Characteristics of an Ideal Student

Student life is perhaps the most crucial period in the life of a person. It decides the future course of one's life. If someone is really serious and works all out to achieve the desired goals, nothing can stop him from getting success in life.

Those who studies in schools, colleges, universities or other educational institutions are called students.They are the future backbone of our country. They go there to acquire knowledge. They also acquire skills and habits which develop their personalities and turn them from mere learners to achievers.

Amongst all these students some possess great qualities that make them different from others. They are ideal students. Therefore, an ideal student is one who is faultless and perfect. He is the best and surpasses all other students by virtue of his qualities. He becomes a role-model for others.

Now the question arises as to what those qualities are. Let us try to find them out one by one.

High Ambition

An ideal student has high ambition in mind. He always sets goals for himself and strives hard to attain them. He takes an active part in all academic as well as extra-curricular activities as he knows well that they are the ladders to his success.


An ideal student is always attentive to his studies. He understands the importance of the lessons being taught by his teachers and elders and never neglects them at the cost of simple pleasures of life.

Strong desire to learn and improve

A good student possesses a strong desire to learn and tries to improve his knowledge. He analyses everything minutely and accepts the good things while discarding the bad ones.

Disciplined and obedient

An ideal student is always disciplined and obedient. He obeys his parents, elders and teachers. He is disciplined in his day to day activities of life. He always maintains discipline whether in the family, educational institution or society. He respects and follows all moral and social laws.He is mannered and have self-control. He neither waste his time in the company of bad people nor abuses anybody. 


A good student knows the value of time. He strongly believes that time and tide wait for none.He is always punctual. He always try to do the right thing at the right time.

Sincere and devoted

An ideal student develops good habits. He is always sincere and devoted to whatever tasks he has in hand. He understands the importance of sincerity and devotion in life. He pays full concentration to every important matter and strongly believes that concentration is the key to success.


A good student possesses a creative mind. He loves to think out of the box. His creative mind always inspires him to do something new and innovative. This helps him hone his skills and do better in life.

Scientific outlook

He is scientific in his outlook and never accepts things at their face value. He always loves to go into details and asks how, what and why. He accepts something as true only when his curiosity is satisfied in every respect.

Sense of cooperation and empathy

An ideal student is very cooperative and has a sense of empathy. He is kind and sympathetic. He helps the needy and the poor for the welfare of human society.He is always ready to help other students in need.

Physical and mental Strength

An ideal student is physically fit and mentally strong. He knows that a sound mind lives in a sound body. He takes regular exercise and participates in various sports and games to keep his body fit. He prays to God every morning and evening to lead him to the right path. He also reads good books and passes his leisure time in the company of good people.

True patriot

An ideal student is a true patriot. He loves his country and her people. He is always ready to serve his country in the best possible way. He is even ready to sacrifice himself for the welfare of his country. He never takes part in such activities as would cast a slur on the name of his country. He always wishes in the heart of his hearts that his country should occupy a place of pride in the world.


He possesses a strong moral character. He has his own ideals and never compromises with them. 'Simple living and high thinking' is the motto of his life. He always keeps his patience. He is very humble, modest and polite but at the same time, fearless and courageous.


In short, an ideal student possesses all the qualities needed to endear him to one and all. He is an embodiment of inspiration, encouragement, forgiveness, honesty and morality and a role model for others.

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Author: Neeru Bhatt22 Aug 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

An ideal student should have many good characteristics and author has nicely mentioned them.
In practice one student may possess many of the above qualities while another student other qualities not necessarily similar.
One thing which is required in todays world is focussed approach to a problem. The job position is becoming difficult day by day and a student has to be focussed in one particular line or area as far as career building is considered.
All energies are to be channelised in one particulary focussed direction to get success or rather say to compete with so many capable students .

Author: Venkiteswaran29 May 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Indian traditional concept about a student is 'Vidyarthi'- means one who 'seeks' knowledge. So an ideal student should always seek knowledge. He should not wait for someone to come to him and teach him, but he himself should seek and get it from those who can give knowledge.
An ideal student should always have an open mind to let in knowledge from anyone and anywhere.
That is what the Rig Veda says “Aano bhadrah kratavao yantu vishwtah"-Let noble thoughts (knowledge)come from all directions. It was to facilitate this that the ancient form of education was of Gurukula tradition. The student used to stay with the Guru (teacher), accompany him everywhere for acquiring knowledge and clearing doubts then and there irrespective of time and place.
Though this may not be practical now, an ideal student should know how to use time, teacher and situation in an open and unrestricted way to gather and gain knowledge, keeping an open mind, without any bias or prejudice.

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