Best ways to get recognition in life: Professional and Personal

Do you have a feeling that you and your efforts are not being recognized? Don't worry; here are a few tips for you. They may help you if you really deserve to get the recognition.


Recently I attended a high level delegation meeting in our national capital and the meeting went off very well. Most of the participants shook their heads and hands and enjoyed the pleasant evening with the appreciation and recognition bestowed on them from their superiors. However, in the same premises, I observed a small group of people with gloomy atmosphere amongst them. The reason I learnt was that an important project which was developed by them which was very much beneficial to others but could not get the recognition though they deserved it. In our routine life, every one of us might have come across a similar situation.


Every human being, in whatever be the profession he/she is in, would like to have a separate or special recognition than his colleagues. Obviously the intention of getting recognition cannot be treated as selfishness rather the kind of intention would definitely boost the morale of the every individual and he/she would be a person of motivator / inspiring to many in the nowadays' tiny globe. So many intellectual and talented personalities in various perspectives around us in our global society, but a few are only getting recognition out of them in their respective fields leaving many as unrecognized. This would be a big pothole to the unrecognized being a deserved one. To come out of such kind of situation, few points which I have come across through various channels, I put forth here which may be helpful to get rid of the situations.

Identify others

To get one's recognition, first and foremost important point is to be started with you by giving recognition. You have to identify and recognize the other characters around you, which are vital in the process of your recognition what you deserve. Let it be your teammate, colleague, friend, relative, parents, and of course it need not be a human but anything in the nature like tree, rain, sunshine, bird, creature, etc. Success cannot be owned without taking the help of any of these and on getting success, please thank them in a suitable manner.


If you want to have recognition unlike the above i.e. job/project/work, and let it be trivial issue like not getting wishes daily from your subordinates or not getting frequent phone calls from your friends/ relatives. This kind of simple issue can also be won by giving recognition to them like wishing the subordinates daily with a smile and making phone calls to friends/relatives frequently and I am sure one fine day you will get recognition automatically and it lies forever.

Concentrate on publicity

Next important point is that of publicity or promotion. Concentrate on providing the proper publicity to the project done. Publicity means not that you have to advertise in the newspaper and TV channels but there are many other ways to impart on publicity i.e. social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Nowadays we come across so many items in the social media even though they are not at all relevant to us. In the same manner, if you provide proper publicity to your project in the social media, it would add a feather in you cap of Recognition.

Automatic recognition

Another important point is that people who are more wise and clever in their academics will automatically get the recognition. For example, a Ph.D. student generally publishes papers / articles in their sector of journals and the qualitative and fruitful articles will always be rewarded beyond the expectations.

Review yourself

Finally one important point is that you have to recognize yourself first and pat your shoulder yourself for the job done by you and I am sure when you are confident enough on the job done, you will definitely do that.


When you have enough brilliance to tackle the assignment ascribed to you, you don't need to be worried for getting the Recognition rather it will be in search of you. And that's it; you have been recognized unknowingly and effortlessly. I hope you agree that the kind of satisfaction which arose out of that recognition is amazing and cannot be described in words. Isn't it?

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Author: Gaurav Singh21 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

A very helpful article on how to get recognition in life. These methods are really useful in making a recognition as these habits make one stand apart from the crowd. I would like to add something more to this list:

Knowledgeable persons are respected everywhere and if you have more knowledge about different subjects and topics then you can interact with and help more people and thus it will help you to gain more recognition. Staying up-to-date with all the latest happenings around you and in the country is also very helpful in this regard because we have seen people discussing issues related with current affairs at both offices and public places. So, if you have knowledge about that topic then you can add some valuable comment to their discussion and this will really make a good impression of you among them.

Having good personality and physique is also one of the helpful factors in getting recognition. Good physique and personality will make you look attractive and people will notice you and wish to talk to you. Also you will look more responsible and professional.

If you are active socially then it will help you in gaining good recognition in no time. Try to help in society works and programs. Suggest others wherever needed and do your task with full responsibility and dedication. It will make of a good impression of you in your society and people will recognize you as a trustworthy and responsible person.

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