How can we do the treatment for a snake bite?

Snake is one of the animals in the earth. It has different types of snakes are available in the world. Snakes has high poison and more dangerous in humans. Some snakes are very high toxins to bite any human to death in within a second and some snakes are less poisonous to bite any human with cure of some first aid and ayurvedic medicines can cured.

Snake bite is dangerous but do not harm humans. Snakes do not waste their poison in humans but some defensive or irritating the snakes to protect themselves in human bite. If the bite peoples are not treating quickly the venom can be death of humans. Snake has bite the skin will poison or venom hardly injected to flow the blood as some allergic and infection of the skin.

The venom spread entire body to flow the nerve to affect the body parts one be one the external place with skin itching, breathing problem, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness to decrease the immune systems. A first aid is must necessary to bite the snake after the treatment.

Snakes as different types such has venomous snake like rattlesnakes, moccasins water snakes, king cobra, copper heads snake, black mambo cobra, coral snakes, sea snakes.
Rattle snakes are available in Austria and America, Moccasins water snakes are live North America, Cobra snakes are available in India and Africa. Snakes are bite the humans smells the teeth to predators are eating. Some First aid treatment and home remedies of ayurvedic and siddha medicines as follows:

Snakes are more dangerous to bite humans are some symptoms to following

  1. Low blood pressure is consider
  2. Decrease the immunity system.
  3. Unwanted nausea
  4. Breathing should be difficult to normal breath.
  5. Eyes vision not to see any one
  6. Throat are dryness and itching
  7. Muscle weakness and severe pain
  8. Change in skin colour
  9. Stomach pain, headache, difficult swallow and diarrhea
  10. Fever and burning sensation of the body

First Aid Treatment

  1. Snake to bite the legs, firstly you can put the cloth or thread to be surrounding tightens it. Because the toxin or venom will circulate slowly to the entire body.
  2. In tense condition, to be keep calm and no movement of the body it will travel poison has slow to entire the body.
  3. If you note the time of snake bite and don't waste the time to see the carry the vehicle.
  4. Remove unwanted things such as jewels, rings, cloth, mobile phones and swelling
  5. Don't walk and stress this time
  6. Some salt could be sweaping the taste will change its poison to flow the blood.

Home Remedies

  1. Naaiyurvi leaf – Achyranthes aspera leaves to grind and juice a drop of snake bite area applied over bitten area to cure the poison or toxin it will antibiotics.

  2. Onion is the best medicine to cure the first aid treatment of snake bite and also Garlic is always best to bite to control the flow of poison.
  3. Analivegam – Aistonia venenata roots and leaves to cure the bitten of poison to flow the control.
  4. Neem leaves and black pepper take a handful of leaf to eat you can feel bitterness it will cure poison.
  5. Banana Stem to cut the stem with trunk in juice taken to drink it will very effective control and remove the poison of snakes bitten.
  6. Leucas aspera leaves grinding the juice to drink.
  7. Aaraik keerai, cow milk and brown sugar in all mix to drink it treated the snake bite.
  8. Tulasi leaves – Basil leaves take a handful leaves grind with water during the bite helps.
  9. Castor oil should be drunk and put in the mouth of the snake bite. Take out the sucking poison and spit out away. It will be safe of the human and poison dry out in the body.
  10. In home, there are many remedies like tamarind tree seeds will be paste the above the snake bite to control the poison not to mix in blood.
  11. Papaya leaf Kasayam to drink and it will prevent the poison.


It can be prevented many ways of the snakes. Snake has hide in the grass and rocks and trees with hide any objects. When working outside the areas, snakes may be present to wear boots, long pants, and leather gloves. You can see the snake are hide with burn the cloth smoke to come away the outside garden is going. Avoid alcohol and smoking it will pain killer affect the body and snake bite.

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Author: K Mohan08 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Though the elders are used to give household remedies for snake bite, nowadays there are advanced treatments for such snake bites. So we must immediately shift the patient to the nearby hospital to give instant treatment otherwise the poison would spread fast. In fact, the 108 ambulances of the government are having such medicines and first aid materials so that the patient gets immediate relief even before reaching the hospital.

Author: Reena Upadhya20 Sep 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 9

If you have seen the snake, you should be able to describe its appearance when medical staff arrives. Appearance might give them an idea to determine whether the snake was poisonous or not. If you have certain ideas about the snake and for sure you know that it was not a poisonous one, you can treat the snake bite same as you treat a punctured wound. In case you are unsure and the affected person is facing various symptoms such as finding difficulty in breathing and losing consciousness, call medical help as soon as possible.

Until the medical assistance arrives utilize the time to help the affected person to lie down. The wounded part should be below the level of the heart. Calm down the person and ask them to rest. Help them to remain still which will prevent the spread of venom in different areas of the body. Search for a sterile bandage and if not available get some clean cloth and cover the wounded area loosely. In case foot or leg was bitten by a snake, remove the shoes.

Do not try to perform any kind of surgery on own by scraping or cutting the wound open. Some people try to suck the poison out of the wound. Don't do that. It may not only quickly enter other areas of the body but also it may be dangerous to the life of another person who is doing that. Do not try to apply water or ice to the affected area. Do not give medications to the affected person and don't try to relax the person by offering caffeinated fluids or alcohol.

If the snake bite was not poisonous and you treated the wound at home itself does not necessarily mean that health care is not necessary. Call the doctor as the person still needs to be given tetanus injections. Every 10 years they have to be given a shot of tetanus boosters. Hospital treatment depends on whether the snake was poisonous or not. If it was poisonous, anti-venom type of treatment will be given to the patient.

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