Know how to groom your personality

Grooming of personality is an important requirement in the present society. For proper and successful interaction with others, it is essential to groom our personality. In this article, the author discusses some tips to develop various positive personality traits. Read to know.

Personality indicates behaviour, traits, emotion and interpersonal relationship with other people. As human being is a social animal, development of personality is very important for a person in his/her day today life. Not only that, personality traits of a person help him/her to progress in career. Negative personality traits may cause problems in daily life and career advancement. In this article, we are going to discuss various tips to groom the personality. If a person consciously follows these tips, he/she will be able to create a positive impression in the minds of people with whom he/she interacts in daily life, in social circles and also in working place.

#1: Keep smiling

We must smile while talking to others. Smiling creates a definite positive impression in the minds of others. After all, people like jovial persons. Smiling does not cost us anything but helps in many circumstances.

#2: Listen to others

It is a very important personality trait. A patient listener is always liked by all. If we listen to others' grievances and problems and even if we are not able to solve their problems, listening to them will create a positive environment. If a manager patiently listens to the complaints of his/her workers and subordinates, he/she may develop a rapport with the workers which would be very useful in future.

#3: Interact with people

Human being is a social animal. We cannot live in a secluded sphere. We have to contact others, we have to meet others, we have to interact with others everyday. So, we must learn to properly interact with other people. Different people have different characteristics; we must learn how to handle them in an effective manner.

#4: Learn to appreciate others

If we find good traits in others, we must appreciate it. If our subordinates in office give a good and novel idea, we must acknowledge it. Appreciation and acknowledgment can work wonders. This is being taught by human resource management specialists all over the world. This also increases the respect of the person in others eyes.

#5: Be a positive person

Always try to look at the positive side of every issue. We must learn that every problem has a solution. Only a person with positive mindset can work out a solution to the problem. A positive person is liked by others. So, we must be positive and we must learn to throw the negative thoughts out of our mind.

#6: Try to check silly habits

Every person has some silly/dirty habits. For example, some people bite their nails. Some people spit while talking. We must try to avoid or check those silly habits. If we consciously check these habits, after sometime we would be able to get rid of these.

#7: Love yourself

If we love ourselves, only then we will make conscious efforts to improve. So, to improve our personality, we have to love ourselves and make conscious efforts for improvement.

#8: Control your feelings and emotions

We must not succumb to un-controlled anger and violent attitude. If the situation is unfavourable or if the person with whom we are interacting is irrational, we must control our anger, breathe deeply and then say what we want to say politely but firmly. If we can control ourselves and channelize our emotion in a proper manner, only than people will give proper respect to us.

Concluding comments

In the present day world, it is very important to groom ourselves. The society is becoming more complex and only a properly groomed person with proper mental balance and emotional intelligence can cope up with the growing demand of the family, working place and the overall society. So, we must make conscious efforts to groom our personality in a positive manner.

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Author: Anauj16 Aug 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Absolutely right, these are the most desirable traits in a person.

When it comes to grooming yourself it helps to include another aspect that can add to your personality quotient –

Be up-to-date with current affairs. This helps in making conversation and leaving a mark on others. A well-informed person can fit into any group and be able to hold his own. It is important to be in touch with what is happening around the world, in politics, sports, weather and general.

I have always felt that reading enhances the personality because you learn so much from it.

Also, having a few anecdotes up your sleeve is also a good way to get and keep the attention.

Practice being witty, people like funny people, who are sharp and funny.

Author: Sanatan Baishya17 Aug 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Being human we should always aware of our personal behaviour. It reflects our personality.

Specific quality which has been quoted by the author is most essential to groom our personality. Mainly positive attitude should be a part of our human life. It helps us to make a good environment and also helps to solve problems.

Though it is not easy in practical life to give up bad habits, but it is most important to groom ourselves.

Author: Partha K.17 Aug 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

I sincerely thank Ms. Juana and Mr. Baishya for reading the article. I have tried to give some simple tips to improve our personality. These tips are required to be practised consciously till these become habits. The tips given by Ms. Juana are very relevant. A witty person who is aware of the events happening around him/her is confident, and this confidence becomes a positive aspect of his/her personality.

At the same time, I must state that grooming is a long-time process and development of personality in a desired manner can't be achieved within a short time.

Author: Nilesh17 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Nice article by the author. I'd like to add a few tips as well-
1. Have a sense of humour- One of the most attractive traits of anyone's personality is sense of humour. Everyone likes a person who is always laughing and is making a constant effort to make other's smile as well. Such person welcomed everywhere. Also, one should learn to take jokes on himself in a sporty spirit and shouldn't get offended by other people's jokes.
2. Understand others- Many times it happens that we meet someone who is different than us and have a different sense of humour. If we don't have understanding of that person's thoughts, we might take his jokes seriously and get offended. This must be avoided; firstly take some time to understand a person, it will help in avoiding conflicts. No one likes a person who is involved in quarrels or fights.
3. Groom yourself- Here grooming refers to having a nice hair cut, proper shave, wearing good clothes and all physical aspects. No matter what people say, first impression always matters and looking good is the best way to do it.

Author: Mjaay20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

The article mentions very good points as how you can groom your personality. Actually an individual can tell you how you get motivated but then you have to motivate yourself. This Shiva Khera mentions in his book “You Can Win".

Apart from this before going further have a positive self esteem .This is basically used to build confidence. In the future if you join any job from teaching, management or in the corporate sector you need to be good speaker, listener and know how to appreciate people and praise them if they have done something good. This will give the other person motivation.

Author: Swati Sarnobat11 Jul 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

To groom your personality, first, believe in yourself. Then, you can develop confidence. You must learn to admit your mistake and convert it into a learning process. Also, at the same time, you should capitalize on your strengths and work upon your weakness.

Always maintain a good relationship with your neighbors. In this way, you can build a social circle and feel motivated.

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