9 Amazing health benefits of bay leaves

This article explains various health benefits of bay leaves like preventing cancer, curing digestion related troubles, relieving pain etc. They are good for cardiovascular and kidney health. They are of great help to bring down blood glucose level in diabetes.


Bay leaves can be used either in fresh, dried or powdered form. They are aromatic leaves mainly used to impart aroma to dishes and have been used since ancient times throughout the world in various cuisines. They have healing, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties and these properties encourage their use in the treatment of various skin and hair problems. Oil extracted from them, called as bay leaf oil also has various medicinal properties and is very helpful in the treatment of various diseases. They also have anti-inflammatory, astringent and diuretic qualities which greatly benefit health. They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and contain plant-derived compounds.

Health benefits of bay leaves are as follows-

  1. Relieve common cold and other infections
  2. Bay leaves are effective in fighting against viruses causing common cold, flu and similar infections. Instead of opting for allopathic medicine, one can opt to make use of this herbal medicine. Bay leaf tea made from boiling few bay leaves in water can bring down body temperature very effectively. It also brings relief in repeated sneezing. In case of respiratory problems like flu, cough, common cold, boil some water and add crushed few bay leaves in it. Let the water boil for 10-15 minutes. Soak a towel in this water and place on chest area which will effectively reduce the prevailing symptoms.

  3. Bay leaves reduce pain
  4. Bay leaves has anti-inflammatory property which helps to relieve pain. A paste can be made from grinding bay leaves and castor leaves together. Applying it regularly over joint area, effectively reduces joint pain and swelling. To get rid of headaches, paste of bay leaves can be applied on forehead. Also, bay leaf tea is an effective herbal remedy to get rid of severe headache. Bay leaf essential oil can also be applied over temple area which immediately relieves severe migraines and headaches. Bay leaf oil gets well absorbed in skin and thus creates a feeling of well-being and at the same time improves blood circulation. Pains which are resulting form rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, strains as well as those which are categorized under general pains and aches, all can be very effectively treated due to anti-inflammatory property contained in bay leaf oil. Regular massage over problem areas improves blood circulation and shows remarkable improvement in the condition.

  5. Bay leaf and diabetes
  6. Bay leaves reduce level of glucose in blood as well as levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. Thus, they are used to control type 2 diabetes. Antioxidants present in them helps to process insulin. They should be regularly consumed in powdered form to derive better results in diabetic individuals and those suffering from insulin resistance.

  7. Kidney benefits
  8. Bay leaves has anti-inflammatory property. This property itself helps in the treatment of kidney infections, promotes removal of kidney stones and prevents their formation. Boil handful of crushed bay leaves in a glass of water till it is reduced to quarter of its volume and then drink it to restore kidney's functions and prevent formation of kidney stones.

  9. Cardiovascular benefits
  10. Bay leaves are rich in compunds like phytonutrients, salicylates, rutin etc. These all nutrients enhance working efficiency of heart and boost its health. This in turn improves overall health. Bay leaves also help to get rid of anxiety and heart diseases.

  11. Digestion related benefits
  12. Non-vegetarian dishes are relatively difficult to digest and thereby causes various digestion related troubles. However, if bay leaves are added to them then not only does they enhance taste and impart aroma to dishes, but also enzymes present in them help in breakdown of proteins. This will facilitate easy digestion. They increase appetite and enhance working efficiency of digestive system. They are very helpful in the treatment of various digestion related disorders like heart burn, flatulence, constipation, acid re-flux, indigestion, bloating, irregular bowel movements etc.

  13. Excellent for women health
  14. Bay leaves induce regular menstrual cycles and prevent any irregularity. They help to induce pregnancy and treat vaginal discharge. Since they are good sources of folic acid, they are considered to be good during periconception period. When consumed daily, they reduce risk of birth defects in the child.

  15. Bay leaves prevent cancer
  16. Bay leaves contain a phytonutrient named as parthenolide which efficiently prevents proliferation of cervical cancer cells. Regularly consuming bay leaves in fresh, dried or ground form will prevent formation of cancer cells and increase immunity against different types of cancers from forming in the body. Caffeic acid, euganol, catechins present in bay leaves contain anti cancer properties which will prevent formations of cancer cells in body.

  17. Miscellaneous uses
  18. Regularly consuming concoction made from fresh or dried bay leaves can help to cure nose bleeding. Using powdered bay leaves for cleaning teeth can help in the removal of plaque and debris from teeth and increases whiteness. Consuming bay leaf extract with water at night time promotes good and adequate sleep.


Bay leaves since ancient times have been known for their culinary uses. Not only they impart aroma and taste to the food but have lots of medicinal properties too. They are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and thus they prevent infections from developing in different body parts and organs and cure the already existing ones. They also have astringent and diuretic properties. They have anti-cancer properties and thus prevent formation of cancer cells in body. They are helpful in the treatment of diabetes and improve working efficiency of digestive system, heart and kidney. Learn benefits of aromatic bay leaves and make it a part of daily life which will help to reap many health benefits and live a disease-free, healthy life.

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