University Life: Tragedy Untold

It is hard for someone pursuing post graduation and still dependent on parents' guidance and more importantly finance, to lose his Parents midway. The story unveils the tragedy in a person's life which almost derailed the track of his life, yet has a happy ending.

About the Author
The author has completed his masters in economics and writing stories is one of his hobbies. The following story is one of his works of fiction. The author is in the 'city of Joy', Kolkata and during one of the rainy summer days created this engaging story.

It is the 20th June 2017 and as I looked out of the window I could see the sky tar-black and the gigantic clouds hovering towards me. If you are in Kolkata you could feel the rain Gods making its way towards the heartland of West Bengal. Yes the onset of monsoon is such dramatic. And I being an introvert, loves to sit back and recollect amidst such hue and cry about my past life. It is rightly said, 'Life is an interesting journey' you never know where it takes you. Yesterday I was a boy of nine wondering how the life of an adult would be?. I envied the freedom of my cousins being able to ride bikes, go to movies and have girlfriend. And today I was an adult myself and by the grace of God working in the department of the Home Ministry of India. Money is no more a big matter for me as I get decent salary with respectable savings to begin a family life but this incident which I am going to narrate is about the incident that occurred to me 5 years back when I was pursuing PG in economics from reputed University.
Someone has said 'Life is great to the optimist' and yes we make of life as believe it to be. I was one of the most optimist guy among my peers. Some say I even opined regarding the menace of rising number of drunkards in our village and be positive about the outcome. But as I said we are just a puppet in the hands of so to say our destiny, we are made to dance to the tune of it. I was a happy lad and enjoyed everything that I did. I had recently graduated with honours in economics and joined masters in economics as I was interested in teaching. However, everything was not a walk on the bed of roses. As it is said 'Man proposes and God disposes' so it literally happened with my life. I was in my PG room browsing through some class notes during the early hours of Sunday morning when suddenly my smartphone buzzed. It was from an unknown number. When I responded, the male voice asked me,
"Hello is this Roshan ?"
I said "Yes, may I know you"
The voice replied, "I am inspector Ramesh speaking, Please come to the Guwahati Railway station, you need to see something very urgent"

Honestly, I was very hesitant to go and I believe everyone will as well. After sometime I took tea with snacks and set out for Paltan Bazzar (Guwahati Railway Station is in Paltan Bazzan area). When I reached the station the atmosphere over there was as usual it was crowded and lot of chaos with many beggars sleeping on the platform while some of them already beginning with their day to day business. Mind you the stench in some parts of the station is unbearable. Anyway, I called up the number that had called me and when he picked up I was told to go to the RPF office which was no more than a few yards now. Once in the room I was offered a seat and made to relax. It was a totally new experience for me to seat among the man in uniform. Yet I bore the feeling of uneasiness with utmost maturity. The next moment a senior officer entered the room and he asked me,
"Where do you live, and what do you do?"
I replied "I live in Maligaon, am doing masters degree at Guwahati University"
"My dear, did you expect someone this morning to visit you?" He asked me. That moment I realized my mom and dad were suppose to come but they were suppose arrive in the afternoon.
So I replied " My parents will come in the afternoon by Intercity"
The officer replied "I am so sorry I think your parents met with an accident this morning. Now they are in Guwahati Medical College. You need to see them. We found your number from their moblie."
Words cannot describe how I felt that moment and I was speechless unable to cry only the heart was burning life a fame inside me. As I write tears flow out my eyes...Haa I need some air. Sorry for letting out my emotions unnecessarily. But such is the loss of someone so dear to you I hope you Understand.
After sometime I was escorted by some policeman to GMC where my father were battling for life but my mother had already passed way. I could not see the face of my mother as I passed out and everything went black. Later my father too passed away that evening.

I had dealt with lot of odds in life. Staying in missionary hostels when I was in the school had made me strong emotionally but the loss of my parents was not what I was ready for. I began to become more solitary, aggressive and rude. Though this behavior of mine fetched me my soul mate. She is non other than my classmate, Sajaal (I lovingly call her Sweety) - humorous, gorgeous, intelligent and most importantly with a big heart. In fact I had a crush on her when I first saw her during our admission but never had the guts to propose her. But my present state of mind had drawn her attention. She began to talk to me about various topics and persuaded me to forget the past gradually. She was a blessing in my life. Slowly we became very good friends and lovers as well.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao10 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

A good story. Man proposes and God disposes. This is the irony of life. Losing parents at a time is really unbearable. But blessing in disguise is meeting a person who really understood the man and took care of him for the remaining life time. The narration was good.
As the life becomes harder the person becomes much more harder and will get prepared for the worst.
My father was studying intermediate. His parents and two brothers were living in a village. Every holiday he was coming and seeing the parents and going back to college. The family was in financial crisis. One Saturday night he came to the village. He was shocked to see that his mother was sitting outside the house with two brothers and dead body of his father. The scene would have made lot of impact. A boy of 16 years who was studying intermediate had to take care of his family. One can understand the agony of my father at that moment. However God is great. With his cautious approach, by discontinuing the studies and joining in a small private company he has taken care of the family. When I heard this from my father I got shocked and I had no words to appreciate him for his good work.

The author of the story has reminded me my father's experience and I thought I can share it.

Author: Vimal Sir10 Jul 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Good to see same type of experience being experienced by the readers. Losing parents midway is not what anyone wants in life, especially when you are still not independent.
Hope my story interests one and all so that I am encouraged to contribute more in this forum.

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