Best ways to adjust in workplace by a fresher

The environment of the workplace is totally different than that of an educational institution. A fresher may find it difficult to the work enviornment. this article discusses the ways to be adopted by a fresher to adjust in new work place. Read to know.

Every organization has its own work ethos, work culture. The organization structure of every organization is different. The dress codes of different organizations may be different, working hours are different and work atmosphere and interpersonal-relationship can be different. When a person joins a new organization, he/she feels difficulty in adjusting in the new environment. This difficulty level increases for the freshers, who after completion of study, join their first job. However, with the passage of time they learn how to adjust in the workplace. In this article, we are going to discuss the best ways to adjust in workplace by a fresher.


A fresher must be very punctual. He/she must reach office before the commencement of working hour. In this way a fresher can create first favourable impression about himself or herself.

Understand the hierarchal structure

It is imperative for every employee to understand the hierarchal structure of an organization. If he/she understands the hierarchal structure, the initial problem would get minimised. This is more applicable for a fresher. A fresher must know the organizational structure, the composition of the team, his/her subordinates, his/her senior officers and also the relationship among various departments of the organizations. A fresher must make conscious efforts to understand the organizational structure for smooth functioning.

Understand own work profile

This is an absolute must for a fresher. He/she must know his work which he/she is supposed to do. The fresher must understand the job at hand, must anticipate the job which may come in near future and also when the workload becomes heavy. For example, a fresher joining the Accounts department must know that the workload increases during the financial year ending.

Establish rapport with superiors and colleagues

This is a very important requirement to be successful in workplace. A person cannot be successful in the workplace if he does not get cooperation from his colleagues and subordinates. He/she also requires guidance from the superior officers. For getting cooperation and guidance, it is essential to establish a rapport with seniors, colleagues and subordinates.

Listen carefully

For establishing rapport and creating a good working relationship, it is imperative to listen carefully what others say. A fresher must learn to listen carefully and speak less. Developing the quality of listening will definitely help a fresher to adjust in the workplace.

Don't hesitate to ask question

A fresher should not hesitate to ask questions. Whenever he/she is in doubt, the fresher must seek guidance from his seniors and cooperation/advice from his/her colleagues. Many fresher hesitate to ask questions thinking that this may create adverse impact in the minds of superiors and colleagues. This is entirely a wrong notion. When a task is at hand and there is no clarity, he/she must ask questions to successfully complete the task. So, asking questions would help a fresher to successfully complete the assignments.

Understand the unwritten rules and dress code

Every office develops some unwritten rules and dress codes. For example some organizations do not prefer casual clothes in workplace. A fresher must try to understand the unwritten rules on dress codes of the organization and follow these. Observing the behavior of seniors and colleagues would help a fresher to understand the unwritten rules and dress codes of the organisation.

Don't clutter your cubicle

A student may not give much importance on keeping his/her things tidy. Especially, the student who live in hostels generally don't keep their books and personal belongings properly. However, this untidy habit in workplace creates a negative impact. A fresher must develop the habit to keep his/her own cubicle or work-station neat and tidy. All the papers must be kept in a systematic manner, stationeries must be kept inside the drawer and his/her personal briefcase/laptop should be kept at proper place. These simple steps would create a positive impact about the fresher in the minds of superiors and colleagues.

Be courteous

It is very much necessary for a fresher to be courteous to other employees of the workplace. Courteousness would create a good impression about the upbringing of the new employee in the minds of other employees. Courteous behavior would also help the fresher to get help and cooperation from the colleagues and subordinates.

Beware of gossip-mongers

In every organization there are some people who are habituated to seek personal details of other employees. They try to collect personal details of employees and share the same with others. Every fresher must be aware of the gossip-mongers and avoid them as much as possible. They should not divulge their personal details of others. If it is absolute necessary to furnish personal details, these should be kept at barest minimum level. The freshers must remember that gossip-mongers are capable to harm their career in various ways.

Concluding comments

Every fresher must remember that an organization is totally different from an educational institution. The behavioral pattern of a person must be different in workplaces. The freshers must realize this and behave according to the organizational ethos. This realization will make them successful in their career.

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