How a healthy lifestyle helps to get rid of acne ?

This article explains importance of following a healthy lifestyle to get rid of acne to enjoy flawless and a pimple-free skin. Check out this article to know how healthy food, , showering regularly, following exercise regime and a proper skin care will help you to get rid of acne.


Our skin forms the largest organ of our body. Skin consists of hair follicles and within these hair follicles itself sebum is produced. Sebum is nothing but oil produced by small glands located within hair follicles. Sebum so produced mixes with skin cells inside the follicle. Skin cells constantly replaces themselves i.e., old skin cells are replaced by new ones. These skin cells travel from inner layer of epidermis to outside of skin. Sebum too joins skin cells and travels outward. However, excessive production of sebum or excessive dead skin cells or even a blockage can prevent exit of sebum as well as skin cells from follicles. This will result in blockage and if it gets infected with infiltration of bacteria then the resulting condition is known as acne.

Acne is controllable

Most of us suffer from acne at some point or the other in our lives. Sometimes it may be due to hormonal changes and other times it may be due to resulting stress. Keeping skin unclean and over-cleansing both can result in acne. Pimples or acne not only develop on face but also on neck, back and shoulders. Usually teenagers are seen to be suffering from acne cause it is an age where hormonal changes are taking place. It can be mild in some cases and can be severe in rest other cases. Acne can be stressful as it decreases self-esteem of a person. Simple changes made in life style can eliminate breakouts i.e., acne is controllable. We can get back our pimple-free skin if we take care of our skin hygiene and follow simple tips.

Here are a few changes one can make in lifestyle to get rid of acne-

  • Do not touch acne

    We often touch our face as well as acne and worsen it. Acne also leads to itchy feeling. Most of us have a habit of picking at pimples. This will further increase risk of bacterial infiltration resulting in worsening of acne. Do not rest face on hands or scratch it. Do not pop acne cause sebum which comes out of it is infected with bacteria and when adjacent area comes in contact with the same, it too become acne prone. We often wipe our lips, relieve an itch from face or simple touch it for no reason. If one wants to get rid of acne then this habit has to be stopped. Our hands carry sweat, grime and oil as these are the tools used by us throughout the day to interact with every one and to carry out our daily chores. When we touch our face with our hands, we not only further increase risk of bacterial contamination, but also spread acne from one area to adjacent area on face.

  • Hydrate well

    Water helps in detoxification procedure. All the toxins get removed or flushed out from the body when we drink adequate amount of water. This will automatically improve healing of acne. Drinking adequate amount of water hydrates skin well and enables all the nutrients to reach it in required amount on daily basis. This will further improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin. Drinking inadequate amount of water will cause premature aging of skin which in turn will result in large pores. Formation of large pores itself means more clogged sebum and dead skin cells which will cause larger acne. Thus, drink sufficient amount of water and hydrate body and face well to reverse acne and get back pimple-free skin.

  • Eat healthy

    Sebum is oil produced by glands. We also provide more amount of oil to our body by eating deep fried foods. This can only further aggravate the condition. Eating healthy will limit unnecessary production of oil and acne will start healing naturally. Foods we eat should be able to help skin to regenerate quickly. Thus, we need to make healthy choices like fruits, vegetables, proteins, sprouts etc. Highly processed, prepacked junk foods which carry dense calories in the form of sugar should be avoided. Fat is not good for acne and also for overall health. When more amount of natural produce we eat, more easily body detoxifies and skin will be able to get back its health once again.

  • Daily exercise

    When we exercise, endorphins get released in the body. These endorphins decrease stress levels which are directly and indirectly associated with acne. Stress itself causes acne as well as promotes excessive production of oil which again results in acne. Daily exercise not only keeps body healthy but also keeps metabolism high. If stomach enjoys health then every part of our body too enjoys the same. On the other hand, indigestion and constipation are very will linked with acne production. Exercise leads to sweating which again not only helps to get rid of toxins from body, but also helps to remove dead skin cells.

  • Sleep for adequate hours

    Getting adequate amount of sleep is as necessary as eating healthy or exercising regularly is. Skin needs time to renew its cells and sleep is the period when our body detoxifies and relaxes. In absence of adequate amount of sleep, this process does not take place properly. Try to maintain a sleeping schedule i.e., sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This healthy habit will help skin to rejuvenate efficiently which in turn will improve acne.

  • Keep face clean

    Keeping facial skin clean is the most effective tip one can follow to prevent further acne breakouts. More clean the skin is, more easily acne is able to heal itself and also it prevents spreading of acne on other areas of face. Our facial skin is the most exposed skin of our body to pollution, dust, smoke, grease etc. Gently washing it twice a day will ensure that it remains clean. Excessive washing can cause irritation. Wash once in morning and once before going to bed is more than sufficient. Use a mild soap or face wash for cleansing. Water used should be clean and warm. After thoroughly cleansing skin dab face with clean wash cloth. Excessive washing or scrubbing will lead to washing away of oils and essential nutrients from skin. This will lead to excessive production of oil and as a result it will worsen or aggravate acne.

  • Shower regularly

    Showering regularly will efficiently enable cleansing of entire body. This will decrease oil production. Dead skin cells settled on skin surface get washed away and risk of bacterial contamination too get reduced. Showering after intense exercise or at the end of the day before going to bed is very important to wash away all the dirt, dust, pollutants and bacteria which get settled on the skin. Use mild cleansers and mild shampoos to clean entire body and hair respectively. Towels, bed sheets, pillow covers, clothes, napkins all should be washed properly before using. At least, twice a week they should be washed properly to get rid of oil and dirt from them. If these fabrics are not cleaned properly then bacteria colonize in them and when these fabrics come in contact with skin, acne develops. If skin is very sensitive then use gentle cleaners to wash them.

  • Get rid of stress

    As mentioned earlier, increased stress level increases production of oily sebum. If sebum production increases, chance of clogging pores too increases. Thus, get rid of stress and tension to keep hormonal levels in normal range which in turn will keep sebum production normal. Good mental health will automatically keep skin healthy. Relax and rest as and when required. Relaxation does not only refer to allowing body to rest but also it means providing enough relaxation to mind too. Take help of breathing exercises, yoga, meditation or rejuvenating holidays which will ultimately create relaxation and this will transform unhealthy skin into a healthy one.

  • Wear loose clothes

    Acne does not only appear on face, but also on back, shoulders, arms and sometimes even on butts. This kind of acne is usually caused due to the friction that takes place between skin and clothes. Lots of friction generates heat and thus we need to wear loose fitting clothes, particularly when we exercise. Our jogging and yoga outfits must be loose-fitting and made up of cotton. Headbands, helmets, athletic gear all can worsen the situation and thus wear them only when necessary and check on their fittings.


Acne are the pop-ups on the skin filled with sebum and dead skin cells. They are usually contaminated with bacteria. They are caused due to hormonal changes and as a response to increased levels of stress. Our life style is the main culprit which comes in our way and do not let us enjoy pimple free skin which is flawless and healthy. Simple changes which we make in our life style like eating healthy, showering regularly, daily exercising, keeping face clean etc will not only help us to get rid of acne, but also prevent its occurrence allowing us to enjoy flawless, pimple-free skin.

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