Career guidance: Role of Teachers and Parents

With the emerging competition everywhere, students are so confused of deciding their career. All of us, teachers and parents in particular have an important role to play to lend a helping hand to encourage their interests and identifying their skills and to provide proper guidance to realise their dreams. An attempt is made here to discuss their role in the career guidance of a child.


Teachers and parents have their critical role in nurturing the child to face the challenges of their future and particularly in opting their career. Instead of putting pressure on them, we can inculcate certain habits of reading and writing so that they slowly get conversant with the competitive world. Unfortunately, today's parent has no time to devote for his child and depends on a tutor or a coaching institute to get the child geared up for the future battle. Our education system has been made to transform into such a competitive mode that the poor kid has to face his first challenge to get a seat in LKG in a reputed school. Parents become so comfortable and happier to share their experience of getting the admission into LKG for their ward by influence and expenditure.

Choosing a right career a problem for many

When Gopala Krishna Ronanki, the 3rd ranker in Civil services Examination 2016 can do it with determination, why can't the students today achieve their targets? A daily agricultural labourer's son became a school teacher first and made up his mind to become an IAS officer and struggled for 10 years to achieve his dream. Isn't it an inspiring one to work out how to mould one's career? Where is the lacuna – in the system or the line of thinking of parents and teachers?

It would be surprising to know a B Tech Final Year student is confused of what to do after completion of the course and in a dilemma as whether he can go for MBA or M Tech. A student who is in his/her XII standard is totally under pressure to choose an option among Engineering, Medicine, Science and Humanities. A poor parent goes here and there to chalk out the future plan of his son after completing class X or SSC. Those who are undergoing the professional courses like Engineering are also not sure of their career prospects and this state of affairs continues everywhere in the country.

Choosing a right career is an important decision in life and there is a need for the teachers to be able to offer a good advice in consultation with professionals and other specialists, if necessary. Parents and teachers should keep it in mind that the child should not be influenced by the socio-economic parameters such as poverty which do not determine a child's destiny.

How parents are to be involved in a child's career growth?

A parent's is most crucial in the career growth of a child as their regular interaction would make them understand their child's ambition, dream and aspirations. It is very important to identify it at an early stage instead of pressurizing them to work on the lines of the parental desires. Rather parent should not influence the child with continuous pampering about what others have achieved and work as a guiding force for their growth in academics and exploring their hidden talent. Dreaming and visualizing their future goal is always quite welcome but children should be encouraged to achieve their goal with hard work and proper planning, here comes the involvement of a parent to get the kick-start well.

Make it compulsory to read the daily news paper, preferably an English edition, and spend some time to discuss with them the current affairs and news related to sports and entertainment. This helps to generate interest in paper reading and the reviews on sports and entertainment make them to get familiar with the language. Try to understand their interests and hobbies. If someone is interested in painting and drawing, provide them the requisite infrastructure and encourage so that they would mould themselves into a perfect artiste as inborn talent is to be polished well. Everyone prefers practical high earning occupations due to family and society influence and career in arts, music and drama are very often neglected as the society gives a different perspective to these areas.

It would be ideal to have good interactions with those who are currently doing the course/working in the career area and a parent should search for them and introduce him/her to his son/daughter. This would help them to have a pen-picture about the course/job and the career prospects.

Role of teachers in guiding the students in choosing their career

Conduct quiz programmes in the class rooms on each subject on weekly basis so that they would get thorough knowledge on the topic being taught to them. General Knowledge and current affairs should be taught at regular intervals, not just as a subject but to generate interest in them so that they would be habituated to learn the daily happenings. For example, a discussion on President's election to be held in July'17 would automatically lead to understand about the role of President, his term and how he gets elected.

Though the teachers are not expected to be careers guidance professionals, they have the responsibility to guide them properly at the initial stage itself. Teachers should train the students in such a way that they get self-awareness and recognize their own potential to develop their inherent skills.

For example, a teacher can motivate a student by giving proper inputs to know how to become a Collector as many of them have such future aspirations. The motivation should be in such a way that they should be taught that it is not a difficult task to achieve but the approach that needed is more important.

Regular educational tours, interactive sessions with prominent persons and making available good study material on various subjects and current affairs in the Library will also help the students in a better understanding of their future path and opting a good career. Career counselling should be made mandatory at various important milestones like Class IX, X, XII and in UG courses. They should be geared up to face the challenges of the competitive world and should be given a broader idea about various jobs and their importance. Not only that, how to make it is another guiding factor for the students as many of them are not exposed to the outside world practically.

Students may be confused of their career choice or a bad decision may be taken and the role of a teacher is to guide them to choose a right path. Unfortunately, the Techno-school concepts made everyone to go for professional courses in Premier institutions and the career appears to be dark when they miss the the bus. Then there is a need to motivate the student that it is not the end of the road and other options like CA, MBA and Journalism would be far fetching, if devoted properly.

Wrap up

The role of parents and teachers in the choice of career-making for the children has the positive and the negative aspects of influencing the children to make career in what they are not made for and they should take a lead role to nurture the child properly to make them understand how to choose a good career. Parents wish for a child may be different, while the child opts some other one; Let it be, give him a chance in choosing his career of interest.

Article by Jagdish Patro
Jagdish Patro is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to ISC and other websites. Fond of reading books, novels and spends his leisure time by listening to music. He did his B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and his M.Sc in Resource Development Technology. He edited and published an in-house monthly journal by name ‘Srujana’ during 2009-2011 which was totally a private circulation.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao16 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A very good article by Mr.Jagdish Patro and he has very clearly shown in this article how important is the guidance of parents and teachers in deciding their career of the children.
Nowadays parents are very greedy and they want to decide everything about their children. But in doing so they are forgetting the importance of the ability and interests of their wards. If the child wants to study Engineering, the parents force him to go for other course. Then the child can't concentrate and chances of becoming a failure are there. So parents and teachers should see the interest of the child and advise him accordingly. Mentor them and motivate them but never force them. Then they would do maximum hard work and excel to the best of their abilities.

Author: Anauj16 Aug 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

The competition is such that parents have to rely on tutors and coaching centres. The child gets a better foundation, academically, something the parent cannot provide. So, in that respect, I would think it's wrong to state that parents have no time to devote to their children. Most parents aim to provide the best opportunities to their children.

Parents should encourage conversations, so the children are able to discuss their inner most feelings with them. I have heard many people suggest reading the newspaper. This activity can help if it is followed by discussions at home, at dinner time, perhaps. If the child is forced to read, it can seem like a punishment. I remember my parents encouraging discussions. Dinner time was always about what was happening around the world.

Parents must provide their children with the right exposure as it can provide great learning experiences. And yes, parents must let their children follow their heart. There is no shame in not studying PCM or PCB. There are opportunities galore in other fields of studies too. This is something for parents to understand, only then will they stop pushing their children into becoming engineers and doctors.

Author: Nilesh18 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very nice article by the author indeed. It will be really helpful for children to decide their future.

These days, most of the children are doing what their friends do. They follow their friends blindly without thinking what is good or bad for them. They don't realise that the people whom they call their best friends, won't even be a part of their life in coming years. Parents and teachers have this duty to make children realise this harsh but true reality of life. Guide children in such a way that they are able to understand about their own interests, what really makes them happy and what is actually good for them. Then they will be able to choose a path which is good for them in their own way.

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