Best ways to gain weight naturally

It is quite natural for an underweight person to try to gain weight. In the present article, various ways to naturally gain weight has been discussed. If a person wants to gain weight, these steps must be followed. At the same time, such persons must not fall in the trap of the advertisements of the weight-gaining medicines/capsules which propagate gaining weight with the help of those medicines.

When a person is overweight, he/she tries to lose weight. On the other hand, when a person is underweight/skinny, it is quite natural for him/her to try to gain weight. In this article, the ways to gain weight naturally are being discussed.

#1: Add calorie-rich food in your diet

A person who is trying to gain weight must add calorie-rich food. The person should try to take full fat cheese, peanut butter, honey, dry fruits, figs, and complex carbohydrates like brown rice, barley and whole grains. A person trying to gain weight must avoid simple carbohydrates like white flour, white rice and sugar.

#2: Take protein to build muscles

If a person wants to develop muscles, he/she must take protein-rich foods every day. It is desirable to take protein-rich food after work-out. Person wants to develop muscle must take chicken, lean pork, eggs, fish, beans and lentils. It is stressed that these protein-rich foods must be taken regularly to get viable result.

#3: Take healthy oils and fats

A person trying to gain weight must start taking healthy oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, nuts, etc. He/she must also take coconut oil sparingly because coconut oil contains ninety percent saturated fat.

#4: Eat regularly

A person who wants to gain weight must eat food regularly. He/she must take four to six meals everyday and as and when he/she feels like eating, should take banana, whole grain bread and peanut butter.

#5: Don't take junk food

In this connection, it must be remembered that a person wants to gain weight must not take junk food. Junk food causes more harm than good because it contains unsaturated fats and semi-cooked protein.

#6: Exercise and lift weights

A person aspiring to gain weight must exercise regularly and lift weights along with taking calorie-rich food. Regular exercise will help building up of muscles.

#7: Don't drink before eating

Drinking water or other beverages gives a sense of filling up. This means taking water or other beverages immediately before the meal will not allow a person to take adequate food. So, the dieticians advise us not to drink before eating.

#8: Start taking milk powder

Instant milk powder makes food delicious. At the same time, it makes the dish creamier. So, the people who want to gain weight must include milk powder in their diet plan.

#9: Treat the disease

If a person loses weight or have become underweight due to some disease/ailments, he/she must give proper attention to treat the disease first which has caused loss of weight. Only after getting cured from that disease, further steps as mentioned above must be taken to gain weight.

Concluding comments

A person can gain weight naturally by following the above steps i.e. by taking treatment for any disease in which he/she is suffering and by taking nutritive, calorie-rich food at least four times a day. However, at the same time everyone must be careful not to fall in the trap of the advertisements of gaining weight very quickly by taking various medicines. It must be remembered that the medicines for gaining weight available in the market may cause more harm than good.

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Author: Nilesh14 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Very nice article by the author, covering many important points that will help in gaining weight. I'd like to add a few more: -
1. Proper sleep- One should never compromise with his/her sleep and should sleep for at least 6-7 hours a day. A quality sleep is very important in muscle growth.
2. Quit smoking and tobacco - If you smoke regularly, it is quite likely that your weight gain will be slower than the person who doesn't. Also, tobacco has a similar effect. It hinders with the metabolism and the person doesn't feel hungry that often. So one must get rid of these habits, if he/she wants to gain weight.
3. Use larger plates for eating food. - It has been shown that people tend to eat more when they are served food on a larger plate. This is psychological as when we eat in a smaller plate, the quantity of food seems more and hence actually we eat less food while in case of larger plates, we may even eat more than our regular diet as the food appears to be in less amount.
4. Eat different food daily - If you eat the same food daily, you might get bored of it and won't feel like eating. It may have severe effect on your diet. So keep changing your meal and eat different things daily. Also, try to make your food as tasty as possible; tastier the food, more you can eat.

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