivity. This is the reason that study room or the study space should be free of all those articles and elements which can easily cause a distraction. It can be television, phones, a window facing a road where lots of traffic can be witnessed etc. In short, it should be soundproof. Study place should be quiet, uninterrupted and private. It doesn’t mean that study space should always be completely silent. It means that always choose a study space which is specific to the personality and learning style.

It should be able to hold all the materials which are in need for study purposes. Some of us cannot afford a separate study room and thus we place our study table in a corner of the room. Whether it is study room or study space, make sure that all the materials required for studying purposes are placed nearby. Every time we need them, we need not run to other spaces in our house looking for them. This is mere wastage of study time and will cause lots of distraction. Study space should be bright and airy. Always make sure that study space is comfortable as comfort and focus have a very strong connection. The better the comfort more will be the focus.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta21 Oct 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Nicely written by the author about the study room. Our study room should be isolated from other parts of the home so that we can focus on studies and don't get easily distracted by any other thing.

It is good to have a window in front of your study table so that you feel the cool breeze from outside which may relax and keep your mind fresh.

Also, the ambience of the room should be good. It should be clean and fresh. Everything which is required for studies should be kept properly so that these can easily be found when one needs them.

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