Best ways to save money on day to day expenses

We can save at least a penny from every kind of expenditure we do in our day to day life. Want to know how it can be? Let's read this article and I am sure at least one tip out of the many would be useful to you.


Right from the time of the triggering the button of alarm placed next to your bed in the early morning and till setup the alarm next to you in the night, we incur expenditure on various issues like purchase of items for toiletries, bathroom, kitchen, clothing, etc. and payment of utility bills like cable, paper, electricity, water, insurance, property taxes, telephone, etc. If we are clever enough to save a penny, we can save on almost of all these payments. I would like you to focus on the following tips / points so that we can save money on our day to day expenses. You may not impress on the savings of a day's budget but if you consider it for monthly, you will definitely have a significant saving on monthly budget.

On Food Items

Before proceeding for purchase of items related to food, we can follow different types of systems to save money. They are:
  1. If you have a proper system / mechanism to store, purchase seasonal items i.e. pulses, grains, etc. in bulk from the super bazaars / direct dealers / farmers / millers, etc. so that you can get at a cheaper rate than the open market.

  2. Other kitchen related items also can be procured once in bi-monthly or monthly at the time of announcement of offers (various discounts / coupons) from super markets / malls like Big Bazaar, Mega More, etc.

  3. Avoid frequent visits to restaurants to dine-out as nowadays post-GST it has become more expensive.

  4. Pack cooked food from your house for lunch than a parcel from the outside market.

On Transportation

  1. If three to four persons from your house are going out daily to attend various duties, avoid using of vehicles individually. If all the persons are in different routes, better to use public transportation. Else try to accommodate all the persons in one or two vehicles maximum so that consumption on fuel can be saved.

  2. Even the neighbours or colony mates can form a group and find out ways and means for car pooling so that expenditure on transportation can be minimized.

On Entertainment

  1. Avoid extra expenditure on entertainment. Make a plan to have a fixed number of entertainment programmes (movies, picnics, parties, etc.) in a month.

  2. Unplanned / uneventful vacation trips may be avoided so that extra expenditure can be avoided. Even if the vacation trip is fixed, plan with best travel agent and at the time of bulky offers on trips are in vogue.

  3. Avoid unnecessary subscriptions of magazines, newspapers, extra channels of cable TV.

On Gadgets / Appliances

  1. Change the house environment with LED lighting, best star rated appliances of mixer, grinder, geysers, air-conditioners, washing machines, televisions, etc. so that power as well as monthly bill on it can be minimized. Also try to unplug all the electronic devices from switch boards when they are not in use.

  2. Always prefer to have the best of these appliances so that maintenance would be less and warranty would be for longer periods.

On All Others

  1. Make a habit of auto debit facility for all EMIs, Insurance services, credit card payments, etc. and keep on reminders for other statutory payment of bills / services that you can escape from paying penalty charges.

  2. Avoid extra / unnecessary purchase of cloths and accessories.

  3. Reduce unnecessary gossiping / chitchatting over mobile phone so that mobile phone bill can be curtailed.

  4. Try to have a control the expenditure over consumable habits like smoking, drinking, etc. so that money and health both can be saved.


If anyone can follow at least few of these tips, I am sure he will definitely have a significant save on the monthly budget of day to day expenditure. However, I would like to emphasize in this context while expending every pie, one should not be a 'Penny Wise Pound Foolish' and should keep a saying in mind – 'Never spend your money before you have it'.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao04 Sep 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The author has narrated the methods to have some savings in our house expenses. The tips are well known but author brought in very nicely. The conclusion is very nice by saying never spend your money before you have it.
Many people will go for loans for small small expenses which will become high without our notice. So we should not have the habit of loans with high rate of interest. If we are earning Rs.100/- per day, we should plan our expenses per day around Rs.90/- and the remaining should be s saving for emergencies.
A good article by the author.

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