Best ways to develop the holistic personality of children

Children are bundles of joy. They are packed with energy, mischief and innocence. They are curious about everything, are lively and quick to learn. Training at a young age is the most crucial part for the children to take the path of righteousness is life and become good human beings. This article presents to you the ways to train your children to develop a wholesome/holistic personality.

We need to train children to develop good habits, moral values, build self-confidence, strong emotional balance, love for fellow beings and other qualities that are acceptable to all in society. Hence it becomes very important to inculcate these value-based learning at the young age to develop all-round personality and mould them into good human beings.

Instill the habit of courtesy

In the fast-moving world of competition, the good values of life are vanishing. The children need to become compassionate, humble and gentle to grow up to become considerate and sympathetic and peace-loving people. There is need for inculcating the moral values in childhood to become good human beings. The pleasant words such as 'Please', 'Thank-you', Excuse me, Sorry are very important in our lives. These beautiful words of courtesy should be taught at a young age to make it a habit for using words all through life. The words of concern, gratitude, admitting a mistake and saying sorry from the heart, have an intensity for a situation can reduce the fights, enmity between the individuals. The words like please may I, help me please, can make magic and get the trust from others and can get the things that are out of reach. Telling repeatedly to the child to use these words would make the child inculcate them in their lives. Once the usage of words becomes a habit it would be followed throughout their lives. For a child to become well mannered and responsible the child should be taught to understand and appreciate the value of using the polite words.

Help them to overcome fear

Are you worried that your child does not like to go on the stage, starts crying, make the child practice in front of you help him to practice in front of a mirror, Give time and space for the child to pick up the threads. Build up the confidence, appreciate for his participation, encourage the child to do better next time tell the child about to accept the criticism, allow him to speak his feelings, have a listening ear to the child. Make he understand the mistakes and to make the corrections next time. Motive them with a positive approach. Pat the child for his courage for going onto the stage. Teach the child to accept failures and develop the habit of the true spirit and take victories with joy and losing with grace and acceptance. Encourage the child to congratulate the competitors and with a healthy spirit. Explain the challenges that holds in his future and that he has to face them with sporting spirit and confidence.
Pet Caring -Source: jenny

Nurture love for nature

Introduce to child the beauty of life around them. The birth, growth of life, their service to one other, interdependence, the cycles and it's importance. Let them learn by seeing and feeling. Let them share their care for the pet ones, such as feeding food for fish, birds, Cats, etc. grooming cats, dogs, taking a dog for a walk. Allow them for experimentation, let them sow seeds and watch them grow. Let them collect different types of leaves, flowers, seeds, and help them in drawing the analysis. Create interest in them for drawing and colouring the parts of plants, leaves, flowers, garden trees, etc. Take them for walks, show them nature in different forms, the fruits, vegetables, explain to them their importance. Make a journey to the museum, zoo, science exhibits, national parts in vacations, they would learn a lot and understand nature's contribution to man. Make them understand not to waste food and water. Tell the child that a farmer toils day and night to grow food for us, we should not waste food.

Use gadgets

Be aware of your child's activities on the mobile, computer/laptop. Make sure they do not have access to the internet unless you are with them. Do not let them get involved in social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Organize your child's account. Be with them when they are using the internet. Limit your child usages of electronic gadgets. Make them use it for their learning process, monitor and guide them. Set some rules for their using of computer/mobiles. Do not make strong restrictions for using them as this may also hamper their development of skills in using the operations and learning to compute. Using the gadgets is essential in today's world as they need to widen their knowledge of the digital world which is essential for the child's learning process and for the future.

Make them learn while doing

Buy or create materials for them to play or assemble them to make a product. This helps them to think and develop their motor skills. Help them in making things from waste materials. Let them learn to think and design objects. Assign some project works for the child to think and make things such as kites, boats, vases, pen stand, bookmarkers with quotes. Encourage them to do DIY projects. It would make them understand the necessity of the use with the things they use. Making planters with bottles, covering cardboard boxes for holding books, stationery items etc.

Teach how to use money wisely

Handling money is one of the most important aspects of life. The child should be taught the value of money and its need as a necessity for life. The child has to learn about how the money comes, and how hard it is to earn money, and how to save it for the future. They should be taught how to buy things, how to save money, how to plan for spending it and how to safeguard it. A piggy bank account can be opened for the child to save money; the child should be taught the responsibility of handling the cash and properly guided. Pampering children with money should be avoided; it would spoil them with unnecessary and unhealthy habits. Be cautious, ask them the account for spending amount, this way they would become responsible.

Habit of sharing and caring

Encourage the child to learn the habits of sharing such as toys, books, chocolates, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, balls, bats, etc with siblings and friends. Make them understand that they need to respect them and value them. Advise them on caring for the things that they use. Encourage them to share eatables with elderly people in the house. This brings in happiness to both elders and the younger ones. Advice and make them understand that they need to care for their elders and respect them. Encourage them to help elders at home when they need assistance.

Develop social skills

Help the child to interact with people. Allow the child to socialize with people to learn the ways of life. Enable them for developing positive habits or being friendly, helpful, caring for others and talking politely. Allow the child to play with other children let them learn the art of winning and losing the games, this will build in them healthy competitive spirits and make contributions to the team. Enable them to speak with family members, encourage them to interact with neighbours, this helps them to build interactive skills.


Develop healthy eating habits

Children are prone to eating junk food that is easily available in the market. Children are consuming more unhealthy foods on a regular basis. The common favorite foods for today's children include eating foods like pizzas, burgers, French fries and fizzy drinks. These foods contain high-fat content leading to obesity and diabetes. Children need to be encouraged to eat nutrient-rich foods that include all vitamins. Parents should help them to eat balanced food to ensure that they eat wholesome meals that allow them to grow healthy. Prepare easy simple healthy foods with millets, fruits, vegetables for snacks and for break time eating. Avoid buying fast foods and fried foods to children. Once in a while allow the children to make food without using fire. Guide them how to prepare, present it, what are the ingredients used, how it benefits the body, how to clear the waste after finishing the work. This makes the children responsible for healthy eating habits.

Teach cleanliness

Cleanliness is very important aspect of our lives. Every parent should train his/her child to develop clean habits to stay clean, fit and healthy. The child should be taught to brush the teeth properly and make it a regular habit. They should be taught to have a bath every day to remove germs. Give instructions regularly to wash hands before and after meals with soap. They should be trained to use tissue paper when coughing or sneezing and wear clean clothes. The nails should be trimmed and this must be developed as a habit. Children should be taught to keep the house and surroundings clean, use garbage bins for throwing wastes. The cleanliness value should be taught how important to keep clean not only personal hygiene but also our environment. They should be instructed to clean the things in their proper places, help them to understand that they should not throw litter anywhere. They should be taught to pick up the litter and throw in dust bins. Instil in them the value of cleanliness to be healthy. Create awareness of cleanliness to keep the locality clean.

Build sports interests

Encourage the children to play with others, set time for children to indulge in activities that help their body growth and for building strong muscles and bones. Playing gets exercise which helps in growth and well being of the body. Practicing Yoga is a good way to keep the body fit and has to be done with proper training from a yoga instructor. Yoga helps in keeping away several diseases, especially respiratory infections.

Reward children for their good behaviour

Appreciating children for their achievements make children happy. Reward them with small appreciating words, toffees, or small gifts to encourage them to develop the good qualities/ for their achievements in academics or any other areas. Who doesn't like appreciation, children like to receive rewards, so be prepared to shower with words of appreciation when they bring in joy with their performances.

Train them for learning

Help children to plan their studies. Prepare a timetable chart to follow the time for study, play and other social activities. This inculcates the habit of time management and enables them to follow in future and become self disciplines. Use flashcards, charts, pictures, matching objects, books for teaching topics of different subjects. You get hundreds of learning materials for children. This would help the children for joyful learning.

Geographical study

Take children for outings, be it parks, museums or places of interest. This would make the children learn about travelling, know about the cultures, of those particular places, the importance of the place the geographical locations and prepares them with travelling tips. Make the child write a note of the visits to the places, this would help the child to write travelogues in high classes. Guide them to keep track of time, distance traveled, mode of transportation used etc.

Give travelling tips

Travelling is fun and children love to see places. Give instruction on how to behave when going to different places, tell them to be with the group, to be careful and alert. Instruct them not to venture into water bodies without your permission. Tell them to learn the telephones numbers, address and names of your family members. Encourage them to make a checklist of items to be carried and that which are necessary for the places they visit.

Love for the country

Tell stories of brave men and women who fought for our country. Allow them to watch movies in our country, get books on freedom fighters. Inculcate the value of respect and build patriotism in young minds. Teach them patriotic songs and encourage them to participate in national festivals. Teach them how important it is to have peace and harmony in the country.

Scientific and technology

Science is all around us. Teach them how science has helped mankind in the world. How applied science that is technology has brought in changes in way of living. Allow them to make simple experiments at home. You can look for simple projects on-line to teach the children. Many books on science are also available such as discovery kids, national geography etc to foster science learning. Encourage the children to take active participation in science projects to learn concepts for better learning. Children should be taught to understand the traditions in scientific ways and promote a healthy environment.

Care for a healthy body

Personal hygiene helps one to keep healthy. Practicing cleanliness makes way for good health. Children should be taught the rules to maintain body parts clean to prevent diseases. They should be taught to rinse the mouth well after meals, brush teeth twice a day, limit eating chocolates and toffees. Washing the eyes with clean water, not to read in dim light, not to watch television for a long time. Encourage them to eat vegetables for healthy sense organs. Instruct them to wash hair and scalp twice a week, to comb hair gently and not to share comb with others.


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Author: Neelam11 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A really nice article on inculcating good habits in children. Although all the parents want their child to be a good person with good habits but sometimes unknowingly they put things in a child's mind which stays their lifelong.
This is a nice guidance for a parent about how to make a child to have all the good habit and how to preserve those habits . Since parenting is really tough job in which a parent shapes totally new personality so it have to be done with care and responsibility and this article teaches about that care and responsibility in very well written words with very simple but meaningful messages.

Author: jenny11 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Thanks, neelam for reading the article. Inculcating the values at an young age will help them to carry on in their lives. In this present age, children are more driven to technology, thereby losing the values of life and human touch. As parents we need to be instructing and guiding them in every walk of their lives to lead the path of goodness, learn manners, politeness, courtesy and care for one another. The fast changing world has exposed the children to vast knowledge but they are losing their emotional stability. Thus self confidence, respect towards elders and love for the country has to be imbibed in them.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao24 Jun 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The children learn more by seeing the elders in the house. They try to learn to talk from us and they pick up words from the elders. So elders especially the parents and grandparents should always talk good words only in the presence of the children. If you talk any bad word they will pick up that word fast. So parents should be in control in presence of the children. The method of practice and preach should be followed very strictly.

Another point we should note is parents should not have any quarrel before the children. That will make them a different type of people. They will start thinking more why these two people quarrel each other. At the same time, they will also become mischievous and behave differently from other children.

The parents should impart the knowledge of balanced expenses to the children. Where the expenses are needed they should not hesitate and they should spend only when there is a need. If the parent can teach this to the child with a proper reasoning, they will also appreciate and try to learn the issues properly.

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