Characteristics of an ideal VR Box or Headset

This article describes what a good VR headset must have. If you are going to buy a new VR headset then this article can be the best buying guide for you. In this article I have discussed about the quality and characteristics of an ideal VR Box or headset.


VR stands for virtual reality. VR is a new innovative technology which is going to revolutionize the world in upcoming days. Virtual reality gives a different kind of stimulation and gives a different kind of experience. You can feel like jumping from airplane, going on high speed motorbike, diving under sea and many different kinds of experience you can have according to your interests and preference. You can have all these experience if you own a VR Box or VR Headset.

Let's understand how VR headset provides all these experience to you. We know how 3D has changed the entertainment industry. Many of you would have watched the movie Avatar in 3D and definitely that would be an amazing experience which you want to feel again and again because 3D makes everything feel real. What if you could enjoy the same thrill in the comfort of your home with your smartphone? What if you could feel like sitting in I-Max theater and watching a movie while you sit on the couch in your room? Sounds awesome, it must. You can have all these amazing experience in real life. You heard it right. You just need a smartphone and a VR headset.

Now you are getting more curious about VR headset. You must be because it is not just a headset but a magic world which provides you a whole new world of entertainment. A VR headset is generally a device which is used to watch 3D or 2D movies, videos, play games, watch 360 degree videos and much more. These headsets are generally made out of plastics, cardboard or some other types of fibers. A VR headset generally contains two spherical lenses which magnifies the screen size of your smartphone and gives you the feeling of watching on a bigger screen like you see in a movie theater or cinema hall. There are many types and quality of VR headset available in the market. There are many manufacturers and each claim their product to be best in their class. In this world of fierce competition with so many options it's really hard for anyone to choose the best according to their need and budget. Here, in this article I am going to help you with some of the qualities of an ideal VR headset.

Below I have listed some of the characteristics which an ideal VR headset should have.

Quality of Lens

A VR headset is all because of its lens only. Without lens it is a useless box having zero use. So, before buying a VR box the quality of lens should be the first priority. Some of the headsets which are cheap and are based on Google Cardboard also come with plastic lens. However, the picture quality can be as great as glass lens offers. Most of the lenses used in VR headsets are made out of spherical lenses with several layers of Nano coating and HD optical ABS quality which minimize eye fatigue and dizziness and image deformity in long use. An ideal VR headset should have crystal clear and bigger lenses for full dive in virtual reality world.

Weight of the VR Headset

After lens, weight is the second factor which one should look for while a buying a VR headset. Lighter the headset better it is. Generally, a VR headset weighs from 120gm to 350gm. But remember the fact that you will have to add the weight of your smartphone along with it. Suppose a headset weighs 300gm and your smartphone weighs 150gm, both adds to 450gm and bearing this load even for 20 minutes with support of your nose and head can be painful and uncomfortable and will ruin your fun and enjoyment. An ideal VR headset must be light in weight.

Build Quality

Build quality is equally important because the comfort level of using a VR headset largely depend on its built quality. Build quality includes the material and its quality of which headset is made of. Generally a VR headset is made out of plastic but some companies are trying out different kind of fibers which are lighter and stronger than plastic. Cushion foam around the edges is very important because smoother foam gives a good feeling and you feel less strain on your eye and nose. An ideal VR headset have some superior build quality which should feel comfortable even in longer duration of use.

Adjustable focal length and inter pupillary distance

Not all VR headset comes with a adjustable focal length as well as inter pupillary distance. Some have fixed lens while in some headsets you can adjust inter pupillary distance but not focal length. There are some VR headset in which you can adjust both focal length and inter pupillary distance. Adjustment of focal length and inter pupillary is generally done to fit the clarity of image. Also person having near sightedness or far sightedness can easily enjoy this wonderful experience of Virtual world by adjusting focal length and inter pupillary distance. An ideal VR headset must have both focal length and inter pupillary distance adjustment so that everyone could experience virtual reality.


Most of the VR headset are compatible for smartphone with a screen size ranging between 4.5" to 6". But some of them can also be compatible for smartphone less than 4.5" but the minimum screen size should be 3.5" but you can not enjoy the thrill and immersive experience which a 5" screen sized phone will offer you. An ideal VR headset must accommodate phones having screen size ranging between 3.5" to 6".


Some VR headset comes with inbuilt magnetic clicker which is generally used for navigation between different apps and category while your smartphone is in the VR case. Most of the VR headset comes with an external Bluetooth controller which can do the same thing with greater ease that a magnetic clicker does. Most of the Bluetooth controllers are compatible with both Android and IOS based smartphones. An ideal VR headset have a good controller or joystick for navigation between apps and playing games and to provide user undisturbed immersive virtual world experience.

Design of the VR Headset

Design of the VR headset plays a major role if you are planning to buy a VR headset for watching movies or watching long videos and playing your favorite game for hours. Because a phone heats much faster when you use it in a VR headset and this heating can affect the performance of your phone. So, a good headset should be designed for easy dissipation of heat. Also there should be space for plugging in earphone and charger.


FOV or Field of View is key factor which enhances the quality of VR headset and make it stand apart from the crowd. A general VR headset has FOV of 70 to 85 degree. But some headsets have FOV which surpass even 100 degree. Bigger is the FOV better is the viewing experience as bigger FOV offers bigger screen before your eyes. Therefore, an ideal VR headset must have a minimum FOV of 100 degree.

Comfortable Head strap

However, almost all VR headsets have head straps with the exception of Google Cardboard VR headset. But a good VR headset is that in which Headstrap are adjustable as well as stretchable. Because head strap can cause you both convenience as well as trouble depending on the material of which it is made. Those straps made out of good quality of clothes and leather are very comfortable. Therefore, an ideal VR Headset must have a fully adjustable and convenient head strap.

These are the characteristics of an ideal VR headset. So, if you are planning to buy a VR then check if your VR fulfills the above criteria or not because only an ideal VR can provide you the true experience of virtual reality world.

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