Characteristics of a good officer

An officer implements the policy of the management. On the other hand, he has to get the work done by the subordinates. An efficient manager possesses some qualities. The author has discussed the characteristics of an efficient manager. Read on to know more.

An officer works as an interface between top management and the employees. He passes on the directions/guidance of the top management to the employees and implements the policies framed by the organisation. On the other hand, an officer informs the management about the difficulties, problems and other issues of the employees. An officer has to keep proper and balanced relationship with the top management and also with the employees. In this article, we are going to discuss the characteristics of a good and efficient officer.

Understanding the potential of subordinates

This is one of the major qualities required from a good officer. He must understand the potential of his subordinates. It is very essential because only if he understands the potentials of his subordinates, he can successfully delegate the work among his subordinates on the basis of their potential. He can also understand the training needs of his subordinates.

Delegation of work

An efficient officer must learn how to delegate work. Needless to say that it is not possible for an officer to do the entire work himself. So, the work must be delegated among the employees on the basis of their capabilities. Proper delegation is a must for completion of task within the given time period as well as within the allocated resource.

Coordianting ability

An officer cannot remain idle after delegating the work. He must know how to coordinate the work of the subordinates. Without proper coordination, the ultimate result would be zero.

Protecting the subordinates

A good officer must protect his subordinates. If an efficient subordinate makes a mistake, the officer must point out the mistake to him and ask him to rectify the mistake. He must see that the employee is not unnecessarily harassed or punished for his unintentional mistake. So, the officer must protect efficient employees from punishment or harassment.

Understanding the training needs of subordinates

A good officer must know that training is an important HR tool to improve the efficiency of the employees. Training ultimately serves the purpose of the organization. So, the officer must understand the training needs of his subordinates and formulate the training calendar in such a manner so that the work of his division/section does not suffer, but the employees receive required training in a systematic manner.

Understanding the team dynamics

An efficient officer must understand the team dynamics. He must know the potential leader(s) of the team(s) working under him, the followers, the rebels, the team-members who are not motivated. The officer must understand the communication established within a team. Understanding team dynamics is an essential requirement for efficient handling of the task and sorting out the problems.

Be strict when necessary

An officer must be strict as and when it is absolutely necessary. If an indisciplined employee is not punished, indiscipline would be encouraged. The environment will be vitiated and other employees will get a wrong message. So, indisciplined employees must be punished and punishment should be commensurate with the level of indiscipline/insubordination.

Preach what you practice

An officer must set example for his own subordinates. For example, if he asks others to be punctual, at the first instance, he himself must be punctual. Otherwise, nobody would bother to follow his guidance/order. If an officer practices what he preaches, he will be respected by his own subordinates and he will have total control on his employees.

Concluding comments

The officer has to do a perfect balancing job. He must be aware of and sympathetic to the problems and other issues of the employees, but at the same time he must implement the policy of the administration. An officer who possesses the above qualities will be successful in handling his assignments.

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Author: Gaurav Singh21 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

A very well organised article explaining each and every detail of an ideal officer. Perhaps the author has lived or has examined the life of officers very closely and that's why he has mentioned every detail that makes an ideal officer. Very informative.

Author: Partha K.22 Aug 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Thanks to Mr. Gaurav for reading this article. Since the very beginning of my Government service as a greenhorn of 21+ years in 1989, I have received help and co-operation from my subordinates in every organization where I have worked. I have developed the habit of listening to the problems of my colleagues and subordinates. Most of the time, I could not do much to mitigate their grievances, but patient and sympathetic listening has done wonders and I have enjoyed perfect rapport with them.

While studying MBA in Human Resource Management, I studied very seriously the HR subjects like Organisation, Organisational Behaviour, Group, Group Dynamics, HR tools, etc. After completion of the course, I have consciously tried to apply the basic principles of HR in my work, although in personal capacity.

The content of this article is based on my personal experience and education.

Author: K Mohan23 Sep 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

How to be a good officer has been explained well and good suggestions has been provided by the author. But by characteristic of each job all officers cannot be same and they deal with their subordinates and the management differently. What I feel is that unless and until an officer delegates the work among his subordinates to their fullest satisfaction, he cannot expect their full potential work. That means a good officer acts a bridge between the performing group of employees and also the top management. And the officer alone can give good or bad impression about any employee to the management.

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