How to find out whether the honey is genuine or fake

Honey is the cure of all diseases. Honey is the Natural Energy booster in our body and also helps to increase your immunity systems and is a brain booster. Honey is one of the most contaminated products, though. If you think that you can live healthy and get naturally available items, there are also false ones. Let's see how to find it.

Honey is a balanced diet and equal power to supply all parts in all age's group. It has a high level of fructose, glucose and honey is sweeter than sugar. At room temperature honey never spoils. Honey should not be placed in the refrigerator. Honey will have more vitamins and minerals as reaction products. In ancient period, Egypt was the source for honey in food and medicine. Egyptians used to even put a box full of honey with a buried dead body.

The easiest way to detect is:

Experiment 1

Take a little honey on your fingers and rub it. The actual honey is easily absorbed into the skin. Maybe if you have honey in your hand then it is not real honey. It contains sugar or artificially flavored ingredients.

Experiment 2

If the honey is put in the oven, the density decreases and melts. It is better to warm up. If the oven is cleaned, it will reach the old density for a few hours. If it is contaminated, you will not get lost density.

Experiment 3

Take a little honey and leave it on paper. The real honey is denser. So it will not be absorbed by paper. Fake honey is so high that it is easily absorbed by paper.

Experiment 4

If some drops of honey are dropped in the water, the actual honey goes to the bottom of the bottle. Because fake honey contains water, it will dissolve in half.

Experiment 5

If you put honey on bread, if it is a thick layer, it's a real honey. The actual honey may be as thick as any number of days. But the fake honey starts off its water.

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