Drawing competition in my school

In this essay, I want to narrate about my interesting experience of drawing competition in school. I remember this day because I was able to see colors everywhere and the art of drawing of every student that really amazed me. Our classroom looked really colorful on that day.

Our school principal came to our class during the last period and announced something interesting. She told us that a drawing competition was held in the school, the next day and all the students were instructed to get a piece of A4 size paper and colours. She also told us that on completion of drawing, we would return home. We all were overjoyed and were excited to draw something out of our creativity.

Drawing competition for the next day

When I went home, I began practising to draw something and finally thought of a plan. I packed a drawing sheet and large crayons in my bag that was required for drawing. Then, I entered my classroom and I saw that my teacher was present in the classroom instructing the helper to clean the classroom. The classroom then looked really fine and neat. Then, we were instructed to sit down in our places. Everybody took out their paper sheets from their bags and laid crayons on the desk. The classroom really looked colourful with several crayon boxes on the table. On the wall besides the blackboard, a picture drawn by our seniors was stuck on the wall.

Before the competition

We were chatting with each other and some of them in our classes were singing. Then our teacher told us to stand and say our prayers before beginning the contest. So, we all stood up and and said our prayers "Angel of God, my guardian here". Then, we were seated in our places and took out our compass boxes.

During the competition

Then I removed a large pencil from my bag and first began drawing a sketch of a beautiful scenery. I always loved drawing a scenery as I feel really blissful when I look at the nature around. My grandparents live in a valley that is surrounded by beautiful nature and I just love the place dearly. The scenery that I drew related to the scenery that surrounds my grandparent's place. I first drew mountains that are located far away from the place and the valley that lies in the midst of the mountains. Then I drew a pretty small house below that is surrounded by a little garden and a coconut tree. My imagination even grew stronger to design a small gate in front of the home. Then, I remember that turnip fields were located near my grandparent's place. Then in the small region at the corner of the page I began drawing turnip plants and a square area of the field. Some portion of the page was left empty. So, an idea flashed in my mind to draw a little pond in that area and drew little plants surrounding the pond along with tiny flowers. I was so absorbed in my own ideas that I did not look around me. I then opened a large crayon box that comprised of several colours. They look beautiful with different shades. My grandparent's brought me this crayon box from U.K. when they went to visit my aunt.

I first took the sky blue colour to colour the beautiful sky. Then I took the black crayon and drew birds flying in the sky. After colouring the sky, then I wanted to colour the mountains. So, I took out a brown coloured crayon from the box and began colouring the mountains. Some portion was left blank and I filled the portion with green colour to represent the grass that grew during rains. Then, by taking out the deep green colour I began colouring the turnip plants and the leaves of the coconut tree and the other plants in the garden. Every green colour was coloured in a different way to present different shades. I coloured the house colour with mix of dark pink and dark brown colour. Then, I coloured the gate with grey colour. I coloured the pond first with light blue colour, then I applied a light shade of green. The colour of the pond just looked amazing then. When I filled colours everywhere, then I wanted to give a shading effect. So, everywhere I began adding a deep colour with respect to their colours. I coloured with mountains more dark from the sides and so on. Just with crayons, I began drawing grass everywhere along with tiny flowers with different colours such as pink, yellow, violet, purple, and red. When I completed my drawing, I look around everywhere and saw different drawings on different paper. Some students drew a scenery like me, whereas some students drew flower pots. Some students drew a playground, some students drew festivals. The classroom seemed to be so colourful that I forgot that it was a place to study so seriously.

Then, our class teacher came and collected our sheets and we put back crayons into our bags, packed our bags and returned homes. In the afternoon, I slept peacefully and spent rest of the day in a relaxing manner as home work was not assigned by our teacher. Next day, early in the morning in the assembly, the winners of the contest were announced and I won first prize for our batch.


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