Murder in the College

A student needs a peaceful and healthy atmosphere in any institution to give his best in studies. An untoward incident disturbs his mind and especially if it is a tragedy of the college principal being murdered in his chamber. This is a story which narrates how a tragic incident leaves a big scar in his life.

The following story is a pure imagination of the author and should be treated as a casual story.

Life was so far good to me. I had the most wonderful parents and two lovely sisters. So to say we were a complete and most importantly a happy family. I also had passed my H.S exam with flying colors from college. And now I was beginning to enjoy a carefree life from the clutches of hostel wardens that I was used to since my childhood. In our village, generally a college going student is considered a learned person and in their opinion in any matters were respected if not obligatory. And I really felt proud of myself that I had reached such a status in our locality. Such tradition had though evolved recently (since there were hardly any graduates in our village). But, life has its own plan where we are just a puppet dancing to the tunes of it. It all happened in a blink of eye that almost shattered my dreams of graduating with honours in economics.

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon in the month of Nov, 2007. First semester exams were approaching and I was in no mood to lose my reputation of losing the tag of best student in our college. After a simple lunch I was having a nap in my tiny rented room some 800 odd yards from my college campus when suddenly I woke up to the buzzzz!!!! of my Nokia phone. It was the G.S (General Secretary) of our college, Mr. Yuvraj asking me to be present quickly in the college premises. Our college was recently plagued with the problem of appointing a permanent Principal after the retirement of the then Principal Dr. P.C Nag. If rumors were to be believed there was a conspiracy going on within the teaching staff of appointing a new Principal according to their choice. Nevertheless, it was not a big concern for me. Honestly, I was not at all interested in taking part in union activities but I was a good friend of our G.S so I halfheartedly set out to meet him. However, when I reached the campus I was spell bound by the presence of so many police man and anxious crowd thronging the main college road. Now , I was eager to meet Yuvraj to find the answer as to why were the people heading towards of college? what was the need of so many policeman?. My eagerness to know only increased as I found it hard to locate Yuvraj. I looked for him and there he was a tall man with robust physic yet he looked grimy and disturbed, a look I had never seen in his face. I asked asked him,
"Hey whats the matter, why are these people in our Campus" ? He replied,
"Our principal is dead"

At that moment I was dumb struct. I could not utter a word. Many questions ran through my mind- who would kill our Principal? a man seemingly with no visible enemies. And why would anybody kill him as he was not only respected in our college but also the entire locality admired his honest effort to make our YB college an ideal institute for higher studies. But the fact was that our beloved principal was killed cold blooded in his chamber. A bullet was shot right on his forehead.

Now, the real testing time lay ahead of us. The S.P of Simla police station detained few teaching and non-teaching staff along with the student union body members for questioning. A CCTV footage in the principal's office had shown few students including me arguing with the principal a week ago. It was regarding the College Week fund which the teachers in-charge were reluctant to spent adequately and the argument had nothing to do against the principal. However, we had a hard along with few of my friends Ranbir, Deepk, Yuvraj, Gopal and Harry were picked up on the next day. It was the most frightening incident of my life, my worst nightmare. Imagine getting into a police jeep like a culprit with men in khaki guarding you for no reason and taken to the police station. What could be a more horrifying experience than this! I was emotionally strong as most of my friends say but that moment was a chilling experience.

Though we were released that late night because of the protests organised by the local students union bodies the memory of that incident still haunts me.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao08 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

It is true. It is really a bad experience to go to police custody for no fault of us that too when we are in our late teens. Even though the story is a imaginary, I like the way you narrated the story.
A similar experience I had. One of my friend's brother was studying in Hyderabad. One day he had not returned back to his room in the evening. On that day there was a very big gathering near assembly and students were agitating for some fee reduction or so. Many students were arrested. One or more students died in the agitation. The room mate informed my friend. Immediately he came to me and he was under tremendous pressure. We both reached Hyderabad. Both of us were praying that his brother should not be one who died. Where to search or how to inquire? But luck was on our side. One of the friends of that boy came and told us that he had seen the boy while police were taking him to the station, when they both where standing near Nallakunta bus stop. The actual problem happened near assembly but the police took this boy from Nallakunta which I failed to understand. We both met a lawyer and asked him. He was a very famous lawyer. He told us that the government is very serious. So they advised the police to put as many students as possible under custody. So it happened that many innocents were sent to jail. Somehow we obtained the bail and brought him out. When that boy was coming out from the cell I still remember his face. He came out, started weeping by hugging his brother. Really it was a nightmare for that boy.
The author narrated the story well and made me to share my experience.

Author: Vimal Sir08 Jul 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Thank you sir for your response. I have recently debuted in India study channel and I am glad that my story is appreciated.

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