The best ways to maintain self-respect

All of us have self-respect. A self-respected person is always honoured and admired by one and all. Therefore, we try to maintain it as far as possible. But there are some situations when it becomes really difficult for us to do so. Let us go into details and try to understand what we should do to maintain our self-respect.

What is Self-respect?

Self-respect, in simple terms, means dignity. As is written in the very first sentence, all of us have self-respect but many of us do not know how to maintain it. Although a person can boast of his self-respect but many a time his action shows otherwise and makes him a laughing stock.

What should we do to maintain our Self-respect?

Remember, the first and foremost rule of life is 'Give respect and get respect'. If you don't give respect to others, they will also not respect you. Therefore, try to follow this rule in every sphere of life. Besides, there are many other things that you can do to maintain your self-respect. Some of which are as under:

Evaluate Yourself

Try to understand your limits and never go beyond that even if you are tempted. There are people who always boast of their wealth, education, knowledge and such other things without remembering even for once that there are people who might be superior to them in many matters. Remember, good things are like flowers, the fragrance of which spreads automatically and needs no word of mouth.

Talk less; listen more

Have you heard the golden rule 'Speech is silver but silence is gold.' in our day to life, we hear and talk about many things. Everything we hear may not be useful but a good listener can easily churn out the valuable things from them leaving the rest. At the same time, if you are over talkative, you are bound to make mistake or say something which is inappropriate giving others a chance to misjudge you. So keep yourself within your shell unless you are being asked to speak or to give your comment.

Always be humble and polite

Always be humble and polite in your words and actions. It doesn't cost you anything.You might have more wealth, education or knowledge but that don't make the other person or persons inferior to you. They might have other things or qualities which you do not possess. Therefore, always be humble and polite.

Try to create positive atmosphere around you

Your nature should be such that whoever comes in your contact should feel a friendly ambience and create a good impression even after they depart. It would help you win many friends and well-wishers.

Never give in to negativity

There should be no space for negativity in a person having self-respect. Many difficult situations might come in life but we should never be disappointed rather; we should take them as new lessons of life and try to mould the situation in a productive way. Remember, mistakes can be made by anyone but every mistake creates another opportunity i.e to learn something new from that mistake.

If you can follow these simple rules in life, you can easily develop yourself as a dignified person and gain respect from one and all.

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Author: Gaurav Singh22 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

To maintain self-respect, keeping distance from bad people is also necessary. You can be understanding, polite and humble but it is not necessary that they also will be the same. In this modern time, no one cares for others, whatever good you do for them. So, its better to avoid bad people because even you can't imagine when they will make you feel cheap and insulted.

Also it is advisable not to share your secrets with others. You can be blackmailed or your secret may be revealed before your family, friends or your society even for fun, you may feel awkward and it can affect the thought and respect others have for you.

To maintain self-respect you should have a good character and moral values. Never try to act cheap even when you are in a mood of enjoyment. People can make fun of you later for your activity.

Author: K Mohan14 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The author has really penned nice tips to maintain self-respect. Another best way is to keep quiet when others are talking. By poking our nose at other's talking, we are not only interfering in their private affairs but also creating a situation of misunderstanding by not knowing the exact intention of others. But one must respond positively if approached for their suggestion and advise.

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