Characteristics of a good administrator

For smooth running of any organisation or institution or office or school or any such entity a good administrator is required. This article describes the characteristics of such a good administrator who can successfully run his work place.


In all the walks of the life good administration is required. Without a good administration it is very difficult to have a disciplined workplace. For bringing good administration it is necessary that there should be a good administrator.
We have seen many organisations where there is very good administration and everything goes on so smoothly that it is difficult to believe that this is the handiwork of a good administrator sitting at the helms of the affairs.
It is very easy to say that their should be good administration but very difficult to achieve it.
A good administrator has to keep various things in his mind before addressing his people and taking certain decisions.
Let us see what are the characteristics of a good administrator.
  • Cordial and good behavior

  • First and foremost a good administrator should have a warm and cordial behaviour towards his subordinates or the employees working in his organisation. It is said that good behaviour is the key to the winning the heart of the people. Most of the people will agree and obey him just because his behaviour is very good.

  • Unbiased and impartial

  • He should be impartial, unbiased and unprejudiced in his functioning. It means he should not favour anyone in the organisation just because he is related to him or he will be getting some favour from that person.

  • Knowledgeable

  • A good administrator should have knowledge of rules and regulations of his organisation where he is working and he should know very well how to apply these rules and regulations in each and every case.

  • Monitoring housekeeping

  • From a good administrator it is expected that he will be inspecting the premises of the organisation on a regular basis to see the cleanliness and other aspects to ascertain that these systems are working properly. Housekeeping and cleanliness are the important areas and reflect the involvement of the administrator in these things.

  • Helpful and supportive

  • In case of emergencies he should come forward and help his staff and employees as far as possible in his capacity. This gesture will help him in getting the confidence of his people once they observe his supportive attitude.

  • Firm and strict

  • He should be firm and should not hesitate to deal strongly with the mischievous employees of his organisation. This will set an example for the other employees also.

  • Identify and reward meritorious employees

  • He should have sufficient information about the meritorious and hard working employees of the organisation so that a decision can be taken for rewarding those employees time to time to motivate them.

  • Cost conciousness

  • A good administrator should monitor the various areas where most of the revenue of the organisation is going towards spending. This knowledge is essential in order to keep an eye on overall expenditure so that remedial measures or cost cutting measures can be accordingly taken by the management. Administrator's feedback to management regarding this aspect is very valuable for overall profitability of the organisation.

There are many occasions when the administrator has to use his common sense and wisdom to solve problems at the spot before the things go out of hands and take a political turn on the invocation by bad elements.
The role of administrator with above mentioned characteristics is manifold and he has to discharge his duties smoothly and sucessfully.

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