Best ways to boost up confidence

Are you searching for tips boost your confidence? In this article you will find different methods to boost up your confidence level.


Confidence is very necessary to get success in every field. We cannot say what factors affect the confidence level. Nobody knows when confidence level boosts and when confidence level decreases. Sometimes people who look confident actually do not have confidence, they only show confidence in upper level. Remember when you need to talk to a strange person, what do you generally do? You had tried to avoid the talk. Most of the people have stage fear and cannot perform at stage. All these happen due to low level of confidence.

If you think you are a single person, then you are wrong. Most of the people have low confidence and needs to boosts up confidence level. Let discuss how you can boost up your confidence level.

Body language

Body language plays an important role in boosting up confidence level. Before entering in a crowded room or crowded hall, stop one minute. See your body. Put your shoulder back and put your neck straight. You will see - this will boost up your confidence twice.

Complete your work

Prepare a list to complete the tasks per week. When you complete a task, tick that work. By completing these tasks one by one, you will feel confident. You would be able to believe in your potential and ability of completing work.

Be positive

Always be positive . Whenever you want to do any task and your internal voice say that it is impossible, then destroy that voice. Believe in your ability and say to yourself that you can do this particular task. Think about the persons who inspire you most. You will be motivated by remembering those persons. The persons may be your mother, father, teacher, friends or any other person of your society. You must destroy negative thinking.

Never think about perfection

Nobody in this world is perfect, so never think about perfection. Do your work with 100 percent effort but never think about perfection. Always try to be better but never be afraid for 100 percent perfection. By trying this, you will never know when you have reached to perfection.

Do unexpected things

Do something special which anybody never expects from you. It will give you a lot of confidence. By doing these types of unexpected things you will be able to boost your confidence level.

Be in contact with friends

Always be in contact with friends. Whenever you feel low confidence level, try to talk with your friends. They will make you to think that you are the best.

Give smiles to strangers

Whenever you meet some strangers, give smiles to them. This will help you to have confidence. Whenever you go to a mall for shopping, always meet a stranger with a smile on your face to boost up your confidence level.

I know it is not an easy task to increase or boost up confidence level suddenly, but by following above mentioned points you will be able to increase your confidence within some weeks.

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Author: K Mohan13 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

The author did gave elaborate tips and ideas on how to boost up the confidence level in self. In this regard I wish to state that always expect a remark from others rather than a praise for the work you have done. If you keep that kind of attitude and option open for criticism and thereafter improvement, surely that will boost your confidence level to much extent. Moreover self probe every work you have accomplished and have the guts to criticize your own work, then that will pave for a good nature in you and you will be accustomed to gain more confidence. Some people just to like to praise us because they like us. But in reality it is not.

Author: Nilesh14 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Nice article by the author. I'd like to add one point, do things that you feel afraid of. I'd like to give an example; when we were in school and the teacher used to teach in the class; if we had any doubt, we wanted to ask to the teacher but for some reason we used to hesitate and our heartbeat used to increase. This happens with almost every student once in a while but once you gather up the courage and ask the teacher, you don't feel that frightening feeling again. This is true in every sphere of life; once you face your fear, it gradually disappears and your confidence also increases. There is a saying that," When it feels scary to jump, that's exactly when you jump otherwise you end up staying at the same place your whole life".

Author: Gaurav Singh20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

One's confidence level also depend on the environment in which he is living and largely on the attitude of the people around him including family members and friends. We generally get demoralized if we always hear negative from others while a word of encouragement and praise is enough for us to energize ourselves. To be confident its necessary to stay motivated so reading and learning about great personality can be of great help. We can learn from their life, their work and their struggle. So, whenever a person face tough times in his life he will fight back with full energy because he had read how others came out from difficulties in their life by fighting back against hard time and created history.
So, getting in touch of people with positive attitude and reading about famous great personality also help in boosting confidence as well as staying confident.

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