The best way to improve your memory

How can you enhance memory? Follow these tips and tricks to boost memory. The brain will remember things better if it receives the right stimulation. Change the way you sleep, manage stress and learn to do all the right things that can help boost memory power.

Memory isn't something that can be triggered with a snap of your fingers. You can't just engage your brain to save information for use later. It takes some bit of effort to build a memory that is as sharp as an elephant's.

According to experts, a good memory relies on the vitality and health of the brain.

Memory is also something that can be improved upon. So, whether you are a student who wants to improve your power to recall what you have studied, a working professional intent on doing everything that you can to stay mentally alert and ahead of your colleagues or an elderly person wanting to preserve and improve your grey cells as age catches up, there are a number of tactics that can be employed to sharpen memory as well as improve mental performance.

So, let's get started.

Exercise your brain

The human brain has the ability to develop neural pathways that assist it in processing and recollecting data speedily and carry out familiar jobs and solve simple problems with relative ease. Over the years the brain creates millions of such pathways. Neural pathways make it easier for us to do the same or similar things repeatedly. The brain gets trained to act quickly.

In essence, when we do the same things frequently, we end up using the same neural pathways over and over again, and hence, carry out the tasks effortlessly and almost robotically. The problem with this is that we fail to provide the brain with the right stimulation for it to grow and develop. To keep the brain alert and responsive, we need to, from time to time, bring in new elements that exercise the brain.

The brain needs to be exercised regularly, to stay sharp, just the way the human body needs a physical workout to maintain strength and flexibility. The more you treat your brain to the right activities the better it will begin to perform. However, not all activities have the same effect, so it is best to use different routines that challenge the brain and make it develop new neural pathways to process newer information and be able to recall it with ease.

The fundamentals of good brain-enhancing activities

  • Ability to teach new things – An activity that has you relying on tricks that you already know, no matter how intellectually demanding it is, will do little in terms of giving your brain an exercise. A good activity would be something that is new and that has you using your brains, to think, to work out solutions. So, introduce new activities that tickle the brain cells
  • Ability to challenge – An activity that you can easily master will fail to challenge your brain. You should engage in brain games that require mental effort and not something that you can do using your memory power
  • Allows you to achieve higher levels of perfection – Look for activities that constantly make you push the envelope. Start an activity at the basic level and then proceed to improve your levels. This way you are always stretching your capabilities and performance
  • Is gratifying – Any activity that you hate doing will fail to activate the brain cells. An activity must be stimulating, it must excite you and have you fully engaged. This will ensure that you don't lose focus and that you eventually gain from the whole experience

Think of activities that can keep you challenged and engaged. Choose a variety of new things that stimulate your brain.

Physical exercise and brain power

Physical activity is essential in improving brain power since it improves the flow of oxygen to the brain. This, in turn, cuts down the risk of disorders that can cause the brain to slow down or cause memory loss. The steady and copious amount of oxygen also makes the brain work better.

Exercise releases feel good hormones, which help in bringing down stress levels. It also boosts the effect of brain chemicals on the brain.

Exercise tips for enhancing brain power

  • Aerobic workouts boost brain power because such workouts increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The rule of the thumb is that any workout that benefits the heart, works for the brain as well. A run or dancing is a good workout for the brain
  • A morning workout can help clear a foggy brain and charge it for the day. Exercising in the morning makes a big difference to the way your brain behaves throughout the day
  • Activities that involve complex motor skills and those that need perfect coordination between the eye and the hands, are exceptionally good for the brain. Any activity that makes two or more body parts work in sync can be extremely beneficial for brain building. Example playing a sport, such as tennis or football
  • Short breaks, between a busy schedule, where an exercise can be incorporated is a great way to ward off mental fatigue. Climbing a few flights of stairs or taking a short walk can boot up a slumped brain

Catch some sleep

Most adults are sleep deprived. They fail to see the difference between the amount of sleep they get and the amount that is required. An average adult requires between 7 ½ and 9 hours of sound sleep, each night. Losing out on the required amount of sleep can slow down the brain's functioning. Lack of adequate sleep will compromise your brain's ability to function at its fullest. Sleep deprivation of even a few hours can hamper creativity, critical-thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and memory.

Research indicates that sleep is vital to both learning and memory. According to studies sleep plays a crucial role in memory consolidation, and significant memory-enhancement happens when we are in deep slumber.

Tips to getting a good night's Zzzzs

  • Create a regular sleeping schedule, try and hit the bed at the same time every night. Also, plan to get up at a fixed time, in the morning. Follow the same routine on weekends too
  • Switch off all devices that have a screen, an hour before going to bed. There is evidence that the lights emitted by these screens cause sleep to be disturbed. They obstruct the production of melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone, and you can lay awake in bed when you should be sleeping
  • If sleep doesn't come easily then try cutting down your caffeine intake. Reduce or cut it out completely and see if that helps you sleep better

Eliminate stress

Stress is bad news; it can hinder the way your brain works. Individuals who suffer from chronic stress can suffer from memory loss. Continuous stress can affect brain cells and impair the hippocampus, the part of the brain where memories are built and retrieved.

Learn to manage stress

  • Avoid taking on more than you can handle. Be realistic about what you can do, and learn to 'no'
  • Dot your day with short breaks when you can rejuvenate yourself, with a short walk
  • Don't keep things bottled up. Release built up emotions
  • Create me time – remember, all work and no play, is not good for anyone. Focus on activities that help you unwind
  • Divide your jobs into small doable segments. Don't strain yourself multi tasking

Laughter and friends

The age old adage that laughter is the best medicine is so true. Apart from its effect on the emotional well-being, laughter engages several sections of the brain. Catching the punch lines in the jokes stimulates the part of the brain that is vital to creativity and learning. Surround yourself with fun people, join groups that have the most laughter and lighten up, laugh at yourself.

Surround yourself with friends. We are social beings and being with people fuels our brains. Conversations that lead to discussions, light banter, listening to others talk and sharing information and more create an atmosphere that is conducive for the brain and memory.

Practice these simple things, make them part of your daily routine and you'll keep your brain cells well greased and working until heaven sends you an invite!

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Author: Gaurav Singh22 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

The author has suggested many things to boost memory and to help mind relax. These tips are very beneficial for those people who find it to difficult to remember or memorize anything.
As a student I have also noticed something about the working of human mind. When we study new topics and if we are not continuous at study, we find it very difficult to understand the concept. But if we continue studying without worrying much that we are not getting things, we start learning things after 4-5 days and after about 20 days we feel that we are learning things very quickly.
I think all this happens only because there is a part of our brain which need to be activated for quick learning and memorizing and this part of the brain can be activated through persistent efforts. So, I would suggest everyone that when you find anything hard to understand or memorize, don't give up, keep trying. No one is slow witted, only your concentration and focus matters.

Author: Anauj02 Sep 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Absolutely, the brain like the rest of our body needs a good workout, only then does it perform to its fullest. One cannot decide to run a marathon, without first preparing for it. Similarly, the brain needs to be stimulated, so it begins to perform.

You know the common adage that ‘practice makes perfect' best describes this whole thing. Constant practice helps in activating the brain to remember and to think better. Practice acts like fuel to the brain that ignites it to perform.

I mentioned neural pathways in the article. Continuous use of the brain creates newer neural pathways that enhance the brain's performance. This is why scientist insist that we must use our brain to ward off the age related slow down of the brain. Working the brain, at all ages, helps in keeping it healthy.

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