Best ways to live a peaceful and active retired life

With the development of healthcare, the life of human being has increased considerably. As a result, even after retirement from active work, people do have the ability to contribute gainfully for the development of family and society. In this article, the author discusses how retired people can live a peaceful and active retired life by meaningful contribution.

Every working person retires after a very active and in some cases, hectic service life of thirty to forty years. Even those people who are not salaried employees, take permanent leave from active work (they may be businessmen or professionals), when they understand that their body is no longer capable to take the stress of a hectic work-schedule. Some retired people are happy. However, some feel that they have become unproductive after their retirement. They remain restless after retirement. On the other hand, some retired people have a desire to do something for the society, but they don't find appropriate avenues to showcase/prove their utility. The present author once visited a senior citizens' home. He found that many senior citizens, some of whom despite being physically weak, are mentally very alert. They have a genuine desire to remain productive even in their twilight years (Reference: Is there any way to utilise the expertise of senior citizens?). In this article, various ways of leading a peaceful and active retired life have been discussed.

#1: It is a mind-game

Some people may think that retirement is the end of journey. But is it so? A person was fit and active one month before retirement; is it possible that after one month of retirement, the same person has nothing to do? It is entirely a mind-game. If a person has the strength, ability and will to remain productive and proactive after retirement, he/she can remain so for a considerable period. So, every retired person must think positive. He/she must have a desire to contribute positively for the family and the society.

#2: Do part-time work

Many retired teachers continue teaching or giving private tuitions after retirement. Infact, the author has seen many examples where teachers earn much more after their retirement by giving private tuitions. Similarly, many Government employees work for five to seven years after their retirement. Professionals like doctors and lawyers work even in their seventies. So, the retired people can continue to earn even after their retirement.

#3: Engage in voluntary services

In many cases it has been noted that there is no financial liability of a retired person. He/she may not want to work part-time. Then how can such people remain active? The answer is community services. Retired people can do community services in the local library. They can work in the Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) on honorary basis. Those retired people can take part in cleanliness drive in their locality. They can also plant trees and maintain those trees voluntarily. In these ways retired people can perform social service and can gainly utilize their time.

#4: Read books

During our working life, many of us do not find enough time to read books. The present author has prepared a list of books which he wants to study but does not find much time in his hectic daily schedule to read these books. Retired people who are in the habit of reading books, can become members of good libraries in their city and start reading books, which they could not do during their working days.

#5: Write your memoir

A senior citizen above sixty acquires valuable knowledge during his/her life time. He/she gains valuable insight on various issues. He/She can share those experiences with family members and also with people in general. There are many exceptional memoirs written by people after their retirement. These memoirs can become valuable historical documents in future.

#6: Regular morning walk and evening walk

During our working life, many of us cannot undertake morning walk and evening walk due to paucity of time. A retired person must walk regularly during morning and evening. Developing this habit helps a retired person in many ways. He/she remains active, physical processes improve and social interaction develops. Needless to state, regular morning and evening walk is very good for retired people.

#7: Spend quality time with family members

Due to our busy schedule most of us cannot spend quality time with our family members during our working life. Even during the holidays we remain busy with many other important household work. As a result, we cannot spend quality time with our family members. As a result, a distance is created among the family members, which is not good. After retirement we must re-establish healthy relation with other members of the family by spending quality time with them. This is extremely important for creating proper environment in the family.

#8: Improve social interaction

During our working life we cannot meet our near and distant relatives due to paucity of time. Nowadays, relation among cousin and old friends is not maintained. After retirement we must increase our social interaction and re-establish ties with relatives and old friends.

#9: Develop values in your grandchildren

During our working life we earn for our children. Our basic aim is to provide a good life and proper education to our children. After retirement, people must give stress to develop our grandchildren by inculcating proper values in them. If proper values are inculcated, those young children of younger generation will become ideal citizens of the country.

#10: Undergo a medical check-up every month

This is an extremely important requirement for the retired people. After sixty, physical ability of every person becomes less. Senior citizens are prone to various diseases. So, retired people must undergo medical check-up in regular intervals, preferably once in every month as a precautionary measure against various diseases.

Concluding comments

As discussed above, a peaceful and active retired life depends mainly on the mentality of the persons concerned. Retired people must stay positive with a mindset to contribute for the society and family. In this way, retired people can remain relevant in the present society even after their retirement.

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Author: Ramakrishna Kambhampati20 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

After retirement life seems to be boring for so many because they don't have to follow any daily routine as before. So to avoid this every one has to create a busy daily schedule which make them active and energetic. To replace the pre-retirement busy schedule one has to create an active work for themselves which keeps them active through out the day time. If the individual is very healthy and active can select a good interesting private job to earn something as well as keeps them busy. If the objective of the individual is not earning and can select a good creative work of his/her choice. Some individuals may be interested in writing articles, novels or stories etc. So such individuals can join in websites like Indiastudychannel and can spend a lot of time in building their creative work happily with interesting earnings. Otherwise such individuals can start their own blogs and can do lot of creative work by spending their time in a valuable way. One thing the retired persons have to remember is whatever work or hobby that they are interested have to involve in it which makes their life more enjoyable.

During evening times they can spend their time in temples and other religious places where they can find lot of peacefulness to their minds. The programs conducted by temple authorities during evening times will enlighten them and prepares them to do some good work for the society. Attending these programs will help them to meet so many people of the same age group as well as they can involve in good and healthy discussions which keeps them active.

Visiting library, parks, community programs etc. also makes them happy and can spend their time in a positive way. Retired persons have to maintain a positive attitude, a balanced approach and good relationship with their neighbors, relatives and friends to make their after retirement life happy and enjoyable.

Author: Natarajan20 Sep 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Very Good article on What to do when we get up one fine day and realise that there's nothing to do?

All of us as humans grow up listening to our parents, elders, brothers sisters at home, at school we listen to teachers and friends, at work we listen to our colleagues and superiors, then get married and start listening to the spouse husband or wife and relatives, as time goes on and children become adults we start listening to them and their life partners.

In the unique journey with ups and downs, we all make sacrifices big and small for the sake of a young sibling, a friend, a colleague and literally everyone who has touched our lives ( a holiday we skipped, money we gave to the family, giving up love for a good friend, helping a colleague get promoted, giving up the first foreign trip for kids education). Over the years most of us haven't lived for ourselves in a true sense due to the comittents of the family and career.

But as we head towards retirement life teaches us many valuable lessons as there is no teacher better than life itself. It's worthwhile to make a small list of things to do, slowly every few years we should drop excess emotional baggage and grouses we hold (after all we are humans) and somewhere I read that people become part-time a year before the actual retirement.

Having seen relatives and people around me I realised that many are not prepared for retirement mentally and emotionally. Most of us may not have a huge retirement fund to fly off to fancy destinations but at least we can have a 'Bucket list" of things to do after retirement and before it's time for our to relenquish the material world.
I agree with the author's ideas and hope we can ride into the sunset with dignity, peace and a sense of satisfaction that we have done something good.

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