Best ways to get rid of boredom

Are you bored? Have you ever thought about the reason for your boredom? Have a quick glance into this article and get to know about the reasons of boredom and also try the best possible ways mentioned in this article to get rid of your boredom productively.

Boredom is a common feeling which gives frustration and mental depression to a person. It is very common among the people of all ages. It creates an empty feeling and spreads negativity in our mind. We all would have experienced boredom in our life. Sometimes, we feel low about our life and will say life is too boring. But have you ever thought about the reasons of boredom? The reasons of boredom are embedded within ourselves. The most common reasons of being bored are mentioned below.

Reasons of being bored

1. No life goals

Goal is a self-motivating tool which triggers a person to achieve something in life. If you have a set of life goals, then you will work hard to reach the goals. While working hard to meet your life goals, your concentration will be on your goals and you will not get bored easily. If you don't have any goals in your life, your mind will not remain stable. Sitting idle and having nothing to do will create boredom. Having no purpose of life and proper life goals are the main reason for getting bored quickly.

2. No companions

Spending time with family and friends gives a tremendous joy in life. Hanging out with friends and interacting with family members gives refreshment and creates beautiful memories. When you don't have companions to share your joy and sorrows, life will be boring.

3. Repetition of work

Doing a similar work again and again leads to boredom. Simply sitting at a place and doing a work repeatedly for too much time creates stress and dissatisfaction. But when you learn new things and involve into a lot of new stuffs, you will get learning experience and opportunity to mold yourself.

4. Lack of appreciation and motivation

Appreciation and Motivation are the energy boosters. If no one appreciates your good work and motivates you to perform well, then human mind will get depressed and feel bored. Lack of appreciation and motivation will lead to loss of interest over work and which in turn will result in boredom.

5. Work burden

When you are loaded with too much work and high responsibilities, you will not get time to relax. Improper scheduling of work and last minute tension creates stress. The work stress will decrease a person's involvement and attention towards work. Be it a school student or an employee, too much of work burden leads to stress and boredom.

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6. Environmental hurdles

Sometimes environmental obstacles such as standing in a queue, no internet connection, listening to lectures and waiting for public transportation, etc. gives a temporary boredom. This type of boredom lasts until the situation ends.

7. Lack of rest and energy

Both physical and mental tiredness reduces a person's energy. Working all day long without proper food and rest will affect the human health and may lead to energy loss. Low level of energy and mental stimulation causes boredom and diversion from work.

Best ways to get rid of boredom

Do you want to kill your boredom? If you feel very bored at home, try the best possible ways mentioned below to get rid of your boredom.

1. Be Creative

To break your boredom, try doing creative things and bring out your hidden creative skills to the outside world. Being creative and doing creative stuffs will make the mind occupied and will reduce the boredom which is embedded within you.

Creative ways to kill boredom

i. Doodling or Sketching

Doodling, sketching or drawing is one of the best ways to showcase your creativity. If you are already an expert in drawing pictures then, visualize some images in your mind and try to sketch your imagination. If you are not an expert and have no idea on what to draw then, look at the images of any cartoon characters or any other type of images which is available in books, magazines or newspapers and draw it. Sketching helps to keep you focused and may improve your intelligence and drawing skills.

ii. Painting or Coloring

Coloring is a creative way to reduce boredom. Whenever you feel bored, take out some colors and start painting or coloring. Be it a water color or a crayon, select the colors of your choice and try to give a beautiful shade to your picture. Draw your own picture and color it or else pick a coloring book or any black and white newspaper and try to color the images as per your choice. Older people who feel silly and childish to color pictures can buy the coloring books available for adults at the bookstores and can try coloring. Painting or coloring an image for few hours will give big refreshment to the mind.

iii. Craft works with waste objects

When you feel too bored at home, gear your creativity and do some craft works using the waste objects such as ice-cream sticks, newspaper, paper, plastic products, quilling paper, glass, etc. at home. Instead of throwing out the plastic bottles, containers and other waste products, you can convert the waste products into reusable products through creative craft works. For example: By doing some craft work, a plastic bottle can be reused as a storage container, water sprinkler, pen stand, mobile stand, etc. Similarly you can do a lot of useful and decorative craft works at home when you are bored. For making creative craft works, lot of useful videos are available online. Watch the videos and try at home. Doing crafts with waste objects will definitely reduce your boredom and will also help you to develop your creative skills.

iv. Creative writing

To write creative things, you don't have to be a writer. When you are bored, take a piece of pen and paper, write random short stories or poems which comes to your mind. If you find it difficult to write, think about a topic and do a free writing. Your write-up needs not to be flawless. If you are not satisfied with any of your points, then just strike it out and write it again. Creative writing will develop your creativity and also will improve your writing skills.

v. Clay modeling

When you are bored, create models or creative figures using pottery clay or modelling clay. To play with clay you need not be a kid. People of all ages can play with clay and develop their creativity through clay modeling. Clay art also helps to improve interpretative skills, motor skills, concentration and visualization. Clay modeling is one of the best therapeutic methods to reduce anxiety, stress and boredom.

2. Be Interactive

Sitting alone and not interacting with friends and family members lead to boredom. So, to throw out your boredom, connect with your friends and family. Listed below are the best interactive methods which can be followed to eliminate boredom.

Interactive ways to eliminate boredom

i. Talk with the people around you

If you feel bored, talk with the people around you. Interacting with others will help you to learn a lot of things in life. You can socialize and learn good characters from others. Also you can share your experience to others and gain knowledge from others. Build a strong relationship with neighbors and colleagues by interacting happily. Interacting with others is a time pass and the best ways to break the boredom.

ii. Chat with your friends and family members

Whenever you feel bored, send a text message to your friends or family members and have a small chat. Chatting with friends and family members will give happiness. If you are not in touch with your friends, then make a phone call to your friends and share your happiness. Talking about life and sharing joy and sorrows with your closed ones will help you to forget boredom.

iii. Hang out with friends

When you feel bored, step out of your house and meet your friends. Go for a walk with your friends or hang out at a coffee shop nearby your place. Having a conversation with your gang of friends at a pleasant atmosphere will give extreme fun and it will also help you to be free from boredom.

iv. Write email or letter

To lessen your boredom, write email or letter to a person whom you have not seen for a while. Share your feelings and spread positive words. Pouring your feelings in a letter or email will make you feel relaxed.

v. Plan for a get-together or a movie outing

Get-together creates a strong relationship bonding with friends and family members. Plan for a get-together at any restaurants or hotels and have dinner or lunch with your friends or family members. You can also plan for a movie outing with your friends. Get-together and movie-outing will give big refreshment and it will create beautiful memories. So, when you feel bored, plan for a surprise movie outing or a get-together.

vi. Participate in forums and online discussions

To eliminate boredom, participate in forums and online discussions. Forum is a wide platform where you can share your ideas and can interact with a lot of new members. Participating in online discussions will also help you to gain more knowledge on various topics.

3. Be Productive

Instead of sitting idle and thinking about random stuffs, you can overcome your boredom by doing productive things. Being productive helps you to avoid wasting time and will help you to improve your personality and special skills.

Productive ways to overcome boredom

i. Read a book

Book is always a good companion. Reading books and magazines reduce boredom and also help to develop the reading skills. When you are bored, select a book of your favorite genre and enjoy reading. Books always give a wonderful feeling and will help you to forget the whole world around you. So, read books and try to get rid of your boredom.

ii. Do exercise and workout

If your body is active then your mind will stay active. So, to be active and energetic, do regular exercise, yoga or workout. Being active will reduce boredom. But if you are not interested to do exercise or workout, you can go for a walk or you can go for a swim. Activities such as walking, swimming, jogging and playing will keep your body and mind active. These activities have high power to reduce stress. So, whenever you feel stressed or bored, involve into the activities that make your mind active.

iii. Practice meditation

Meditation is one of the best tips to get rid of boredom. Through meditation, you can feel relaxed and find calmness. While doing meditation, your mind and soul will be focused. Meditation not only eliminates boredom and brings calmness, but also reduces anxiety, keeps your body healthy and also gives more psychological and spiritual benefits.

iv. Create a blog

Create your own blog and start writing about your favorite subject or topic that interests you. For example, if love watching movies, you can write movie reviews. By sharing your experience through your own blog, you can get rid of boredom and can connect with a group of online peers. Blogging is one of the best ways to eliminate boredom.

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v. Gardening

Gardening brings mind relaxation and helps you to connect with the environment. Create a garden at the backyard of your home and have trees, plants and herbs. When you feel bored, you can water all the plants and practice gardening. Watching your own garden gives self-satisfaction. If you don't have a backyard at your home, keep vegetable plants and other small potted plants at your balcony. Gardening is a type of exercise which gives a complete relaxation to body and soul.

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vi. Cooking

Cooking is an art, so whenever you feel bored, cook something new. Instead of cooking the common dishes you know, try some new recipe. While cooking, your concentration will be completely on cooking and it will be a great diversion.

vii. Clean your home

If you are too bored, clean the dust present in your home and decorate your rooms. Re-organize your closet and bookshelf at home. Clean the rack and arrange it as per your choice. Clear the mess present in the newspaper rack and re-arrange it neatly. While cleaning, you will be too busy in clearing the stuffs and will forget about your boredom.

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4. Entertain yourself by doing fun things

It is great to have fun. So, entertain yourself by doing fun things. Having fun will help you to overcome boredom. To have fun it is not necessary to be in groups. If you are alone and feel very bored, you can follow the below mentioned fun ways to get rid of your boredom.

Fun ways to be free from boredom

i. Watch funny videos

Internet plays a major role in entertainment. When you feel bored, watch some funny videos and comedy clips online to entertain yourself. Laughing is one of the best therapies to kill boredom. So, try to watch funny video clips to destroy boredom.

ii. Play games

If you have partners to play games, you can play funny team games, card games or board games when you feel bored. If you are alone, you can play online games, mobile games or video games to divert and entertain yourself.

iii. Dance

If you love dancing, play a song and dance. Dancing will give both physical and mental relaxation. If you are poor at dancing, throw your worries and play your favorite video song. Try to imitate the dance steps in the video. Dancing is one of the best entertainment ways to have fun.

iv. Listen to music or Sing a song

Music is the best medicine for stress, anxiety and boredom. When you feel bored, listen to your favorite song. Some peppy songs will have the power to change your mood. So, listen to such songs to overcome your boredom. You can also sing a song when you feel bored. Singing decreases the stress level and improves mental alertness.

v. Scan old photos

It is an absolute fun to scan old photos. Revisiting your old photos or album will bring back a lot of sweet memories and you can realize how your life has transformed. If you don't have any photo album, have a look into the digital photos which you have posted in Facebook, Instagram, etc. when you are bored.

vi. Take a nap

If you love sleeping, then have a nap when you are too bored because having a nap is one of the best and easy ways to destroy boredom. Sleeping gives a mental and physical relaxation.


The feeling of boredom cannot be described easily because sometimes it will last temporarily and sometimes it will last for a long period. It may be a sign of anxiety or depression. So, identify the root cause for your boredom and try to follow the above mentioned methods to put off your boredom. If you feel bored frequently, then have an appointment with a doctor and take necessary treatment to find out the variation between your depression and boredom.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao10 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good article. The author has given a good account of various reasons for boredom and how to overcome boredom with various activities. A nice presentation.
Now a days any time if I am feeling boredom, I am opening Indiastudychannel and read or post something in this channel. By doing this I am gaining knowledge, getting points and also I am coming out of that boredom. Useful many ways and multi use channel
Another point I follow to get out of boredom is watching a TV programme or a video. Slowly we will get immersed in the TV or. Video and we will be back to normal.
Making various models with paper is another activity to come out of boredom. Another option is going to a movie.
I appreciate the author for the way in which the article is written.

Author: K Mohan11 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The author gave elaborate details on how to maintain things so that we are out of boredom. The reason for boredom has to be probed first. Many are introvert. That means they wont open up or talk to others with fear of inferiority complex and they sulk for no reason. If the person is introvert and wont exchange pleasantries with others, surely no one would understand the need and importance of that person. So when others are enjoying every bit of life, this person would be having horrible phase of life and feel like he is waste in this world. Therefore it is imperative that one must open up and start talking to others, no matter they make mistake due to language problem or expressing their real desire. Boredom can be killed with talking with others, playing with children, playing the interesting games and above all visiting the temple for peace and solace..

Author: Neelam11 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A nice and detailed account has been made by the author of all those things a person feels when he is alone and have nothing to do and also has come up with creative solutions to those problems. And I found reading this article fascinating since it accounts for very minute to very big problems of boredom. Such boredom also arrives when a person gets sick and is alone in the hospital bed.

Author: Anauj13 Aug 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

A very well constructed article. You have provided a long list of interesting things to do to avoid boredom. But, what I feel is that boredom can best be tackled when we have an interest in the activity that we pursue. We could involve ourselves in any of these activities and still be bored.

So, the key here is to pick up activities that you like doing or something that makes you happy. Activities that tickle the brain are better at fighting boredom than activities that randomly have you occupied. Activities that engage most of your faculties can have you energised and raving to go.

Boredom also sets in when you are in the same environment, engaged in the same activity. It does get annoyingly boring, if there is no change. Change is needed, both in the environment and in the activity. Sometimes, all you need is to shift whatever you are doing into a better environment – like the outdoors, a balcony or a better lit and ventilated room for instance. What surrounds you also decides your mood. Another thing that works is a pep-talk.

Author: Gaurav Singh20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Nice article covering each and every topic from reason of boredom to ways on how to tackle it. The author has listed a number of activities to kill boredom. These activities also help in spending a quality time doing some thing creative or talking with friends and family.
These boredom killing activities can be developed as a professional hobby and you can make a career in it. Everyone of us has some natural talent, we only need to recognize it. May be doing any of the above listed activity you may find some natural flow and energy from inside. You will find yourself more interested and creative in any of these activity and then you can develop special skill and later you can make a career in the same field.

Author: Venkiteswaran17 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Probably there is no one who would not have said or thought 'feeling really bored' or 'damn boring' a least once.
Boredom is a feeling, rather a customised feeling. What bores one may be attractive and passion to another.
But as every one feels bored one time or another, there should be some commonness in it. One feels bored when one doe does not have anything to involve his body and/or mind. One also feels bored when one cannot involve his mind in what he does.

So it is the factor of involvement or immersing mind in something that avoids boredom. Once we know what can give us the involvement the solution to avoid or remove boredom is easy. However even there is no permanent solution. Something which was a passion and attraction would become a bore in another time. Just as a dull food also tastes good when some 'masala(spice mix) is added to it, life also needs some spice. Variety is the spice of life.

So to remove boredom one should have a variety of activities. At least one need to have a little'break' from the monotonous activity and then go back to resume it. The boredom would have gone.

The article has well grouped variety or various activities under categories to bring ease of understanding.

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