Who will listen to her complaint?

A mining company started its operation in the jungle forcing most of the animals to leave. But she has to feed her young cub. What is the solution? What are the repurcussions of her decision? Read to know more......

Even two years ago the jungle was full of wild animals. There were plenty of deer, hare, wild buffaloes and other herbivorous animals. There was no dearth of food. However last year a company started mining in the forest. The trees were cut mercilessly and after the commencement of mining activities, the sound and pollution forced many animals to leave that forest.

She does not know all such complex things. She has recently given birth to three cubs. Her immediate priority is to arrange food for her three beautiful cubs. For the last three days, she did not get any food. Her cubs are becoming weak. She is now desperate and very slowly starts to move towards the outskirt of the jungle though she has avoided those two-legged animals so far. She knows that these weak two-legged animals have a big stick which emits fire. She had earlier seen that some of her friends and companions died when those sticks emitted fire. She is afraid of those two-legged animals but now she is forced to go near their place. She knows that these two-legged animals keep cows and buffaloes in big sheds. If she can enter that room where the cows and buffaloes are kept, sufficient food will be arranged for her three cubs.

Slowly, very slowly, she reaches at the outskirt of the village. She keeps her three cubs carefully hidden behind a big boulder. She waits patiently. Evening arrives. The sound from the village of the two-legged animals stops. Stealthily she comes out behind the boulder and very slowly reaches near the place where cows and buffaloes are kept, Very silently she reaches near the cowshed and within a few second she enters the cowshed. She hits the nearest cow, kills it and carries it to the bolder. The entire action takes only two to three minutes.

But she is very cautious. She does not allow her cubs to start eating there. She forces them to go at least two kilometers inside the jungle. She herself carries the dead cow.

Now she has been watching contently her cubs feeding on the dead cow. But suddenly, she becomes conscious. Sound is coming from village. Is it possible that those two-legged animals start searching that cow? She takes quick action. She hids the remains of the dead cow with leafs and branches of the trees and starts moving further away from the caracass.

She reaches the cave and hids inside it with her cubs. Now she feels relieved. The cubs are now safe. But her relief is very short-lived. Those two-legged animals start coming towards the cave. Most probably they have found her footprints. But even then she is safe inside the cave. The men reaches near the cave. They are carrying two or three guns, bows & arrows and other weapons. They surround the cave. Suddenly one of her cubs comes out from the cave. As it never saw human beings earlier, it is naturally curious. As soon as it comes out from the safe darkness of the cave, a man spots it and opens fire with his twelve-bore gun. The cub instantly dies.

She is angry, she is sad. She comes out roaring to avenge the death of her child. But how can she fight those guns? She charges towards the man who shot her cub, but immediately two or three shots are fired at her. All shots hit her in vital places of her body. She falls down; excruciating pain overcomes her.
While dying, the tigress looks towards the afternoon Sun. She raises her paws towards the sky as if she is complaining to the Almighty. As if she is asking:"What is my fault? If there is no food in the forest, how can I feed my cubs?"

Alas! No one listens to the complaint of the hapless tigress.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao26 Jul 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good story. The deforestation is indirectly making the animal kingdom also vanish. This fact has been brought out in this article by the author.
The two legged animal wants his development and progress and never cares for the environment. He cuts plants mercilessly and he don't hesitate to kill the animals also if they are coming on their way. He can kill the animals but one animal can't kill other animals. This selfish nature of the human being also brought out very nicely in this article.
In our childhood days we used to see some small small birds like crows, sparrows, and parrots. But the children of this time may even not know what is a crow and what is a sparrow. He might have seen these birds in books but not on trees. This is happening because of cutting of trees in villages and cities.

As told by our past President Abdul Kalam, if you grow a crow it will leave after some time, if you grow a parrot it will also leave you after some time and same is the case with parrot. But if you grow a tree it will be with you and all the three birds will come back to you. Please don't cut trees and allow the animals and birds to live. This the moral I got out of this article.

Author: Swati Sarnobat28 Jan 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Touching story! From this story, we learn the pains that the animals undergo. If we cause de-forestation then, we should suffer because the animals become hungry. To protect the lives of human beings, we kill them. So, we and the government should both undertake the initiative to protect the environment. If we want to commence any project or undertake any activities, we should think about how best we can protect the natural resources in the process.

Author: Partha K.28 Jan 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Thanks to Dr. Rao and Ms. Sarnobat for reading this story. In this story, I tried to present a man-tiger conflicting relationship from the point of view of a tiger (or, tigress).

As the human-animal conflict is a matter of interest to me, I have been trying to write on this issue in different formats. I would request others to go through the following (long) story about an old man and an old tiger. I am giving the link of the first part:-

https://www.indiastudychannel.com/forum/154698-An-obstinate-old-man-and-an-obstinate-tiger-Part-I.aspx (clickable link is not possible)

Man-animal conflict is an interesting issue which is a subject of research of modern naturalists and zoologists. But the common mass like us should also go through the findings of these research for a better understanding of nature and wild animals.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta01 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Heart touching story narrated by the author. Yes, deforestation is the cause of making wild animals homeless. In recent times we have heard many cases where the tiger/lion has entered the village in search of food and was killed by the people. It's very serious because these are endangered species. On one hand we have made many sanctuaries to conserve them and on the other hand, we are killing them. We human beings are not good as we are selfish and just think of ourselves and not about other creatures which will be the cause of the destruction of the earth one day.

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