Characteristics of an Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is like a glowing lamp that burns itself to bring the students out from the darkness of ignorance and fills their lives with the light of knowledge. He illuminates the lives of his students showing them the right path and helping them to lead a successful and blissful life.


An ideal teacher is like a role-model in the life of every student whom he loves to follow blindly. A good teacher helps students almost in every walks of life to achieve their goals. He is one whom a student fondly remembers even after he leaves the institute. Even in our ancient literature, the role of teacher has been described as more than God in the life of a teacher.
However, not every teacher can be called an ideal teacher. He needs some special qualities to achieve this level. In order to be an ideal teacher one must have:

Passion for Teaching

A good teacher should be passionate about teaching. He should understand the psychology of the students and should try to mould even an inattentive student into an attentive one. They should be eager to influence students' lives and leave a long lasting impact.

Love for Students

He should love working with students and treat them as his own children. He should be impartial and teach every student without any bias. He should be attentive to one and all and try to bring out the best out of them.

A Magnetic Personality

The personality of an ideal teacher should be such that can easily draw the attention of every student towards him. He should create such an impact that every student would love to attend his class.

Strong Rapport with Students

He should develop a strong rapport with every student and create such a bond of love and affection that every student would trust him and think him to be their real well-wisher.

Effective Discipline Skills

A good teacher should know how to maintain proper discipline in the class without reprimanding the students. He should be able to create a positive atmosphere of learning and teaching in the classroom.

Good Classroom Management Skills

An ideal teacher should possess good classroom management skills. He should have a fair knowledge of students' psychology. It would help him manage his class more effectively and grow better learning habits amongst the students.

Teaching Style

He should have a lucid style of teaching so that the students should never feel bored. He should encourage the students to ask questions related to the topic to clear their doubts, if any.

Strong Command over Subject Matter

This is one of the aspects where a good teacher never compromises. An ideal teacher should possess a strong command over his subject. He should always keep himself updated with the latest development in the fields of education and increase his knowledge based upon the latest trends. It would help him to answer every question of the students and, in turn, make the subject interesting for them.

Clear Objectives for Every Lesson

A great teacher should always have a clear objective in mind about the lesson he is about to teach in the class and ensures that the objective is met at the end of the period.

Good Communication Skills

A great teacher should have good communication skills. He should have regular interactions with parents/guardians of the students and should keep them informed about the progress of the students on different issues. He should also inform them if ever he notices any drawbacks or weaknesses in any of them and suggest correctional measures.


Although it is not easy to acquire all the above qualities but it is not impossible as well. We should remember that practice makes a man perfect. If one have a strong determination and strive hard, then it is quite possible to instil all these qualities and become an ideal teacher.

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Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala23 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

A good article by author about the characteristics of an ideal teacher. Some weeks ago I have written an article about how to become an excellent teacher. If a person want to be an ideal teacher then both the articles will be helpful to him. The article is here
My appreciation to the author for writing this article.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A nice piece of information. Well narrated and brought in all the requirements for a good teacher. A teacher should be able to understand the needs of the student and he should come down to the level of the student and teach him in such a way that the student will get the subject easily. Many teachers teach in the class as if it is a duty. But if the teacher teaches from his heart, the students will appreciate the teacher and remember him for years together. In my high school I had the fortune of learning the Telugu language under a very good teacher. The way in which he used to explain the poems was excellent. Even today I remember many lessons he taught me. That is why we believe Guru is all forms of God. A well written article.

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