Best ways to quit smoking

Smoking is a bad habit and a person who is addicted to it cannot stop smoking all of a sudden. To quit smoking, one needs some time and has to practice the best alternative ways to kill smoking gradually. If you have decided to quit smoking for your good, then have a look into this article and try the best possible ways mentioned in this article to remove the habit of smoking from your life.

Smoking is one of the serious types of addiction which has many harmful effects. The person who smokes cigarettes knows all the risks and effects of smoking, but still they never step forward to kick the habit. Tobacco is widely available in the world and it contains substance such as nicotine, acetone and carbon-monoxide. Nicotine which is present in tobacco helps the smokers to boost energy by relieving stress, anxiety, boredom and depression. On the other hand, nicotine also has the power to cause lung cancer and other respiratory problems. But without thinking about the harmful effects of nicotine, many people get addicted to the feel good effect of nicotine to get relieved from stress and boredom. Is smoking the only way to relieve from stress? Absolutely No! Because there are a lot of natural and healthy alternative methods which can be followed to relieve from stress. So, throw the habit of smoking and get out of the physical and psychological addiction by following the below mentioned best possible ways to quit smoking.

Plan and prepare yourself to quit smoking

Smoking cannot be stopped just like that because it is a serious addiction and it needs some time to get out of it completely. If you have decided to quit smoking, then plan and prepare yourself before you try to quit smoking. Ask multiple questions to you and get yourself stabilized. It is obvious for a person, to get tempted to touch cigarettes in some serious and stressful situations. Make a promise to yourself that you will not smoke at any situations and try to follow the below mentioned things before you try to put an end to smoking.

Quit Smoking

i. Fix a quit date

Remember, you should never use cigarettes after your quit date at any situations. So, prepare yourself mentally and fix a date to quit smoking based on your convenience. If you are very serious about your decision to quit smoking, you can select your birth date and take it as your birthday resolution. It need not be a special day; you can also fix a date as you like. It is better to quit when you feel relaxed and stay in a good mood.

ii. Share your quitting plan to family and friends

Tell your family members, friends and colleagues about your plan to quit smoking and seek for encouragement and mental support from them. Because when you are depressed or bored and have a feeling to smoke cigarettes then at that critical moment you can get help from your friends or family members to divert yourself from smoking. Try to have a control over your emotions and never open up.

iii. List the harmful effects of smoking

Once you have decided to quit smoking, take a paper and list all the harmful effects of smoking. While preparing the list, be aware of all the serious health effects of smoking. When you feel tempted to smoke, open the list and recall all the ill-effects of smoking. If you are not interested to list the harmful effects of smoking, then you can use an alternative way to control yourself. Download videos on the harmful effects of smoking from the internet and watch it whenever you feel tempted to smoke because it will trigger the mind and creates a control.

iv. Throw out the smoking triggers

Before your quit date, throw away all the things that remind you of smoking. Identify the smoking triggers that urge you to smoke and clear it out. Some of the smoking triggers are cigarettes, empty cigarette boxes, tobacco products, matches, lighter, ashtray and cigarette holder. Throw out all the smoking triggers from your eyesight. Sometimes your clothes will have the smell of a smoke which will trigger you to smoke cigarettes, so completely wash everything using soap and apply perfume over it to avoid the smell of smoke. Avoid hanging out with the friends who smoke until you are completely out of the habit of smoking.

How to handle cigarette cravings

Once you stop smoking, your body will experience a series of physical and mental changes because of the withdrawal of nicotine intake. Some of the common nicotine withdrawal symptoms are nervousness, headache, anxiety, depression, frustration, insomnia, fatigue, etc. Cigarette craving is one of the serious symptoms which should be handled properly, because it will urge you to smoke. So, to handle cigarette cravings, follow the below mentioned ways

i. Imagine yourself in a non-smoking zone

When you are tempted to smoke cigarettes, imagine you are staying in a non-smoking zone or go to a place where smoking is not allowed. Stick "No Smoking" signs or posters in your house, work desk and car because on seeing such signs you can control yourself and can try to kill your cigarette cravings.

ii. Distract yourself

Do physical activities or keep yourself engaged to get your mind off smoking. When you have cigarette cravings, distract yourself by doing activities such as watching TV, listening music, bathing, cooking, reading, drawing, playing, solving puzzles, etc. You can also get support from your friends and family to divert yourself from smoking. When you have a desire to smoke, keep your hands busy by holding a pen, a ball or a toothpick.

iii. Relax yourself

Anxiety, frustration, depression and boredom usually urge you to smoke. So, in case of such situations calm down and relax yourself. To reduce the feelings of frustration, go for a walk. You can also relax your mind by doing meditation, yoga and exercise. Squeeze smiley balls whenever you are tempted to smoke because it controls the thirst to smoke and reduces stress. Work burden always leads to stress. So, to control cigarette cravings and to be free from stress at workplace, follow the stress busters and stress relieving tips.

iv. Take oral substitutes

When cigarette cravings hit you, take an oral substitute to keep your mouth occupied. Some of the common oral substitutes are gums, candies, sunflower seeds, lime juice, soda, carrot, mint, etc. Sucking an empty drinking straw is one of the best ways to handle cigarette cravings.

v. Drink plenty of water

When you have a thirst to smoke, drink plenty of cold water because water reduces the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Also remember not to have caffeine products and alcohol when you have cigarette cravings.

Follow therapies and medication

Refer a doctor or get the help of professionals to quit smoking completely. Lot of therapies and medications are available to kick smoking. Some of the common therapies prescribed by the doctors are Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Acupuncture, Behavioral therapy, Hypnosis and Motivational therapies. While fixing an appointment for therapies and medication, make sure whether you have reached licensed professionals or doctors.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is one of the slow and steady processes where a small dose of nicotine substitutes will be prescribed instead of nicotine to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. The nicotine substitutes will be delivered into the body through nasal sprays, gums, inhalers, gums, tablets or patches. The therapy reflects side effects such as insomnia, throat irritation, night mares, nasal irritation, hiccups, etc.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical techniques which help to manage the smoking withdrawal symptoms by allowing the body to relax. Visit an acupuncturist and get an appointment if you have decided to quit smoking via acupuncture.

Hypnosis is one of the popular therapies which brings relaxation and eliminates the feeling towards cigarettes. In this therapy, you will be pushed into a relaxed state and the professionals will listen to the open suggestions and will strengthen your mind to quit smoking.

Behavioral therapy and Motivational therapies are the special therapies which break the habit of smoking by cultivating coping skills into the minds of the smokers who have planned to kick the habit of smoking.


Yes! I agree, it is really tough to quit smoking, but changing the behavior and controlling the mood in a positive way will help you to quit the habit for good. Remember the saying, "Try and try until you succeed" when you are in a mission to quit smoking. Motivate yourself and try to put an end to the habit of smoking by following the alternative and best possible ways mentioned in this article to quit smoking. Even if you fail multiple times, try harder to kick out the bad habit of smoking from your life.

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Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala11 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Really a very good article which includes all the method by which a person can quit smoking. One of the best way of quit smoking is to take a teaspoon of honey and keep it as long as you can , in your mouth. It will certainly help.
Thanks and words of appreciation for submitting such a nice article.

Author: Nilesh14 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Very nice article by the author. It covers almost all the ways that will help a person to quit smoking. I'd like to add one more. You should set short term goals like I won't smoke till next two weeks and when you complete it, reward yourself. Receiving rewards for something has been proven to be a very good motivator. So whenever you achieve a short term goal, reward yourself with things like your favorite food, drink, a movie etc.

Author: K Mohan16 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

This article really gives a great tutorial for those who are a regular smoker and wants to quit for betterment of their life. Surely such articles must be encouraged and awarded more. But what I feel that smokers are always adamant people who wont listen to the advise of any one regarding quitting the smoking. Even they wont heed to the request of their own children. One of my relative who is the chain smoker was chided and scolded by his children often, but still he continues to smoke without the notice of others and get hospitalized for treatment now and then. Though doctors advise him to desist from smoking, he just promises but wont keep up. On my advise too he just says, that he is earning lots of money and want to enjoy this life to the hilt. I chided him that smoking is not enjoyment but shortening his life further. For that some sense prevailed in him and now instead of using one packet daily he reduced to two or three fags daily. That was great improvement from his side. Surely he can quit the smoking sooner or later.

Author: Swati Sarnobat14 Feb 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

If you want to quit smoking, plan to quit gradually. A person cannot fight his addiction in a day. A person can also plan to initially consume something else instead of smoking. So, a person can feel satisfied and also find a pathway to quit smoking gradually. Instead of smoking, they can eat their favorite food. To quit smoking, a person should be determined.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha20 Feb 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

To quit smoking calls for a determination from the inner core of the heart. Serious thinking in this regard may not help to that extent. The smokers should make a periodic routine say for three hours and should examine how far they are successful in relinquishing their smoking habits. Gradually, the time period is to be extended in installments. A relaxed but firm approach will surely help in giving up this habit.

The other technique as indicated by the author such as support of the families and friends may put a curb on smoking but unless there is inner motivation to do the same, such a mission will remain unfulfilled.
Engaging the mind in some constructive activities such as reading or solving some puzzles can distract the mind of smokers from smoking.

Author: Umesh02 Mar 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Changing any habit is a challenging task in our lives and smoking is no exception. It requires a lot of will power and self-control to quit smoking. The experts will suggest methods and ways to quit smoking but few of them actually work in real life.

The habit cannot be changed in one day. It is to be done in a tapered manner, slowly but steadily.

It is said that to fight a demon a devil is required. Many people start taking betel nut or chewing gum in place of smoking. Though it may seem to be a funny thing to acquire another bad habit to eradicate one, it is sometimes required and interestingly, it works.

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