Characteristics of a physically healthy person

This article explains various characteristics of a physically healthy individual like normal weight, normal blood pressure, normal blood glucose level, flawless healthy skin, healthy hair, good eye health etc. These are the key traits reflecting his physical fitness.


Health is a state in which a person enjoys complete wellness and there is absence of any disorder or illness. To remain healthy, fitness is essential and when we speak of fitness, physical health is the first thing that comes to our mind. To know about mental health go through Characteristics of a mentally healthy person: Part-1 and Part-2. Even a small disorder and sickness of any kind if make room in the body then that person cannot be called as healthy unless that disorder or sickness get cured completely. When body is 100% free from diseases and disorders and can perform at its efficient level only then person can be called as physically healthy.

Characteristics of physical health

A healthy person exhibits certain characteristics which are the key traits reflecting sound health of that person. No microscopic examination is essential to identify most of them as these characteristics can be seen very clear as external features with our naked eyes.

Following are the characteristics of a physically healthy individual-

Physically healthy person maintains normal weight

A healthy individual always maintains adequate weight. He is neither under weight nor over weight or obese. Weight plays a very important role in maintaining health. Body of under weight or over weight individuals do not work efficiently and as a result deficiencies and disorders make a room in body which is a calling bell for sickness. A healthy individual maintains normal weight which is ideal for his height.

Posture is always right

Another important characteristic of a physically healthy person is that he always maintains correct posture. He does not stoop while standing or while he walks. He walks with right pace which is neither very slow nor very fast i.e., he walks with easy quick long steps and more importantly do not drag his feet while walking. His back always remains straight and he never hunches. Shoulder of a healthy person always remain in alignment with his heels.

Flawless skin

Skin reflexes inner health of an individual. If a person is healthy then definitely his skin will appear to be clear, blemish free and firm. No sort of rashes or indentations can be seen on skin. Healthy skin does not store up excess water leading to swelling on face. Pimples, stretch marks, blemishes, excessive oily or dry skin, indentations, swelling, rashes, redness are all signs of unhealthy skin and improper functioning of internal organs.

Healthy eyes

Eyes of a physically healthy individual appears to be clear. No redness or yellowish discoloration can be seen. Skin around eyes remain blemish free and there will be no signs of dark under eye circles. Also, skin around eyes do not shows signs of puffiness or sogginess. Pupils remain of their normal size and do not show signs of dilation or constriction. Blinking count is normal along with eye movements. There will be no erratic movements and wild stares.

Healthy hair

Like skin, hair health too reflects inner health of a person. Recurrence of dandruff, hair fall, brittle hair, too oily or too much dryness in hair, split ends are all signs of underlying diseases or deficiencies in body. Not only physical sickness causes hair problems but mental ill-health like too much stress and tension too result in hair related problems. A person who is healthy always enjoys shine and luster in hair and never faces hair loss, dandruff or other hair related problems. Texture of hair remains fine along with normal oil secretion preventing hair from becoming too oily or too dry.

Features are symmetrical

Right side and left side of a physically healthy person are symmetrical. No portion in either of the sides come protruded outside. Both the sides are well balanced. No cyst or any sort of swelling anatomically creates asymmetry. There is no sign of pain in any of the portion on either sides. Muscles, bone, skin, organs etc are in no way larger or smaller than the other side.

Good grip and flexibility

A physically healthy individual always displays firm grip. There is quite firmness or tightness in his grip unlike diseased person whose grip is very loose. Healthy person has good palm control and good flexibility. Day to day functions can be performed by him without any difficulty. No pain or spasm is experienced by him while bending, walking or lifting anything from floor. No muscle or joint pain makes him suffer and delays his regular work. Normal body movements can be performed by him very smoothly.

Low resting heart rate

If resting heart rate is below 60 beats every minute then this is a sign of physical fitness and it promotes long life span. A physically healthy individual always displays low resting heart rate. Before completely shutting down, heart beats for certain number of times. Heart is nothing but more of a machine which pumps blood and oxygen to all the vital organs. This is the reason that resting heart rate should be low. If resting heart rate is low then an individual's chance of longevity increases.

Blood pressure is within normal range

Blood pressure of a physically healthy individual always remains within normal range. It neither lowers causing hypo-tension nor exceeds the normal range leading to hypertension. Increase or decrease in the normal blood pressure is considered to be an abnormality. Normal blood pressure should be in the range of 120/80 to 140/90. However, in elderly individuals, range increases to higher level and it is considered absolutely normal for their age.

Blood glucose is within normal range

A physically fit person always displays blood glucose level within normal range. Healthy lifestyle keeps glucose level in his blood within normal range which is 100mg/dL on fasting and 140mg/dL 2 hours after eating. This ensures proper functioning of liver as insulin secretion is efficient. Too much or too little blood glucose level will cause severe damage to the body. Also, diabetes can cause many problems such as kidney diseases, heart attack, blindness, atherosclerosis etc.

Response time is normal

Response time of a physically fit individual is real quick i.e., he displays quick reflexes. If reflex time is prolonged then this indicates underlying causes which are delaying reflexes and this definitely is not a good sign.

High level of HDL cholesterol

A healthy individual always displays high level of high-density cholesterol i.e., above 90 mg/dL of HDL cholesterol. This reduces risk of heart related diseases. Importance of HDL cholesterol is that it prevents blockages from forming in the arteries of heart. Any blockages formed increase the risk of heart attacks and other heart related diseases.

Respiration is normal

Respiration process i.e., inhalation of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide of a physically healthy person is stable. It is neither increased nor decreased abnormally. His respiration cycles are regular and within normal range which is 12 to 20 breaths/minute. This ensures that his lungs and his overall respiratory system is working efficiently and this is because there is an even flow of oxygen inside the body.

Possess balanced muscle strength

A physically healthy individual always displays balanced muscular strength. Opposing muscles should acquire balanced strength. For example, strength ratio of opposing muscles like biceps and triceps should be 1:1. Similarly, strength ratio of quadriceps and hamstrings should be 3:2. This is a characteristic of physically fit body.

Disease free body

Most important characteristic of a healthy person or a healthy body is that it is free of diseases. Health and sickness contrast each other. Even if slight sickness is present in the body then it cannot be called or termed as healthy. An individual who shows no signs of any sickness or diseases present in him along with no signs of even slightest form of disorder will be called as physically fit. Even slight sickness or disorder takes away that tag of been called as physically healthy.

Healthy signs of a physically healthy person

A physically fit individual always follows healthy habits which are signs of physical fitness. He eats properly i.e., his appetite is good. He neither over eats or under eats his meals and always enjoys a well-balanced, healthy nutritious meal, avoiding too much of fats and complex carbohydrates. He gets his adequate sleep daily and shows no signs of disturbed sleep or insomnia. He hydrates his body well by drinking required amount of water and shows no signs of dehydration. He has high level of cardiovascular fitness and always follows an exercise regime and do not believe in sedentary lifestyle. He avoids drinking coffee, tea, alcohol and stays away from smoking, drug addiction and other such sorts of harmful addictions.


A physically healthy person has certain special characteristics which will help us to understand the reason behind his good physical health and wellness. He displays normal weight and no signs of any sickness or illness. His respiration cycles are normal and health easily gets reflected through his skin, hair and eyes. His flexibility is good and grip is not loosened. He displays symmetrical features and other bodily functions are very normal as all the organs function efficiently. These key traits or special characteristics are only present in a physically healthy individual.

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