Why Settai night show became a trend setter for Tamil Youtube channels

YouTube channels are popular now. They became one of the most powerful mediums in reaching the public with vast information. Smile Settai is one such YouTube channel, that influences people with good content. They are special and unique in presenting any content with the right mix of fun and earnestness. Settai night show was a web series from their team, that they webcast every night in the month of May.

Smile Settai Overview

Smile Settai was established in the end of 2015. Chutti Arvind and RJ Vignesh are the prime people behind this YouTube channel. This channel primarily updates country's politics with entertainment, and they named this show as "The Beep Show". Also, it gives a unique style of movie reviews and the name of their review show is "The dumbest review". In this show, they do not utter a word, still convey details of that movie in their action and body language. They show their bond with their viewers by reading their comments in "how do I tell you?". In this show, they read, react and answer to the viewers' comments.

Timely playback song and editing is their uniqueness and success of their channel. Vai raja mai is their remarkable live event. The channel reached 4 lakhs subscribers and going to reach many more with many more shows.

Smile Settai has two sister channels with the same team:
1. Smile mixture for love and relationship
2. Smile Oats for adult comedies.

The channels were separated thoughtfully for the convenience of viewers and make sense in carrying content to the right target audience.

Settai Night Show

Settai night show is an extension of "The Beep Show". The Beep show is the successful milestone of Smile Settai. This show has huge fan followers and they post so many comments that they couldn't wait for the next beep show. But from the channel end, they were keep replying that, they were waiting for the right content and it was taking some time for them to put in shape, to make the show more interesting. So all that was consuming more time between one and the other show.

Finally, they came up with an idea of a daily beep show, to fulfill their viewers' requests and that is "Settai Night Show." They promoted it as the biggest show of Smile Settai. Initially they webcast live, but due to economical and other technical reason, they continued with the recorded show.

Segments of the show

Since it was an extension of the beep show, the content was primarily about politics but presented with different segments. Each segment was different and the contents were chosen rightly for the segment, such as no serious issues were spoken on fun segment. Not all segments were there in all shows. Changes in segments were there in the initial days.

How do I tell you?

"How do I tell you" is one of the other shows of Smile Settai that is also popular. They added that show as one of the segments in the Settai night show. They responded to their viewer's comments in this segment. It is a fun segment and exceeded not more than 2 minutes. They read previous day show's comments and answered or reacted to it. This was their style of showing their bond with viewers, so they added this segment in the beginning of the show and that appeared to be a recap of previous day's show.

To stay more connected with the viewers, they also invited their subscribers to this segment on last few episodes of the show.

Kundakka Mandakka

This segment was kind of a fun interview with celebrity politicians. This was an imaginary segment. The guest was not actually present, but the interview was done with their videos. The interview questions were asked to the guest, for the answers they already had given to the media for a different question.

They have done such interviews with:
Tamizhisai – BJP's State President, Tamilnadu
T. Rajendar -all-rounder of Tamil Cinema
Seeman – Chief co-ordinator of Naam Tamizhar political party
Vaiko – General secretary of MDMK

In that "Kundakka Mandakka" interview with Vaiko, they gave some wrong information and they apologized for it. Later, they also stopped the Kundakka Mandakka segment, because some viewers started editing this segment and sharing without their disclaimer content which was against media ethics.

News with Chutti Arvind

They give different news of the day in this segment. Initially it was for 7 and half minutes, then shortened to 5 minutes and named this segment as "Aanadhu aachu anju nimisham". Video memes of the news was special to this segment. In this show, Chutti Arvind appeared as a different character and reacted to the news as per the character. His Naatamai character was good and had good reach whereas "News with Kudikaran" was irritating.


This was also a short segment, not exceeding 3 minutes. They Gave 3 news of that day in this segment:
  1. Attu- Bad or stupid thing that happened on that day
  2. Reveetu- News that was resulted in reaction of something happened in past.
  3. Salute- Good news that deserves salute.

This was a quickest review of the day.


This was a game segment. A guest was invited and a game was conducted with them, like asking questions and giving penalties for wrong answers. This was the only segment in that show, not related to any news. It helped in recognizing talents from other media channels. This segment helped in understanding that there are different YouTube channels, which were considered as rivals of each other, yet having an healthy relationship. It was a treat to see them together on screen.

Avana Nee

This segment did not exceed 3 minutes. Viki had to give statements given by the politician celebrity or media celebrity and Vignesh had to find that person. Initially Viki and Vignesh hosted this show, then on the last few days, Kalai replaced Viki. All the three were good. More than the statements, these guys' clues were funny.

Sir post

Wow - this was my favourite segment of the show! Here RJ Vignesh had written letters to celebrities with any two of his team. Mostly it was with Chutti Arvind and Karthik. Sometimes, Chutti Arvind was replaced with Dude Viki. They talked about the news related to a celebrity, and wrote in a way, asking them questions, making requests and giving advice to them. Letter to +2 students was remarkable. All other letters were also supposed to be inscribed on rock for history. They talk reality and raised right questions which, many scared to ask them directly. I wish, at least one celebrity would write back a letter to Smile Settai, answering their questions.


Requesting Actor Vishal not to take part in Lorry Union Election, Inviting Subramanya Swamy for a Marriage, connecting Mallaya's loan with SBI's additional charges on customers and Poetic letter to Kamalhassan were uppermost in humour. Karthi's reactions in this segment was unforgettable.

Big News - point to point

This segment of the show talked about current affairs, which was seriously spoken and the news that needed to be given more attention. One news was there per day and they spoke deep about the content with data, i.e., point to point. For example, if the news was about a strike, they gave entire detail about the strike like

  • Who initiated the strike

  • People for it

  • People against it

  • What was the stand of the Government for that strike

  • Purpose of the strike

  • What will happen if the strike continues

Also, they concluded the segment everyday by suggesting what possible steps could be taken to resolve the issue.


This segment was informative and brought various crucial things to limelight and they made decisive presentation on such big news. Viki and Vignesh hosted this segment. Viki presented the News, where Vignesh asked the doubts that arise in our mind and again Viki answered to it. Viki was already popular with Viki leaks program, still this show made him more popular and great fan following for his beard.

Sundry segments

Towards the end of the season, they started casting their bloopers in the place of few other segments; that was funny and gave us a clear picture to understand the hardship behind their big success. Big boss at Smile Settai shown the dedication of their team. On the final day of the Settai Night Show, they introduced each one of their team and acknowledged them with their contribution in that show. They aired their birthday celebration - it is true that when joy is shared, it gets multiplied.

Words from my heart

This team really did a great job in bringing up daily news and presenting it in a pleasing way to reach people. There are many news channels available, still they stay distinguished with their credibility. At the end of this season, many viewers got hooked up to this team, and felt like a family, just like me. That might be the reason I too rejoiced in their celebration. It was also known from their subscribe videos, by their subscribers, that how well people are getting attached to this team and show. Smile Settai team promised that they will continue this night show and so we are waiting for the next season.

Expectation/Suggestion: I would suggest them to add subtitles, so that people who do not understand Tamil will also enjoy their News treat, because they not only talk about Tamil Nadu, but also gives updates on Indian politics.

Their videos are viral on YouTube and Facebook. If anyone has not seen their videos, search in YouTube with the key word "Settai night show". They were already famous for talk marathon and this was their show marathon for 22 days.

Image sources:
Settai night show promo image: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C-gEdeKWAAQ9Chv.jpg

Big news image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/o2f5Y4JfaNU/maxresdefault.jpg

Sir post Image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZDqcRtzveME/maxresdefault.jpg

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