Characteristics of an Ideal School

In this article I am going to tell what an ideal school should be like. I am going to talk about the various characteristics of a school which is necessary to call it an ideal school. There are some standard which every school must follow for the proper progress of its students.

Characteristics of an Ideal School


If a student is considered the future of a nation then the school is the potter which shapes this future. School is the place where a student learns from abc to all the qualities of a responsible and enlightened citizen. School is the workplace for the innovations that goes in the mind of a student. So, it is very important that there should be some standard for school to follow so that we every student could make best out of their academic life.

Every one of us has passed this phase or is passing this phase of life. School life is known as golden life. So, it's necessary that some standards should be set.

What is the purpose of a school?

Why we send our children to school? The answer is simple, we send our children for learning and this is the main purpose of a school that it must have a environment which promotes learning new things. From student, teachers, administration to principal every one should think them as a learner. An ideal school is one which pays equal attention to each and every candidate without any discrimination on the basis of sex, color, caste or religion. Human are the most valuable resources are and schools are the building block of human resources. An ideal school should encourage the students to learn as well as apply what they read in textbooks in real life. A good school should encourage its student to think out of the box so that they can contribute something of utmost importance to the society. School must not focus only on textual study but also promote extra curricular activities like sports, drama and other arts. School can play a major role in preserving the local traditions and cultures by passing on them to their students. An ideal student produces students which can question, innovate, think, inspire and can analyze anything as their usual habits.

What are the expectations from an Ideal School

An ideal school produces students who can play various roles in society with greater efficiency and responsibility. A good school must not make fake promise to parents and students and must not be indulge in any fraud activities. An ideal school is that which can accommodate itself according to the changing pattern and technology around the globe. An ideal school is one that produces students who can lead a society, state, country or even the whole world. The increasing pollution is a big concern in this modern era and student can play a major role in this because they are the future of tomorrow. An ideal school enlightens the students about nature and teaches them to preserve and protect them. An ideal school is full of students who can take challenge and deal with them with full frequency and efficiency. They must be able to question and go against any evil. An ideal school not only produces students who can read and write but can also make decisions. An ideal school teaches students how to conduct themselves at different level in society. An ideal school must focus on teaching moral lesson along with the academics. A good school is one which has different measures of excellence. It must not have only academics as a parameter of excellence but other talents should equally be valued. An ideal school should be the workshop of innovations and should promote the talents of student at different level.


The summary of all these characteristics of an ideal school can be simply put in one line and that is an ideal school must ensure an all-round development of its students without any discrimination.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao30 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The author narrated the qualities of an ideal school. It is informative.
School is a place of learning. Basically it is a training area for the future citizens of the country and trained by the citizens of the country. Basic requirement for an ideal school is a good teacher. A teacher should be able to shape the student as a good human being.
The school should have good ambience and good play ground where the student can get trained in the sports also.

Guest Author: Sejal Mittal26 Jul 2018

It tells about what an ideal school is. An ideal school should be a place where a student learn how to overcome his/her uncomfortable zone and take their own decisions. This is what parents wish for their child. It is really important to have good control in academics but it is of no use if you don't know how to face undesired situations, not independent and there is lack of confidence which a student learns in an ideal school. Hence, the future seems to be meaningful if you give your best in present.

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