Best ways to deal with depression

Are you not interested in taking part in life activities? Do you feel lonely and sad? Are you frustrated and nervous all the time? Do you need some moral supports to combat this illness? Are you in need of help to deal with depression? Read this article to help yourself to come out of depression with hope and positivism to lead a normal life.

Depression overview

Depression is a state of being sad, in a state of low mood; it's a mental disorder of a person. A person suffering from depression shows no interest in work or any other social activities. A depressed person may experience the feelings of emptiness, worthlessness, nervousness, reduced body weight, frustrated, weeping for no reason, having suicidal tendency, guilt, fatigue and show slow movements. Depression may also bring about the changes in eating habits, sleep patterns, shows frustrations and dejection in life and may have suicidal thoughts. The depressed person would have difficulty in concentration and may not be able to recall the events precisely. Some people may suffer from body aches, weakness and may depend on medicines or drugs. Depression may also be due to genetic heredity in which genes would enhance the development of depression.

Causes for depression

For a person to be in the state of depression may be due to varied different reasons. The causes may be due to love failures, dejection in life, debts, loss of business, parental and peer pressures, loss of siblings or near and dear ones, physical and sexual abuse, neglect by the parents, health related problems or diseases, parental fights, alcohol parents, lack of security or support from parents, unable to cope with academics, homeless, natural calamities, separation from parents or siblings, bullying, feeling inferiority complex etc.

Best Ways to deal with depression

Life is beautiful, develop a strong will power to overcome the depression and hope for the best. Life is made up of joys and sorrows. Life has ups and downs. Understand this and prepare mentally well for a speedy recovery to lead a happy life and spread happiness around you. Keep cheerful and be busy. Be in a well ventilated and well lit place/setting. Here are some things that you can think about to become normal.

Do not underestimate yourself

You are an individual, gifted with valuable parts of sense organs to see, think, feel, hear and feel. The parts for working and walking in the form of legs and hands. These organs are the assets with which you can work and build a future for yourself. Each one of us has good qualities within us. So have faith in you, develop inner strength and the power within you to equip yourself, that you can do it.

Keep cross for others comments

You have the ability to think what is right and what is wrong. Yes, if you are drowned in life, everyone would pass comments and criticize. Do not give ears for gossiping. Let them have their own way. But you take this opportunity as challenge and work on, to get over hurdles. Avoid people who are always talking about others. Seek good things in each person. Each individual is different but do possess some or the other good qualities in them.

Work hard for your achievements

Set goals for your success. Have an ambition in life. There are thousands of them across the globe who are worst than you in pathetic conditions. Do feel that you are better, you can make up for a good future with will power, develop confidence, focus your mind that you would help those who are struggling or going thoughts this phase of depression and bring them back to normalcy.

Be positive

Life is a journey of ups and downs .There is no one on the earth who has not faced problems in life. Think positive, see the brighter side of life. Be optimistic and work towards your goal. Avoid thoughts of negative and erase miseries of life. Become determined to achieve your objectives. Do not let go of your dreams and ambitions. Build the future ahead with hope. There is a beautiful life ahead waiting for you. Love your parents, your siblings who care and love you. Understand that they care for you and they love you.
Gardening Brings Joy
Gardening is Rewarding Hobby : Source- jenny


Try your hand in growing plants. This is rewarding work, you would be amazed to see the life growing from a seed and shoot out into plant. Take tips from books or search internet for different kinds of plants what sort of plant to grow flowing/fruits/vegetables/ornamental etc. Growing plants is like nurturing babies, they also need regular caring and monitoring. The rewards for plant caring are in the forms of blooms, fruits/ vegetables, they bring in joys.

Talk to your heart

When you are down in life, you may not like to talk, have any conversation with others. This builds up burden within you and blocks you from expressing. So talk, feel free to talk with a person close to you. Discuss the problems you are facing, with whom you share a bond and resolve to get better. Get help from someone who understands you and guides you, maybe your mother, your siblings, your favorite teacher, good neighbors etc.

Make friends with good people

Move with the children, they are bundles of energy, full of life and spread joy when you interact with them. Strike conversations with the kids they will help to lift your spirits and make you to forget worries. Teach children interesting games or topics of nature and play with them. This gives you joy of sharing and satisfaction of doing something useful. Make good friends with good people and interact with them.

Avoid people whom you don't trust

Keep at a distance with people whom you are uncomfortable or don't trust them. Avoid people with bad motives. They may cause or trigger unnecessary harm or hurt you and cause pain to you. Take care of yourself and be always alert. Be composed.

Meditate to keep your body and mind calm

A very good technique for enhancing concentration in through meditation. Few minutes of silent meditation will keep you at peace mentally. Meditating will calm down your senses and will help in thinking clearly. It relaxes your body reducing the stress. Meditation helps you to concentrate, avoids wandering mind and helps you to focus the mind.

Join sports activity

If you have a passion for any game/sport, then join any sports academy/ a club. This helps you to indulge in the activity and make you to forget the unpleasant things and brooding over things. Bring physical activity into your life. If you love swimming then attend swimming classes. You can try badminton, cricket, football/indoor games such as chess, carom, and table tennis. Physical activity helps you to develop and improve muscle strength balance and coordination of bones. You can also enroll in aerobic exercises. This will help you to keep active and healthy.

Be healthy to avoid illness

To stay fit and to move in life with happiness, health is very important. Eat good food at proper timings. Do not starve, you need energy to carry on with your daily tasks, so eat well and stay fit. Drink plenty of water to keep your system clean to avoid stomach upsets and indigestion. Include greens, fibrous food, fruits and vegetables in your food. Eating a balance food would keep you healthy and free from diseases.

Get adequate rest and sleep

To stay fresh and to be alert in mind, take proper rest and sleep well. Do not exhaust yourself, this may lead to weakness and other health problems may arise. Sleep rejuvenates the body. Do not stay awake for long hours. Disturbed sleep may result in disorientation of mental abilities. You may not be in a position to make decisions properly. Think of pleasant memories and happy times before going to bed so that you will have peaceful sleep and get up fresh in the morning.

Change yourself to adapt to situations

To grow and to live with self esteem and dignity, you need to make changes for yourself. There may be uncomfortable and unsafe conditions around you and posing danger for you, decide and think. You can make changes for yourself and lead a life of good. Get motivated choose the right way and move on.

Get inspiration from nature

Nature provides you with abundant love and inspiration. Look around you, life is at its best. The sky, the Earth, the Sun, Moon, Stars, water, birds and plants belongs to each one of us on this planet. Get inspired from them, live to experience the small moments of joy with nature. Feed or take care of animals. Grow plants and watch birds flying, they bring happiness to you.

Listen to music /dance

Hear songs of your choice. Music soothes your senses, relaxes your mind and gives joys. Hum and sing along with songs. Music provides an outlet for your pent-up emotions and lifts off burden within you. Music is a therapy for you to open your mind. Enroll for dancing classes if it interests you. It will help you to pent out the emotions within you and eases you.

Challenges for mind

Brain is an amazing organ. You can keep your mind occupied regularly by following a time frame. Stimulate your brain to keep it active, by solving puzzles, cross words, su-do-ko, brain teasers, maze puzzles, finding answers for quizzes, matching words, finding meanings for words etc.

Learn to Manage Time

To make use of time wisely, develop hobbies to keep yourself engaged. Learn to do something creative that is of useful to you. If you cannot get ideas to do it yourself/ join hobby classes be it singing, painting, woodwork, pottery, model making, computer graphics, writing, designing, photography, teach children or pursue studies, choose anything that is of interest to you. Learn skill based work that would be handy for life.

Read good books

There are plenty of books available for reading. Reading books keeps you occupied and helps your mind to focus. Choose books of inspiring people, those who have come up in life struggling hard, grab those and read them. Self help books will provide great tips on how to battle depression. They will help you to motivate yourself and widen your knowledge horizon. Ways and means to self help you for betterment of your personality and growth. Make use of them to benefit you. Nothing is impossible be positive and work towards it. Join book clubs. Read the book "Here's help! "by M.R. Kopmeyer which is very helpful to you.

Practice yoga

Yoga exercises help you to bring down the stress and calms the senses by reducing the anxiety. It helps you recover from illness and helps you to stay healthy. It helps you to reduce tension and makes you flexible. The exercise helps you to strengthen your body and mind. It helps you to understand yourself through self-inquiry. So practice it and see how yoga benefits your body for healthy and happy living.

Have faith in almighty

Believe in Almighty, there is someone who would always show a path unseen by us. There is someone who would stand by us at times of crisis to lend a hand pull us out from the situation. The help comes to us from unknown sources. Have faith and pray for goodness.

Take up volunteer work

Break away from the daily chores. Teach underprivileged children. Visit old age homes and talk to old people and listen to them. They feel happy and feel elated that they have some one who listens. Give a helping hand to local animal rescue centers. Visit orphanages, Carry toffees and small gifts for those children, this brings smiles on those kids.

Travel to learn

Visit temple/places of worship or places of interest, like libraries, museums, exhibitions, market places/move out to different places. It helps you to know the way of life of different people. Learn to know the importance of the place and write travelling details, it would be interesting. You can find many online sites where you can post your write ups. Travelling can be an enriching experience and an insight into many aspects learning about the places. Try to learn different languages.

Pet caring

If you are interested in animals choose to take care, be it a dog/cat/fish. They provide you company and help you to reduce stress and anxiety and brings in happiness with their playfulness . They help you to understand life better. Caring for a pet involves in spending time usefully and you get occupied with it. It helps you to know the emotions of life.


There is a way when you choose the right path to lead a life of good and happiness. Find the source, get help and overcome the illness to achieve your goals and your aspirations. If you are unable to cope up, then seek professionals help immediately. Do not hesitate. Do not delay. You can contact and get help from "Life long laugh foundation.
'Make your life beautiful! Reach out to someone else who needs your help!

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Author: Nilesh10 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

A very good article by the author. It was very elaborate and will certainly help people to overcome depression. I feel, happiness is a choice. Failures will always happen to us from time to time and they are bound to make us sad. Sometimes an incident may even cause a person to get depressed. I believe if one really wants to get out of this depression, the first step is to make a choice," yes, I want to be happy". One should self analyse that what he/she is getting by staying sad all the time; one should talk to himself/herself that if I stay like this, I won't be able to achieve much in life; speak harsh things to yourself as it also helps to get back to reality from the depressed thoughts. Having done this, make a conscious choice to stay happy. If you do this, you will automatically start seeing good things in life. Your subconscious will see positivity where you were seeing the negative things as you have made the choice to stay happy. Deep down everyone knows that there is nothing good in being sad. So accept the failure, realize that it's in the past and make efforts towards being happy. Believe me happiness is a choice.

Author: jenny10 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Thank you Nilesh, for taking time to read and leave comments. Yes, we have to choose to be happy. A person may go through depression at any phase of his/her life, the reasons may be many. It is for him/her to fight depression and choose to move in the right path of life. Some people may suffer silently, may not know how to overcome it. They may not disclose the problem they are facing, to their near/dear ones, their strength would have weakened, it is at this stage that they have to build strong power within them, the self confidence, introspect and realize that they cannot spoil their future. They have to build a bright happy life, cannot ruin the life, analyze this and try to come of it. How to overcome is a question? Here, they need to look into their interests, their goals, find ways and means, get tips, get help, get motivated, get inspired to develop them and achieve their success. They have to emotionally work hard to get out of depression by immersing themselves in productive work, take it up as a challenge, slowly the changes will happen to build a better life ahead.

Author: Gaurav Singh21 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

A well effort from author on how to deal with depression. The author has listed so many activities to overcome depression. The list is so long that I don't think anymore can be added to this list.
Yet, I would like to add that one of the major reasons for depression in teenagers and youth today is social media. Our new generation spend a lot of of their time on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. There they have a long list of friends but they still feel lonely in their real life. They come to know many new people through social media and it happens that when they go through their post they find that person successful, rich or handsome and when they compare themselves with that person they find themselves standing no where and this leads them to a state of depression. Their self-confidence falls to zero level and they start underestimating themselves. This affect their body, mind and life very badly. They start behaving strangely, which spoil their relationship with family members and friends. So, I would suggest others to check their use of Social sites and use it wisely for constructive purpose only.

Author: jenny26 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Thanks Gaurav for adding on information; with the latest technological advancements children and teenagers are more addicted to social media. They are more in the virtual world rather than the real life. They want to post their selfies every now and then with new dresses/ getup's/ in different locations. They want to flaunt themselves that they are in high status, they look beautiful/handsome etc. They want the results, the likes. comments. If the likes are less, if they get negative comments/ bullied, then they go into depressions. They are totally lost in the world of a virtual world. Parents can check about how the child is using the social sites. They need to talk to them about reality, keep them engaged with activity and reduce using internet. The child/teenager himself/herself should introspect about how it is hampering the social world and the reality around him/her. Take steps to reduce using social sites, allot one slot to check WhatsApp, gain knowledge but avoid unnecessary, irrelevant information, avoid reading comments which is of no use. Minimize posting the photos on facebook and other social media places and avoid looking at the mobile every time there is message/alert. One has to build strong self discipline to bring in control systems within us to improve ourselves. Self restricting ourselves to these social media will help us to move with people in real life and build better relationships with family members and others.

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