What Scientific careers are available after B.Sc Chemistry

Are you studying for B.Sc(Chemistry) or a fresher who finished B.Sc (chem) but worrying about what are the career opportunities for you in the field of chemistry you studied? This article can help you i n knowing about the various scientific careers for a Chemistry graduate.

What I mean by scientific career?

In our daily life we see situations wherein people who study science end up in non-science careers like accountancy or routine administration which do not need use of what you studied. Hence many science graduates are interested only in scientific careers whereby whatever they studied in colleges come into their practical use in their career also and they improve upon their knowledge in a fruitful way.
As a B.Sc (Chem) graduate you have studied chemistry. So any job or career where the chemistry you studied comes in everyday use is a scientific career for you.

What you studied basically as a student of Chemistry

You would have studied from the level of elements and compounds, their characteristics, combination of elements and compounds, chemical actions and reactions, properties, test and analysis, production of new compounds by mixing and chemically combining, bonding, atom and its sub-particles etc etc,. You would have learned about different branches like Organic Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Aromatics, Industrial chemistry, Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry etc.
So in a scientific carer based on Chemistry you may be using one or all of something or other from these.

Scientific career opportunities for a Chemistry graduate

Chemistry Graduates or post graduates or doctorates get employment in the following major areas where they use the science they studied.:
They are institutions involved and engaged in manufacturing of medicines(pharmaceutical companies), Medical Research, Manufacturing and Processing industries, Cosmetic industries, various laboratories and testing centres, Scientific journals and centres reviewing and reporting scientific works, Water treatment plants, Oil industry etc. Chemistry learned people or are also needed in Agricultural research institutions, not to forget any and every institution where chemicals are used for manufacturing or research.

Main sectors giving opportunity to Chemistry students

Employment and research opportunities are available for students of chemistry in Food industry, Pharmaceuticals,Paints and pigments and dyes industry, Textile industry, Oil Refineries and petroleum industries,Fertiliser Industry, Pesticide industry, Hygiene and sanitation industries,Forensic industry etc.
The general designations are Analyst, Chemist, Scientific Assistant, Research Assistant, Research Associate, Scientist, Radiologist, Scientific Officer, etc.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC) recruits Scientific Assistants from B.Sc candidates. BARC also takes Trainee Scientific Officer(TSO) in the Chemistry Discipline through their Orientation Course for Engineering Graduates and Science Postgraduates (OCES). They may be allotted either Chemistry or Radio logical Safety Engineering as per the centre of training.

Spices Board also takes Chemistry Post Graduate and doctorates for various posts.

For the entry level jobs in these fields in the government laboratories, colleges or universities and the chemical & pharmaceutical industries recruit the chemistry graduates and post graduates. For the senior positions in research, they need Ph.D.

Tasks or work in the career of Chemistry graduate

Their task or job involve the production, post production or non-production areas. They include product improvement and process improvement, purity analysis and maintaining consistency, quality control, content quality and quantity by sampling and analysis, finding answer to problems by research and development, developing new products and processes by doing research and development work.


It is bliss to continue with practising, learning and further researching on the subjects you studied with interest. Application to real life situations what one learned in classes gives a real self satisfaction. It is all the more enjoyable when that also earns us our income too. B.Sc Chemistry graduates can have that satisfaction either taking up a scientific job immediately on graduation or completing higher studies like post graduation or taking doctorate.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Jun 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A very informative and useful article. B.Sc Chemistry students have lot of job opportunities in their core area. All most all process and manufacturing industries will have laboratories for in house testing where chemistry graduates will get opportunity to work as chemists, scientific officers, quality assurance officers etc. While working they can improve their qualification by distant education and can get promotions and career growth. Even you can work for your doctorate while working in the Organisations. Plenty of chances for chemistry students.

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