What characteristics make people smarter

How do you make people take notice of you? How do you become that smart and clever person that everyone looks up to? Clever people follow simple techniques that help them remain smart. These techniques or characteristics can be mastered and make you smart and clever too.

Well, there is something about smart people; if you notice, they do not ever stop being smart; they continue to get smarter. Other noticeable characteristics are that all of them possess is that they are always brimming with confidence, their skill levels are constantly improving and they have the latest requisite knowledge in their field of expertise.

By smart, I am obviously referring to clever and intelligent.

The world is full of such people, whom everyone thinks of as being 'very smart' or 'highly clever'– computer hackers, business tycoons, investment bankers, scientists, you name it. Yet, there is a huge difference between being clever and using that trait to your advantage.

The real smart ones are not content with the knowledge they have. They work on and develop their exceptional attributes and characteristics to further their skills and intelligence quotient. They are not complacent and smug about the special characteristics that they are either blessed with or have honed over a period. Instead, they work continuously at staying on top of their business.

Are you really smart and intelligent

Let us assume that you are that someone who falls in the category of the very intelligent. You are highly qualified and/or are an expert in your field. But, how do you keep yourself from stagnating? How do you ensure that other people, in the same field as you, do not surpass you? How do you know that you are putting all of your smartness to good use?

The real 'smart people' are quite shrewd when it comes to upping their game. They are always bettering themselves, mastering the things that they do not know. Are you doing the same? Let us find out!

Compare the characteristic traits of smart people, with yours. Find out if what you are doing is right or wrong.

Smart people are forever seeking knowledge

Most people are pleased with how much they know. On the other hand, smart people are constantly 'upgrading' the knowledge bank in their head. They keep learning new things and keep reading stuff to enhance their knowledge. They keep abreast with what is happening. They have all the current information.

Take reading, for example. Smart people practice the habit of reading. The average person does not read often and may pick up a book, once, every few years. Books are a powerhouse of information. You can increase your intelligence, manifold, just through reading. But, there is something else that reading helps you to do. It enables you to amass knowledge from a variety of sources and pull it all together when required. It is a routine that can take you places. It never fails to amaze people, at how much you know or at how intelligent you are, when you utilise your book knowledge.

You may think that you know everything, but that is where you would be wrong. Reading makes you improve upon what you already know. When you read you gather fresher information, and this not only adds to your existing knowledge but also acts as a reminder of how much more there is to learn.

The brain also functions better, in people who read. They are able to store more information and correlate it better.

They are more inclined to use their wisdom to assist others

This is a trait that I admire in intelligent people – they share what they know with others. Keeping all your knowledge closeted in your brain is useless if you do not use it. People who are clever have a knack of explaining things to people in a way that they understand.

They mould their conversation, breaking down the information they have into small digestible bits, so it is better understood when shared. They use their intelligence not just a conversational piece, but make it into a shareable tool, so to say.

Doing this helps intelligent people too. It keeps them grounded – the real smart ones do not strut around wearing an 'all important' look on their face. They are naturally more empathetic.

Moreover, this kind of knowledge sharing gives the brain a workout. The brain has to work into splitting the information into small segments while keeping it accurate. The brain gets good at compartmentalising information, sifting and sharing – joining the dots, in a way.

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They are forever curious

Curiosity is a trademark of people with an intelligent mind. They are forever questioning and probing. They are not satisfied with the knowledge that is available; they seek out more information, through questions. While everyone else takes things for granted, the intelligent ones get involved in things, showing a keen interest and learning more in the process. Their brain is like a question factory, churning out questions about everything.

Asking probing questions keeps the mind alert. They have to be alert to be able to think of the right questions to ask, without sounding stupid. They are not content with the information that everyone has, they crave for more. They are always treating their mind to new discoveries.

Remember, every question provides new information. And this collection of information builds the intelligence quotient.

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Quick at making decisions

Smart people think on their feet. They get bright ideas and solutions to problems, almost instantly. They are excellent at brainstorming – they rely on their wits and can improvise and make things work when things go haywire.

It is easy to look smart and play the part when everything is hunky-dory and going as per plan. Real smartness is put to the test when things get out of control. The ones with real intelligence do not get deterred by setbacks. They put their brains into a quick-thinking mode and draft other workable plans. They intelligently access bits of knowledge that they have accumulated and put it to good use.

Smart people use their 'questioning' ability to find solutions when faced with problems. It is just like working on a jigsaw puzzle or a maze. They train their brain to visualise the problem from all angles, like looking at the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle or the winding pathways of the maze, assessing which pieces fit or which pathway leads to the pot of gold.

Final words

It is easy to be smarter than the rest. Follow the techniques of other intelligent people until you make them a routine practice. With a little effort, you will subconsciously begin practising the right techniques that make smart people smarter.

Can you think of other characteristics common among people who are super intelligent? Please share them in the comments section. I would love to read about them.

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