The importance of hobbies in life

This article describes what we mean by hobbies and what its importance in our life is. Should we have hobbies or not? Why is it an essential thing in our life? All these queries are answered in this article.


Everyone is busy in one's life engaged in working for livelihood, position, name and fame and has a set routine life pursuing these objectives. These cycles of pursuits in life go on like that. When one is free from the routine work he is attracted to entertainment and amusement for a change and for this he chooses from the various options from outdoor activity to idly sit down on a couch and see TV program. This change freshens him and he is revitalised and ready for taking up the challenging assignments and jobs the very next day.

Understanding hobby

Changing our mind from routine to other things gives us a break and we feel energised. When we break from routine we search for something to amuse us say a computer game or reading a story or going for a walk and we enjoy it so much that we wait for next occasion when we can afford such a leisurely thing. When we repeat this action which pleases us it slowly becomes a part of our life and personality and is called our hobby. Knowingly or unknowingly we capture some hobbies which are not only a means of passing leisure time but also a great source of enjoyment and satisfaction. The hobby can be passing time or creative it depends on the individual. Interestingly one man's hobby may be work for another person and vice versa.
So, the hobby can be defined as the activity, whether it is passing the time or some creative work, during which one is free to go ahead without much stress or strain on the mind as if you are playing a game, singing a song and like that.

Need for hobby in life

Hobby is a tonic for life. Without hobby, a person is like a machine. Hobby is not only to change from routine but also provides a lot of entertainment and refreshing after which a man feels ready for any tough job. Some people have creative hobbies. There are scientists who write stories in their spare time and enjoy this hobby. As per profession, they are doing scientific research or teaching science to college students but that is their job, not a hobby. Creative hobbies are very rewarding as they serve two purposes - entertainment and at the same time accomplishing something.

Types of hobbies

The nomenclature of hobbies is endless. There are an innumerable number of hobbies in the world. Ranging from simple hobbies to weird ones the range is mind-boggling. One can have a dog as a pet while some people have pythons!
Writing, reading, toy making, travelling, gossiping and partying, stamp collection, currency coin collection, handcrafting, blogging and painting are some of the common hobbies.
There are some common activities which some people develop as a hobby like dressing, swimming, cooking, housekeeping etc. A housewife may be keen in keeping her household in best of the ways and feel proud of it. She may have developed it as a hobby. In this case, it is a creative hobby.


In nutshell, the hobby is the lifeline of an individual and it makes a beautiful bridge between one's job and leisure. For a happy and fulfilled life, one must inculcate hobbies and that also if possible creative hobbies. A person having hobbies will never feel boredom in the life as he will be having something interesting in hand to carry on every time he feels what to do.

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Author: Reena Upadhya21 Apr 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Hobbies let us enjoy our leisure time. Instead of thinking what to do with “me time", we can completely utilize it getting engaged in all those activities which amuse us. Hobbies make life interesting. Without them, a person will seem dull and boring. When we have a hobby, we have so many experiences and passionate things to share with others and this itself makes our personality interesting. They instill patience in us. When we crave to learn something new and make it as our hobby, we will enroll ourselves in learning that art form. While going through the learning process, we will face many hurdles and this itself will check our patience. This is why hobby teaches us to remain patient. Moreover, it instills in us lot of self-confidence and self-esteem. Accomplishments which we receive through our hobbies improve our personality. Hobby challenges us enough and this is what helps us to remain active and alert.

Hobbies are good for both physical as well as mental health. If we have a sound mind then the body cannot remain unhealthy. Hobbies relieve stress and keep us relaxed. When stress and tension remain away from us, the mind remains fit and healthy and body enjoys good health. This is why people with hobbies will always appear youthful. It creates a good bond between us and others who share same hobbies. It keeps boredom away from us. There are many advantages of having hobbies in life. They keep us creative and enhances our overall work performance. They always keep us in good mood and increase our focus and concentration. If we want to enrich our lives then we need to develop one or the other hobby which is challenging enough to keep us completely enrolled in it. No matter what type of hobby we choose, it will always expose us to creativity and new ideas.

Author: Umesh22 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 0

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Now as I am using this app I thought to correct my article for minor spelling or grammar mistakes.

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