Thigh cramp: Reasons and Ways to prevent

Every human being has had experience of thigh cramp, which is very painful and causes considerable distress. In this article, the author discusses the causes of thigh cramp and the ways to minimize it. Read to know more.

All of us have suffered from thigh cramp in our life. Thigh cramps are very painful and cause distress and discomfort. It may be very dangerous if we suffer from thigh cramp in the middle of a busy road. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons of thigh cramp and the steps required to be taken to prevent thigh cramp.

Reasons of thigh cramp

There are various reasons of thigh cramp in humans. These are:
  • Thigh cramp is caused when we over-exert our body.
  • It is caused when a person is dehydrated. Decrease of fluids in the body causes imbalance in the electrolytes, which is the reason behind cramp in our body muscles.
  • When we stay inactive for a long time and then suddenly start heavy work, thigh cramp may occur.

Ways to prevent thigh cramp

  1. Drink lot of water: Dehydration is one of the main reasons of thigh cramp. So it is recommended to drink at least three liters of water every day. This will help the body remain hydrated. Not only plain water, a person must take fruit juice, coconut water and milk to keep the body free from cramps.
  2. Do stretch exercises: Regular exercise of calf muscles, thighs, knees and ankles helps a person to develop the muscles and to avoid cramps in those muscles. Regular stretching makes our muscles free and mobile, and this helps avoiding cramps.
  3. Ride stationary cycle: Before going to bed a person may ride a stationary cycle to prevent cramps in various muscles especially in thigh muscles.
  4. Increase intake of vitamin C: A person must regularly take food items rich in vitamin C. Fruits like orange, tomato , guava, kiwi, etc. are very rich in vitamin C. Increase in intake of vitamin C prevents thigh cramp.
  5. Take mineral-rich food: Inadequate intake of potassium, magnesium and calcium are directly responsible for electrolyte imbalance and thigh cramp. If there is shortage of these three minerals in our body, the muscles would not be able to function properly causing cramps. So, to prevent thigh cramp, a person should increase intake of mineral-rich food.
  6. Correct posture during sleeping, sitting and standing: It is very important to maintain correct posture while sitting, standing or sleeping. This will avoid over-exertion of thigh muscles and consequently cause less chance of thigh cramp.
  7. Use loose blanket: When a person goes to sleep he/she should take loose blanket to cover himself/herself. This will help to keep his/her feet along with the toes in a proper alignment while sleeping. This in turn minimizes the chance of thigh cramp.
  8. Take aquatic therapy: Aquatic therapy is becoming popular nowadays to prevent leg and thigh cramp. Swimming is a very good aquatic exercise to prevent cramps, especially thigh cramp. Those who don't know swimming, can perform various stretching exercises and contraction of muscles in water.

Concluding comments

As already stated, thigh cramp is very painful and sometime very dangerous. It is caused due to inaccurate posture, over-exertion and electrolyte imbalance in muscles. So, we must take vitamin C and mineral rich food items; sleep, sit and stand in correct posture and do regular exercises. These will help us to minimize the possibility of thigh cramp.

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