Best ways to control our emotions in online interactions

With the Social media making its hype in these days, our online interactions have become more premier than those closed ones in our real life. Whatever be the reasons, our interactions in virtual world have become more serious and sometimes they appear to be crossing the line of fire. Even your cool may lose its weight when the other side intentionally provokes you and some better ways to ignore or deal with such situations are discussed here.


Considering the emotion as a variable, it can't be a scalar with a proper direction but surely we should rate it as a vector which has no direction and uniform variance. When it comes to online interactions in various social networking sites, it can be found at the individual level and also at the level of group participating in the discussion forum. With the advent of social media, our interactions with our friends and relatives have become more regular and always subjected to their credentials.

Those who join in online discussion forums should follow certain norms. Trying to thrust upon their view with a dominating attitude would spoil the harmonious atmosphere and more detrimental to the website. Certain discussion forums resemble as if the proceedings are going-on in a Legislative assembly or Parliament. We very often see the arguments looking like a debate between the ruling and opposition parties. A healthy presentation of our version without losing cool and allowing others to share their opinion would always be ideal and a democratic approach.

Certain arguments look like a legal battle between a Public Prosecutor and Defence Council. As long as the discussions are healthy, it would be more interesting and generate interest among those followers of the discussion. But scenario changes when things go out of control. We can understand this from some celebrities who use Twitter as a medium to share their views on the happenings in the outside world. Some controversial comments spark a row and go viral for heated discussions.

The Myth of online interactions

Today our communication net work has become faster and with the growing hype for the Social media, online interactions have drawn more attention. What could be a better example other than 'The Jalli Kattai' movement which was successful because of a WhatsApp message that sparked off a cultural revolution among Tamil speaking people? The role of collective emotions and converting an opportunity through online for a social cause has really played well in this case.

Online interaction is simply a real time chat mainly based on our capability of putting our thoughts into proper texting. Communication skills too do play a crucial role as social media interaction depends on written emotional expression. They have the power to fire the imagination to work for his better future and elicit emotions in those who are habituated in texting via online media. With the people who are at the helm of affairs also preferring to interact with people through social networking sites, it became more easier to bring the problems to their kind attention and for a viable solution.

Beware of yourself while interacting with people online!

Whether it could be a discussion forum or a message on Twitter, our words reflect our body reflexes and sometimes they signify our anger. We should be more thoughtful in our expressions and always keep in mind about the kinds of situations, people, and events that trigger our anger. It should always better to take more time to prepare on the topic and present them in such a way that they won't affect us in a negative way.

Whoever may be at fault, it is just a resultant of a spur of the moment. Our short temper gives a wrong picture to be a bad guy to everyone else, no matter who is really at fault. After all, online interactions measure our ability and calibre based on our write up not on our physical behaviour.

What to do when you lose your cool during online discussions?

1. When you get really angry, just stay away from the discussion. Then take a break to get some fresh air, or do something else that provides calm and relief. Create a mental and/or physical escape from the situation.

2. It sometimes the other member might utter some unpleasant words in anger or frustration, just leave it thinking that the joke was not meant to hurt you. Think what you would be doing when you suffer from severe head-ache. You may take a pill or apply a balm to get relief and will have some rest. Same is the case here. Ignoring is the better medicine than responding him continually.

3. Don't take it seriously when you are countered by someone online and see the merit in his argument. He may not be good in his language as I said lack of good communication skill, a problem for many. Be humorous as much as possible. It works as a bridge between you and the other person and dilutes the seriousness in the discussion. Moreover it eases the situation and sometimes makes more comfortable to work with them.

4. Try to acknowledge the best and meritorious qualities in those people who always try to counter with you. They have their strong belief about themselves and have the habit of feeling that they are only right and always to be. It may their perception and of course, they are not always wrong. So, just have a word of praise when they do some good, after all, they are not malicious, mean-spirited, or backstabbing. It's perhaps due to be more sensitive and insecure. Better move with them by staying cool.

5. Make it a policy to forget and forgive which is a best medicine used by many during hard times. It gives more mental peace than struggling with such critical people.

6. First look at yourself. Check whether you have gone wrong somewhere during the discussion that led the other member to react. It is better to identify our personal signs of escalating anger and correct it. Third party judgement sometimes helps us, ask a friend or family member. They'll know!

Wrap up

Online interactions are based on our zeal and interest which needs sparing some our valuable time. let us not waste it with petty arguments and should be done in mutual interest. Losing our temper for simple reasons would spoil the atmosphere around and it penetrates into the group as a whole with a lot of distraction. Remember emotions can be self controlled and anger is really a messenger. It indicates that a change is needed in you and work for it. Just it's in your hands!

Article by Jagdish Patro
Jagdish Patro is a freelance writer and a regular contributor to ISC and other websites. Fond of reading books, novels and spends his leisure time by listening to music. He did his B.Sc in Applied Chemistry and his M.Sc in Resource Development Technology. He edited and published an in-house monthly journal by name ‘Srujana’ during 2009-2011 which was totally a private circulation.

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Author: Neelam11 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I agree with the author that one should be aware of online interactions/ discussion, especially when it takes the form of an argument. Many times social media has played a very important role in difficult situations by uniting people but it is also truth that sometimes such platform has also led to violent consequences because of very small arguments. Reading this article made me to think about how I should react on such platforms and about having a discussion on such platforms.

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