My first experience in the clinic

In this essay, I have explained how I felt in the clinic near our home. The atmosphere seemed to be really different from the other places I visited. But, yet I remember that moment when I felt really excited for short time.

Today, when I visit any clinic, I do not feel nervous as I have adjusted to the environment of the clinic. I know that if I visit a doctor, I can feel better and get relieved from my illness. But when I visited the clinic for the first time, I was not familiarized with the atmosphere, and I really felt anxious. But today, when I recall the incident, I really laugh at myself.

On entering the clinic

I was just three years old when I fell ill and I could not recover from fever even after three days. So, my parents were worried and met with appointment with our family doctor. I was not eating anything as I did not feel hungry. I do not remember those days clearly, but I only remember that I was very nervous at the clinic. Then, I was seated in the car and my parents took me to the children's clinic.

Scene in the hospital

When I entered the clinic, I saw a large entrance hall where the other patients were seated. Most of the children were crying loudly and so I too began crying loudly. Then a nurse came to the room and gave us some toys. Then for sometime, I comfortably sat on the toy horse and began swindling up and down. When, I became absorbed in my play, I remember that my name was called out. Then my parents accompanied me to the doctors chamber. In the chamber, many medical equipment were kept that looked terrible. I began to feel really nervous and my heart was beating fast. Then I only remember that my parents began conversation with the doctor. The doctor finally said that I was supposed to be injected once. When I heard the words of the doctor, I began crying loudly that the patients who were waiting on the bench could properly hear.

My fear for injection

I clearly remember that I tried to run away from the room when I was told to lay down on the couch. Three nurses who were waiting at the entrance caught me and made me sit down on the couch properly. They even held my hand until doctor arrived in the room with a syringe. Then my father comforted me by saying that injection is just like a small insect bite. The pain just vanishes after sometime. I was crying loudly yet, and the doctor came to me with his syringe and slowly inserted the syringe needle in my skin on my upper arm. I felt slightly uncomfortable and soon he took away the syringe from the skin and covered the place with a cotton ball. The process was too quick although I experienced a slight pain. When I came out of the room, I realized that I cried too much necessarily just for a little pain.

After injection

I narrated my experience to my father and he too began laughing. We reached home and I was fed with tablets. Then I remember that my mother had prepared warm rice with ghee and pickle. I ate it comfortably, then I began feeling sleepy. Then I went to my bed and immediately went to sleep.


Author: Umesh07 Aug 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Entering a hospital or clinic for a child is a fearful proposition. He is afraid that he will be forced to accept a syringe in his arm or asked to lay down and someone examines him with various tools or gadget in the hand.

The article is well written and is really an amusing reading not only for children but the adults also.

The psychology of children is totally different from the elders and to understand their feelings we have to bend down to their levels not physically but mentally.

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