East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh - A visitor's Paradise.

East Godavari District is a part of Andhra Pradesh State. A very vast area and very fertile lands. The roads very well laid and lot of greenery on both sides of the road with canals through out the side of the road. Kakinada, a smart city, is the capital of this district. This article gives the details of various places worth seeing.


East Godavari District is a part of Andhra Pradesh State. It is a very thickly populated district. The fields are very fertile here and it is the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh. The whole District is full of greenery. All the places of this District are having very well laid roads and canals on the side of the roads. The District is full with paddy fields. Cane sugar fields, coconut gardens and mango gardens. Kakinada, a smart city, is the capital of this district. Kakinada is a very well planned quiet and calm city. It is very well known as senior citizen's paradise. Rajahmundry is the business capital of this district. Both the cities are having very good hotels at reasonable rates. Both have very good restaurants which serve a very tasty food. Both these cities are very well connected with all over the state and all important places of South India by road, railway and air. All-important places in this district can be reached from any one of these two towns by bus or taxi. There are many pilgrim places across the district.

The following are the interesting places in this district.

Important Places

There are many important places to visit. Some of them are described below. It is not a full list of places.


Kakinada beach, Uppada beach, Hope Island and Bhava Narayana Swamy temple are the places to be visited in this city. Hope Island is to be reached by a boat. Bhava Narayana swamy temple is a very famous temple and one should visit without fail. There is a place called Revuru where Shirdi Sai temple is very famous.


Papikondalu, Sir Arthur cotton barrage, Iskan temple are places to be visited. Papikondalu is to be approached by boat in Godavari River. During this sailing you will enjoy so many islands with greenery. Sir Arthur Cotton is the man behind the development of this district. His construction of Barrage at Dowlaiswaram is made these places very fertile. The barrage is named after him. Nurseries in Kadiyam are awesome and one should miss it. If somebody is interested in forest visit, they should visit the agency area,

Kona Seema

This is a very beautiful part of this district. The speciality of this area is two sides of this place are covered by Godavari River. Godavari divides into two parts by names Gowthami and Vasishta. From Rajahmundry they take two different routes before they merge in sea. The area in between these two is Kona Seema. The villages are beautiful. Roads are well laid. Both sides of the road water canals, Green fields are worth seeing. It is a real heaven to be seen. Awesome appearance and feel like staying there forever.


The deity here is Siddi Vinayaka Swamy. The temple is a very old temple. People around this part of the district believe that if you visit this place once your wishes will be fulfilled. The visitors promise to visit the place again if their wishes are fulfilled. Temple is worth seeing.


This place is having very beautiful greenery and more pilgrims will visit this place to enjoy the natural beauty and views from the temple top. Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy is the deity here. This place attracts huge crowds. The people believe that the shrine here will give all the boons whatever you wanted. Special attraction of this place is the prasadam. It has a unique taste which attracts many people.


This place is known as Kashi of South. This place is situated in the interior part of East Coast. Neelakanteshwara Swamy is the deity here. It is believed that Brahma has performed Rudra Yaga here. The Godavari River gets merged with sea in this place. A holy dip here is supposed to remove all sins done by the individuals.


Venkateswara Swamy is the deity here. Very well read Brahmins were performing puja here. In olden days this place used to attract very big crowds. Very well build temple with rich history of the place.


It is one of the Pancharamas. It is also one of the 18 Sakthi Pithas. This place is very famous as siva kshetra and sakthi kshetra. Lord Bhimeswara Swamy and Manikyamba are the main deities here.


It is a Vaishnava kshetram. A very good temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu Avataram. It is a place where God immediately fulfils the wanting of the visitors. Here the deity is Satvika Narasimha Swamy and Lakshmi Devi.


This is a small town very near to Kakinada. It is very famous as a pilgrim Centre. There is a very old temple with various shrines of Sri Puruhutika Devi, Sri Kukkuteswara Swamy, Sri Dattatreya Swamy and Padagaya. This is one of the 18 Shakti Pithas. It is believed that left hand of Sati Devi has fallen in this place and she is known as Puruhutika Devi


This place is situated between two divisions of River Godavari known as Vashistha and Gowthami. The temple is for Lord Jagan Mohini Chennakesava Swami. The shrine here is Kesava Swamy on front side and Jagan Mohini on the rear side. This place is supposed to be the place where Lord Vishnu killed Bhasmasura.


This is one of the Pancharamas. The deity here is Kumararama Bheemeshwara Swamy. In normal days much devotees are not here but on important festivals huge crowds will be here. This place is just 10 Km from Kakinada.


East Godavari District is a very beautiful area with lots of greenery around. Coconut trees and mango trees are very high in number here. One should visit this district at least once. When you visit these places don't forget to taste meals at Subbaiah's Hotel and Kotaiah Kaja at Kakinada. Similarly Tapeswaram Kaja and Rajahmundry Palakova are to be tasted at Rajahmundry. One will get delighted to see the beautiful places and greenery of Kona Seema.

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