Top 10 Characteristics to become Board Toppers

Do you want to know how to become Board toppers? Want to know how toppers achieved success? Want to know the techniques of board toppers to succeed? Then Read this article to know 10 characteristics that is needed to achieve success in board examination.

How does a student become successful and make his parents and school proud of his/her achievements? How do they study to score high marks in the board examination. What is the secret of their success? How do they achieve this feat? Yes, the answers to this lie in the 10 characteristics of Board Toppers By following simple successful mantras, with effective planning, dedication and motivation you can also achieve this success. So read this article to know how you can also be successful to achieve top scores in board examination.

The need to work hard for examination

  • Education prepares a person for life. Examinations in education process is an on-going process. To step into a higher level, you need to work hard. The hard work pays you in the form of good results. Working hard for the examination will help you to gain knowledge and also promotes for your broadening knowledge horizon. Achievement brings in joy and achievement brings in thrill. The success gives you respect, admiration for you and your parents. You will be happy and proud of your achievement. The marks achieved will help you to study in prestigious institution.

  • Success brings you scholarships and other benefits. It gives you immense pleasure and joy of having secured high scores at boards for you to remember through out your life. You would get awards and rewards for your success. You will make your parents and your school/college proud of you. Your friends and your siblings look at you for an inspiration. You become the motivator for others. So you need the urge to be successful. The desire to be an outstanding student.

  • Without a degree you will not be 'campus selected' for a good job to proceed in your life with a career. The professional degree is very crucial for you to start off you career for your life. The marks obtained in the qualifying examination is very important for you. For this you should develop the zeal to learn in a joyful way and strive towards your ambition. Mentally prepare that learning is adventure and fun.We are leaving in a fast changing world, you need to understand that and make up your mind to stand out in the crowd and face the challenges. You have to widen your horizon to fulfill your dream.

Top 10 Characteristics to Become a Board Topper

Be an organized Planner

  • Planning time-table is very crucial for preparation when appearing for board examination. Diligent planning helps you to divide the study hours and subjects properly. Preparation for the examination should begin from the day one of the academic year to avoid last minute marathon

  • Planning helps you to spare time for all the subjects and study systematically. Prioritize your work, how much to learn, what time to start, which subject to study, what duration you have to spend on that particular subject. It helps you to plan on priority basis, the areas to give more preference based on difficulty levels.

  • Plan your study to achieve the set targets. Have a to-do- list to keep track of your learning. This list will help you to be free from stress and in control. Ensure that you learn well the most important concepts and most likely questions to be asked in exams. Be organized; this will help you to save time and effort. Take short breaks from study to avoid stress and getting mentally fatigue.

  • Choose comfortable place for studying. Use the same place every day. Keep your study area neat with adequate lighting. Do not read in a poorly lit room. It may strain your eyes. Know your system of body working, when you are more energetic and to work efficiently. What best time you can maximize your learning. Keep all the necessary writing and reading materials within reach to avoid unnecessarily getting up for the things and wasting time.

Be regular to class

  • Being attentive in class makes you to understand the concepts better and helps you to prepare notes easier for your study and revising. Attending classes regularly will ensure that you will not miss out any lessons. This will enable you to link the concepts and chapters well, which will be an added advantage. It helps you remember the topics taught in class and to recollect the data/the terms to put it on the paper effortlessly. Teachers provides ample examination tips for writing and also the marking scheme for obtaining the marks.

  • Be a good listener and note down all the points discussed in the class. This helps you to go through/to review before the exams. Understanding the tips given from teachers, becomes more important to know how to write the points/ key answers for the questions asked. Clarify any doubts that you have and write down the points to take care in the exams. Go through the self study board exam books to know the exam pattern and the type of questions asked. Your regularity to school simplifies your study work.

Be motivated and a self learner

  • To stay motivated you need to be consistent and spread out the study hours with occupying hobbies in between to avoid becoming bored. It's important to begin studying from the beginning of the academic year, as this reduces the burden of learning towards end. At times when you are frustrated/ bored or have a hang of not reading, self motivate yourself with reading good inspirational books to keep you on tract. Take a break, indulge in some activities to rejuvenate yourself to study. Come back with fresh spirit and drive yourself towards the goal.

  • Become more efficient and work effectively to learn solve your problems. You should remove the thoughts of negative thinking. You need to compromise on certain things to gain something that is important for life. Develop love for learning. Instill in yourself that learning is joyful activity. Write some motivational or inspirational quotes of successful people on your study table or soft boards to boast yourself for studying.

Be focused and projected

  • Focus on your studies keeping in mind the time duration for your preparations. Prioritize your subject study and the time allotted. Adhere to the topics and stay focused. Develop the habit of jotting down key points, highlighting the important terms to revise later. Avoid deviating from your planner as this may hinder or create blocks for your smooth sail of study. Set you mind on projected targets.

  • Move away from distractions; keep aside your mobile, net connectivity, social sites and watching TV while you study. Concentrate more on the difficult topics. Discuss with your classmates/search for a simpler explanation if the concepts are complex. Aim to complete the tasks as set/as expected. Do not keep anything pending and carry over the work for the coming day.

Be a smart and hard worker

  • Hard work is the key to success, without putting any effort you will not succeed anything. Work hard to achieve your goals. Attempt different years board paper questions. Know the kind of questions that are asked. Chalk out tables, formula's, experiments, dates, facts, figures, flow charts for easy preparation. Research for applied questions and answers related to the concepts. Practice problems, look into solving the problems in different ways.

  • Be systematic in study, break down larger portions into smaller units to learn. Understand the terms explain, describe, compare and contrast, distinguish /differentiate between, analyze, reasoning and logical. Follow strict disciple for study. Hard work is essential to define your goals. Be enthusiastic to learn, Find ways to complete the tasks without procrastinating. Nothing comes for free, you have to work towards the goal to achieve. So work hard to achieve results. Summarize the chapters to review before examinations.

Be patient and practice

  • Do not be in a hurry to learn fast without understanding. Pay attention to the plots, themes, concepts, histories to learn clearly. Once understood, the learning becomes easy and helps in recalling easily. These things are very important to get good score. Avoid being careless. Give importance for all the subjects. Prepare mind maps to learn key points. Practice model question papers.

Be balanced in academics and activities

  • Taking part in activities is equally important as academics. Both academics and activities are to be taken up with proper planning and adapting well. Participation in activities is important for personality development to build self esteem. To de-stress yourself from working, you can take up various activities for examples, listening to music, gardening, sporting event; can be running, jogging, cycling, games-cricket, board games, indoor games etc.

  • Indulge in family gathering, help your parents, and lend your hand to your siblings. Spare time for yourself and your family members. Discuss with your class mates any topic that helps you to get an insight into. If you can learn better in combined study then choose the one who has the same goals and dedication towards studies. You need to rejuvenate and find time for relaxing. This helps you to focus on learning and retaining information.

Be determined and dedicated

  • When you have to achieve something you need to be determined, you have to makeup your mind, make it strong to achieve success. Become committed to your work, reinforce yourself for continued study to avoid accumulating the load. Follow the logical order of learning.

  • Have a firm decision to concentrate upon projected goals. Believe in yourself that learning is important. You have to put in your efforts and be dedicated, sincere in your studies and in time management. You should to be working towards it. Sky is the limit; dedicate time and efforts for reaching your goals. Be disciplined in your work, self control is essential to be successful by avoiding distractions. Give time and energy for a better tomorrow.

9. Be confident and consistent.

  • You should be self strong and build confidence within you to achieve your goals. Be positive, approach any subject with positivity. Desire to achieve success. Keep reminding yourself that you have you have to accomplish the set goals. Realize that you have the potential within you to work.

  • You have to work towards your mission of achieving high grades. To achieve this you must build courage and concentrate on your studies. To become confident you need build your self esteem and be a dreamer to achieve success. Be regular in your tasks and complete it. Constantly work and avoid laziness.

10. Be healthy in body and mind

  • Eating healthy and balanced food is very crucial to stay in good state and to keep away from illness. Breakfast is very important to give energy to your brain. Do not skip it. Daily have some dried fruits like, nuts, almonds, raisins, dates for your health benefits. Avoiding junk foods, oily food and eating outside foods. Do not consume fizzy drinks. Eat homemade food which would help you to keep your body fit and active. Including fruits, vegetables, millet, and greens would help your body to get all the nutrients for the body and thereby keeps you alert and receptive to learning.

  • Take adequate rest and sleep to stay fresh, to keep mind calm. Rest and sleep are very important to be healthy. Drink lot of water to stay hydrated. Few minutes of yoga and meditation would help you to concentrate and keep your mind and body composed. Do not go out in the hot sun and do not get wet in the rain. Protect yourself from extremes of weather. Balance your diet so as to keep yourself fit. Take measures to keep away from mosquito bites to avoid different kinds of fever which are dangerous.

Being careful and composed before the Examination

  • Keep track of the examination dates. Mentally become prepared for the dates and exams. Have a good night sleep to see that your are fresh in the morning. Get ready well on time. Be calm and composed, do not get stressed. Pray to Almighty to help you to write well. Prayer helps to calm your mind and increases your inner strength. Have a moderate breakfast and keep all the necessary things that you need to carry. Do not over eat and avoid oily food.

  • Check whether you have all the required documents, ID card, admission card/hall ticket, cash and writing materials. Know what stationery are allowed and what not allowed inside the examination hall. Leave your home early to reach the venue, well in advance before the examination begins, to avoid traffic jams and other disturbances on the way. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the examination. Get acquainted yourself with the route, location of the examination center before hand to familiarize with the surrounding.

  • Before you begin, spare one or two minutes to deep breathing, to enable you to relieve tension. Read the instructions on the question paper, answer booklet, carefully and fill in the details clearly. Read the questions, understand and organize your thoughts and then answer. Be clear about the choice questions, attempt the questions which you very sure and know well. Present your paper neatly and legibly.

  • Number the questions correctly as given in the question paper and write answers accordingly. Answer the questions as per the marks allotted, keep yourself composed. Do not dwell on a question too long if you do not know the answer, leave space for the answer and move on, after attempting all the answers, come back and write the answer. Manage your time for completing the paper. Before handing over the paper to the examiner, go through the paper, check for any errors and correct them.


Be relaxed, wait for results calmly. Do not get stressed. Use your time productively, learning some thing that comes handy in future. Learn about the higher studies that you wish to pursue. Know the career options that lies ahead of you. Educate yourself about the courses and the specializations that you would wish to take up. Understand your interests and decide what you want to be for your livelihood. Think about where you want to stand in next ten or fifteen years from now. You can choose for a happy life if you work hard towards it. Create a bright future for yourself and care for those who depend on you. Finally have faith in Almighty, believe in yourself and trust your instincts that you will succeed in your examination. Await results with positive note.

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