Best ways to have harmony with friends and relatives

We are social beings. we have to live in a society. We require somebody's help at times and others may require our help. So as a human being it is our responsibility to maintain good and harmonious relations with others. The important qualities required for maintaining a harmonious relation are to be positive,, to respect others needs, to be communicative, to be sincere and to be amicable. How we can maintain these qualities to have a harmonious relation is described in detail in this article


We live in a society. We have a family, we have friends and relatives .We are working in an organisation wherein we have colleagues who work with us. Day in and day out we will be interacting with many people on various aspects like personal issues, official issues and also sharing our views and thoughts on various subjects. In this world we can't lead a happy life alone. We require support and help from many other fronts also. Even a Gold Plate requires a wall support to stand. So irrespective of our status, wealth and other things we will not have a smooth life without help from external world. For this we have to have cordial relations with all related. So developing a harmonious relation with people is a must. The saying goes like this we require minimum 4 people to carry our dead body. So we should develop a forgive and forget nature in our life.
It is our priority to maintain good relation with all our relatives, friends and family members. It is indeed very difficult to maintain harmonious relations with different people. No two human beings are same. There may be some similarities but at the same time differences will also exist. So to have a good and long harmonious relationship accommodating differences and having compatibility is very important. Is it not good to be with people who love you and people whom you love?

Points to be followed

To have a harmonious and long lasting relations we should have the qualities that are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Be positive

Be Confident about yourself. Be positive in your attitude. Be good with others. Don't point out their negative qualities as long as they are not coming in your way. Accept their positives and be good with them.
If any ill feelings are developing try to have a positive discussion and sort out the problem and leave it there. Don't harp on that again and again. Then the relation will continue on a positive side. If any hurdles are coming in between try to sort out and continue the good relations

Respect others needs

Every one of us have some needs. When there is a need to your friend or relative respect their needs as that of yours. If needs and expectations are not met it may lead to disappointment. So try to understand what are their expectations from you and try to meet if possible or otherwise have an open discussion so that both of you will be in the same wavelength.
A single hand can't make sound. Another hand or surface is required to make sound. Similarly to maintain a harmony between two, both of them should understand each other and respect each other. So try to understand whether they like to be good friend of you or not. Otherwise waste of time from your side.

Be communicative

Communication is very critical in relation building up. The communication should be open between the two parties. It should be correct, honest and believable only. If any one of the above is missing in the communication , the relation may not last long. Try to understand what others say and show your interest. Once you understood their feelings after proper hearing communicate your understanding in simple words properly to them. Don't be critical and offensive. Show good response to them and recognise their potential. Show your respect and tell them how important and valuable they are to you. When you are communicating with the other party go to their level of understanding and then talk. That will be good for the others to understand the same properly.

Be sincere

Show them your sincerity in bonding with the others. Show your caring and desire to help them positively and properly. Appreciate the positives of others. Express your admiration to other's qualities, values and courage. Acknowledge their aspirations.

Be amicable

Don't be teaching always others. You practice what you teach and then teach them. People will receive it properly. Being a person of practice will earn you respect and value.
Don't insist on your view only. Get into their shoes and think from their angle also. Appreciate their views and explain the differences to them in soft words and reasons. Don't insist on accepting your point.

Final words

Finally, be supportive, be optimistic, be grateful and gracious, and be kind and caring. Be a good human being and share your love with them. Follow and preach and be a helping hand. You can maintain harmony in relations with your friends and relatives. We all should develop an attitude of forgive and forget to have harmonious relations in our life.

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Author: Gaurav Singh22 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A nice article with good introduction, comprehensive body and conclusive end. After reading this article I have learned many new and important things on how we can save our relationship with friends and relatives.

Compromising is also a quality that everyone should have if they want peace and harmony with their acquaintances. It is often seen that relationship ends over trivial matters because of self respect and ego. Both parties take self respect and ego as their first priority instead of solving the matter through discussion and talks. In this fight of ego often distance wins.

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