Best ways to prepare for trekking around Ladakh

Planning for trekking in and around the Ladakh this season? The landscape and the valleys of the place are sure to leave you spellbound. But, you also need to build up your body to suit the demands of trekking. A little preparation prior to the adventure would benefit you during the trekking. Learn to prepare and train yourself for the adventurous holidays.

So, you belong to the adventurous lot? Planning for the big game at Ladakh next season? Well, do not just jump to the trip. You need to prepare for trekking well in advance lest you get the shock of your life. The beauty of Mother Nature in the mountains and valleys in Ladakh could be mesmerizing, but you still need to be equipped physically and mentally to admire that. The jaw dropping sceneries are the take home from such treks. So you need to make sure that you are fit enough to enough to enjoy the pristine vista.

Start your preps well in advance. Have a complete plan for the trip, the number of days for the trek, the places you intend to visit while trekking and also the facilities that you have been promised by your agent.

Best ways to prepare and train for the trekking

  1. Train early
  2. Plan your trekking track and the duration you want to spend on it. You may decide for a 4-6 days trek between Spituk and Stok as well. But start your preparations for the trekking early. You may even have a 12 month notice on your body to gradually build the strength and fitness according to the conditioning program of the planned trek. This way you are not forcing sudden strength on the body. Believe me; your body would thank you for having trained early.

  3. Walk your legs out
    You need to practice the walk. We all walk, but we do not do long walks. Trekking on the mountains would involve walking throughout the day with very little time for rest. So go for long walks. You may do it on alternative days in the initial days of practice, but your legs have to get used to the long and sloppy terrain. You may intersperse walking with rests in the initial days, but you really have to work more on your legs.
    Also check out for the correct ways of walking. Your heels should touch the ground first. Then come the rest of the feet. Use your toes to propel for the next step. Look at your head position as well. It should be up and not droop forward with the shoulders also maintaining the same level.

  4. Leg strength with gym work
    Boost your leg strength to supplement the walking training. Gym exercises as leg presses and squats would build up the leg strength. Take up weighted squats or lunges and body weight squats as per your requirements. If you do not go to the gym, then take up cycling or stair climbing.

  5. Invest in your footwear
    Finally, your feet are the ones that would carry you while you trek. Do not ever underestimate your feet. Invest in a set of quality hiking boots with ankle protection. The boots should give proper support and ventilation to your feet. Go for the water resistant ones if you could find one. A pair of hiking socks, be it nylon or the wool blend would add to the comfort of the feet. These would keep out the moisture.
    Now don't keep them new for the trekking. Wear them, get used to them while you are still training. See that you do not get the blisters.

  6. Use loaded backpacks
    While you would not be carrying your main backpack during the trekking, you would still be carrying a small backpack loaded with some dry food and other essentials. So, it is always advisable to practice walking with the backpack. You may carry your rain gear, camera, water, dry food and dry fruits, chocolates and other such stuffs for protein and energy with you on the trek.

Trekking around Ladakh would undoubtedly be an adventurous holiday trip. The best time for trekking in the area would be between May and October. You may take up a beginner's track for a short duration and a relatively safe route if it is going to be your first one. Take up longer trips of 18 -20 days around the Tsomoriri Lake on your subsequent visits.

Trekking in and around Ladakh would be all the more enjoyable when you are healthy and fit for the climate and the trek. So take your fun time seriously and prepare well in advance.

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